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Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Talking Points For Lawmakers
  2. 2. What is the main message? How would you tell your mom?
  3. 3. Day of Action: Sept 6What do we want lawmakers to understand?What do we want the public to understand?What’s the main point, OR....What would you tell your mom?
  4. 4. Short and Sweet 〮Think 〮Bullet 〮Points
  5. 5. Day of Action: Sept 6SafetyEconomyValuesWhat else?
  6. 6. Put the strongest first Let your best argument shine
  7. 7. Day of Action: Sept 6SafetyEconomyValuesWhich is the best argument?What order do the rest go in?
  8. 8. Stick to the point Don’t get distracted
  9. 9. Day of Action: Sept 6What are some ways we could get off-message?Which issues should we avoid talking about?What questions should we expect?How should we answer off-topic questions?
  10. 10. Provide examples Who will be affected?
  11. 11. Day of Action: Sept 6Who will be affected?What happens to business and workers?What happens to police?To communities?What happens to politicians who attack immigrants?
  12. 12. Stay professional No names, no blames
  13. 13. Day of Action: Sept 6Martinez is wrong and misguided. = goodMartinez is a vendida. = bad
  14. 14. Emphasize win-win Solutions are more acceptable to all
  15. 15. Day of Action: Sept 6What solutions can we provide?What’s best for everyone?
  16. 16. Your mission...if you choose to accept it
  17. 17. Day of Action: Sept 6Let’s practice!!What’s the main point?What’s the strongest points, in order?What’s the best example?What solutions can we offer?