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Top Ten Mistakes of Early Stage Startups


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Giving this talk at the upcoming Google Launchpad wave

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Top Ten Mistakes of Early Stage Startups

  1. 1. Top Ten Mistakes OfEarly Stage Startups
  2. 2. 1Were overconfident in their market
  3. 3. 2Built too much shit
  4. 4. 3Tried to appeal to too broad an audience
  5. 5. 4Coded when they should have marketed
  6. 6. 5Did not talk to enough customers
  7. 7. 6Tried solving all problems with software
  8. 8. 7Cared about funding, not building
  9. 9. 8Scaled too soon
  10. 10. 9Ignored critical mass issues
  11. 11. 10Didnt get their hands dirty
  12. 12. 11Followed too many rules
  13. 13. Questions?