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General information of panama

  2. 2. NationalSymbols
  3. 3. National Flag:
  4. 4. National Flag:Panama´s national flag was born on the eve of thecountry´s proclamation of independence. The flagwas designed on October 29th, 1903, by DonManuel E. Amador Guerrero and made up by DonaMaria Ossa de Amador and baptized on December20th of the same year. The Constituency Assemblyprovisionally adopted the flag by Law No. 64 of1904 and the definitive adoption was through LawNo. 4 of 1925.
  5. 5. • The Panamanian flag is divided into four: the first top close to the flagstaff is white with a blue star,the second superior at the continuation of the previousdescription is red, while the first inferior close to theflagstaff is blue, and the second is white with a red star.The white symbolizes peace so much desired by thepeaceful unity of the historic parties that contributed tothe creation of the Panamanian State, red represents theLiberal Party and Blue was Conservative.Flag Day was established on November 14th; on this dateall Panamanians pay tribute to their flag that waves ontop the Ancon Hill.
  6. 6. Coat of Arms:Panama´s Coat of Arms was a piece by creator DonNicanor Villalaz. After the national insigne wascreated, the Government Ministry of the ProvisionalGovernment Board called for a contest of all of thecountry´s artists on December 13th in which 103projects were presented and one was marked with theinitials N.V. belonging to Don Nicanor Villalaz. The jurydecided on this one, recommending somemodifications of simplification, suggesting thereplacement of the slogan “Peace. Freedom. Unity.Progress”, proposed by the author to “Pro MundiBeneficio”, which was approved and adopted by LawNo. 64 of June 4th, 1904.
  7. 7. • The coat of arms approved in 1904 and which since then has been officially used, has the following description:• Resting on a green countryside, a symbol of vegetation; oval shape and divided into three. The center shows the isthmus with its seas and sky highlighting the moon rising and the sun falling behind the forest in the horizon, symbolizing the hour of independence. The chief is divided into two barracks; on the right, in the silver field, a sword and rifle is seen hanging as a symbol of abandonment signifying a forever goodbye to civil wars.• The corner of the coat of arms is divided into two cantons : the right hand side a blue field as an example of cornucopia emblem of richness; and the left, a silver countryside symbol of progress. Behind the coat of arms and covering it with its open wings is the eagle, emblem of sovereignty with the head wrapped towards the left with a silver ribbon in its peak, whose songs hang from right to left.
  8. 8. • Over the ribbon reads: “Pro Mundi Beneficio”.• Over the eagle, in a form of an arch is 9 gold stars (formerly there were 7), in representation of 9 provinces of the Republic. As decorative accessories, each side of the coat of arms are two national pabelleons gathered together by its inferior part.• For 37 years the Coat of Arms of the Republic of Panama has not suffered any alternations, until the Constitution was proclaimed in 1941 which promoted some changes. Five years later, the regimen that inspired the changes in the emblem disappeared in 1946 and the old symbol was then returned with the slogan “Pro Mundi Beneficio”, currently found in the coat of arms.
  9. 9. National AnthemWe have finally reached victoryIn the happy countryside of the unionWith passionate glow of gloryThe new nation is illuminated.It is precise to cover with a candleThe past of Calvary and the crossAnd to embellish the blue of the skyOf harmony the splendid light.Progress caresses its landsat the rhythm of the noble song.Watch arise both seas at your feetThat take course to your noble mission.On the soil covered with flowersAt the kisses of the warm earthEnded the warrior´s clash,Only reigns fraternal love.Forward the pick and shovel,To work without delayAnd shall be prez and galaOf this productive world of Colon.
  10. 10. National Bird• The National Bird is the Eagle Harpy belonging to the family Accipitridae, where other species are found like sparrow hawks, eagles among others. The habitat of the harpy eagle extends from Mexico to Argentina. In the Mesoamerica region from the south of Mexico to Panama. Considered endanger of extinction, from 1997 efforts were underway to re-instate them in Panamanian forests in addition to beginning a campaign for its protection and conservation.
  11. 11. National FlowerPanama´s National Flower is known as theEspiritu Santo Flower (Peristeria elata) stemmingfrom a beautiful variety of orchids. It ischaracterized for having pedals with an intenseivory color, decorated in the center with a welldefined and delicate dove that flourishes in themonths from July to October.