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  2. 2. Asia is one of the homes of the outsourcing destinations. It is still the cheapestplace to acquire skilled, knowledgeable, and English-proficient call centeragents, where the wages of customer service representatives can be as muchas 80 percent lower than those of their American counterparts.Philippines - the world’s second-largest English-speaking country has becomethe ideal destination for outsourced call center operations of multinationalcompanies. Here, the rates range from $6 to $10 per hour per seat and thecustomer service industry is prospering. The Philippine call center industryreached a whopping $10.5 million in year 2002, and is fast catching up withchief player India, which gained $12 million.Although most major call center outsourcers would rather not publicize that theyare outsourcing their requirements to the Philippines, there are about 30 to 40call centers in the Philippines.
  3. 3. Filipinos are better call center agentsProficiency in English. Having neutral accents. Compatibility in culture. Becauseculturally, Filipinos are more Westernized than their Asian neighbors, more foreigninvestors are choosing the Philippines as a base for their offshore customer servicefacilities.Filipinos are more familiar with the nuances of American English for they watchAmerican TV. Also, they have neutral accents, compared with Indians. When 1-800number is dialed by clients call centers in the Philippines, they think they are stilltalking to an American, when in fact it is a Filipino on the other line.Aside from being helpful and friendly, Filipinos are more customer-oriented andmore patient in handling calls,For more information you can visit us www.Global