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Telemetry Display and Archival on Linux Platform


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Published in: Education
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Telemetry Display and Archival on Linux Platform

  1. 1. Telemetry Displayand Archival onLinux Platform { Onofrei Paul Cristian, CTI, anul IV, grupa 3.2
  2. 2.  Purpose  Our project evaluates the process of Altitude and Orbit Control Electronics package.  It involves communication between satellite and earth stations through the Telemetry subsystem in the satellite.  Status of the spacecraft is available in the telemetry buffer.  Thus we will need to retrieve the status from the ground station and issue the necessary control steps by performing a series of telecommands.Brief Description
  3. 3.  Objectives  Acquiring TM data at specified rate.  • Converting the hosts’ operating system from Digital unix to Linux.  • Using sockets instead of RPC.  • Making the processing units scalable.  • Display of acquired data in the format required by the user.Brief Description
  4. 4.  President Onofrei  Project Manager  CFO  Technical Manager  Testing Manager  System Design Engineeer  Module Developer  Module Developer 2nd  GUI Developer  System Tester  Unit TesterHuman Resources
  5. 5. Human Resources
  6. 6.  Project to be completed within a budget of $190,000  Project to be completed within 4 months  For the purpose of experimentation we will have to simulate satellite’s  telemetry hardware.Constraints
  7. 7.  Gathering Requierments  Analysis  Design  Developing  Testing  Managing ReleaseProject Steps
  8. 8. Project Steps
  9. 9. Gather Requirements
  10. 10. Analysis
  11. 11. Design
  12. 12. Develop
  13. 13. Test
  14. 14. Manage Release
  15. 15. Detailed Project Steps
  16. 16. Gantt
  17. 17. Gantt (II)
  18. 18.  OpenProj is a free, open-source project management solution. OpenProj is ideal for desktop project management and supports opening Microsoft or Primavera files.  The activities of a project manager are diverse and complex. Where the planning and control of a project are concerned, the use of software can be practical. If a tool is evaluated according to individual requirements and introduced carefully, a particular project or a project-oriented organization can be influenced in a positive way.  A project manager can, with the help of an appropriate tool, prepare a project strategy more deliberately, and can carry out the project more efficiently and with higher quality.Conclusions