Capital road overview spring 2012


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Capital road overview spring 2012

  1. 1. CapitalRoad Overview Spring 2012
  2. 2. Industry-led, not-for-profit foundation (began as an industry association in 1980s) MissionLinking Canada’s highest quality, emerging technologycompanies to the most active and supportive investors
  3. 3. access-to-capital focus‘Commercialization pain points’ faced by emerging companies Human Capital • Numerous technology Markets Capital commercialization programs and organizations provide • Numerous technology • Few Canadian programs support commercialization programs and organizations and organizations provide support address access to angel, seed, VC, and beyond CapitalRoad’s focus on ‘access to capital’ programs and events complements other not-for-profit technology commercialization associations, incubators and innovation centres. Focus on innovative, synergistic relationships with partner organizations across Canada and beyond Spring 2012 1
  4. 4. approach Canada’s premiere, early stage, technology access-to-capital forums Develop mutually beneficial programs with partners across Canada o Cooperate with leading, regional partners o Partner with not-for-profit technology commercialization organizations; industry (sponsors, investors); angels and government (national, regional) o Support technology commercialization eco-system for early-stage entrepreneurs Help develop Canada’s technology commercialization support ecosystem o e.g. eLearning network infrastructure with partners Generate increased international investor participation o Primary focus on United States o Explore limited participation from Europe and Asia Spring 2012 2
  5. 5. leading technology investment forums Canada’s largest early stage technology investment forums o Banff Venture Forum: largest in Canada; 14th year (October 4th-5th, 2012) o 400 attendees; 46 companies; Canadian, US and European VCs o Canadian Financing Forum: 15th year (February 2nd-3rd , 2012) o 215 attendees; 30 companies; Canadian and US VCs o Introduced new “First Look Showcase” (extending to BVF 2012) o Investment streams: ICT; Life Sciences; Energy Technology & Cleantech World class keynotes/panels “Road to Banff Venture Forum” boot camp/mentoring complements entrepreneur presentations to investors Spring 2012 3
  6. 6. Banff keynote dinnerSpring 2012 4
  7. 7. strategic focusStrategic Objective 2012 Activities o Develop mutually beneficial partnerships with technology commercialization organizations and regional partners acrossLeading Canadian Canada provider of earlystage, technology o Build on BVF/CFF success to identify and create financing forums complementary ‘commercialization’ programs with partners and programs o Develop eLearning strategy positioning CapitalRoad and partners as leading contributors to technology commercialization ofr emerging/early stage companies Spring 2012 6
  8. 8. keys to partner relationshipsStrategic Partners 2012 Activities Investors o Increase opportunities for investors to see new deal and networking opportunities o Attract more GPs/LPs/corporate investment funds/angels/international investors to forums/programs Sponsors o Increase business development opportunities for sponsors o Cooperate with organizations/events across Canada to create new sponsorship opportunities/benefits o Create multi-year sponsorship opportunities Entrepreneurs o Provide opportunities to meet/network with investors o Operate boot camps/mentoring for regional pitch competition winners at BVF and CFF o Provide online learning resources with partnersRegional Partners o Create opportunities for regional partners that complement existing CapitalRoad partners; including mutually beneficial events/programs to assist entrepreneurs across Canada Spring 2012 7
  9. 9. sponsors and partnersSpring 2012 8
  10. 10. contacts Don Kjosness President, CEO and Director; CapitalRoad Marc ElrickExecutive Director, Banff Venture Forum & Canadian Financing Forum Spring 2012