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Billing concerns outsourcing


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Billing concerns outsourcing

  1. 1. Billing Concerns Outsourcing
  2. 2. Billing is a major area of concern with customers and business people alike. Billing ConcernsOutsourcing, can come to terms with many of the problems, but there is still that nagging doubt thatyour bill is lost in a multi-national so large it does not care. In these instances, public confidence is greatly boosted when they know there is a human voiceat the other end. Automated services, such FAQ on a web site, cannot solve all the problems, andwhere fraud is concerned the enquiry may need to go deeper. People make mistakes, and no matter how outbound call centers may be, it cannot take intoaccount human error. Especially if this is on the side of the customers. A computerized system cannotexplain to someone that they have simply got it wrong. Online security is in everyone’s thoughts today. Hackers and thieves will have planned well inadvance how to get round any automated system. They will tell the computer what it wants to see,and move on. It is only when the problem is explained to a human operator at the other end, that anyinvestigation can go forward. In many cases, fraud is only reported, once the customer receives thebill.
  3. 3. Many credit card services now carry out extensive checks on the history and activity of someone’s bill. Ifthe customer’s bill generates a sale, which is outside of their normal territory, then there is cause forconcern. If the card details have been stolen, then the thief will more often than not, use them in anotherarea, hoping not to be recognized. The types of sales can also flag an area of concern. If the account of a 70 year old pensioner, suddenly shows the purchase of fast car magazines, thensomething is clearly wrong. Especially if the customer can prove they have no credit history of suchpurchases.Small and medium sized companies outbound call centers cannot hope to retain this level of expertise in-house. They would have to outsource this service, and Billing Concerns Outsourcing has proved in the pastto be very reliable. In the past there have been some concerns with security, over people’s credit details. But these weredown to poor management and once experts have carried out training programs, most call centers canprove their credentials.For more information about our services, you can visit us at www.Global