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Cochrane Colloquium poster Evidencias en Pediatria


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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Cochrane Colloquium poster Evidencias en Pediatria

  1. 1. “Evidencias en Pediatría” (EvP), a secondary publication, is the first electronic journal of evidence- based Pediatrics in Spanish in the world. EvP is a journal of the the Spanish Pediatrics Association’s catalogue. EvP is produced by the Working Group of Evidence Based Pediatrics. Full Open Access policy. Intellectual property according to a Creative Commons 3.0 copyright. EvP offers a Public Service with the only objective of being useful and practical. Web design allows interaction with readers. Indexed in databases:Future:  o implement the thinking EBM in clinical practice T  nformation for parents I  ultimedia resources: podcast, slideshare, video tutorials M  o place EvP in PubMed T