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Lab report cooling rate

  1. 1. Name: Ana CristinaPartners: Diane, LawrenceDate of experiment: September 27th, 2010 Factors that affect the cooling rating of waterAim: The purpose of this experiment is to investigate the factors that affect the coolingrate of waterHypothesis: our hypothesis is if we put more water it will cool slowerVariables:Input variable: Amount of water. I will change by putting more waterOutput variable: The temperature .I will use a thermometer and a stopwatch. Control variables: I will use the same container. Control variable 1: I will start with the same temperature. Control variable 2:check the temperature every 1 minute . Control variable 3: Write your third control variable here and how you will keep it the same.Materials:-500ml beaker -Heatproof mat -Thermometer -Retort stand-Gauze mat -Clamp-Bunsen burner -Boss head-Water -tripod-StopwatchDiagram 1:
  2. 2. Method:1.set up equipment as shown in diagram 12.fill in 200ml of water to the beaker3. Light the Bunsen burner4.wait for the water to boil till 945.time 10 min6.turn the Bunsen burner off7. Measure the temperature each minute8. Add water to 300ml9.turn Bunsen burner on10.heat water to 94 c11.turn the Bunsen burner off12.meauser each minute13.time 5minutes14.turn the Bunsen burner off15.add water to 400ml16.boil water to 94 c17.turn the Bunsen burner off18.measure the temperature each minute19.time 5 minutesResults:Time/Water(℃) 200ml 300ml 400ml0min. 94 94 941min. 91 92 922min. 86 88 903min. 82 85 864min. 78 81 835min. 74 78 81Cooling Rate 4℃/min. 3.2℃/min. 2.6℃/min.
  3. 3. Conclusion:o • I believe that our hypothesis was correct because if we put more water we put more heat into anything so that made the water cool slower . I think we made some mistakes like left the window open and we also played with it we also had our book and paper shits near the Bunsen burner wich was a little bit dangerous • I think what was hard to measure was that we had the window open it was hard to measure if the temperature staid same so we had to keep the window open for the hole experimentEvaluation: • I think that we follow a good method because • Make suggestions about how you could improve your method to make your data more reliable. • Make suggestions about further investigations you could do. This will often involve changing one of the controlled variables in this investigation.