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  1. 1. I. OBJECTIVES:At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to:a. Identify the different famous artists during the renaissance periodb. Value the importance of knowing the masterpieces of artist based from the pictures associationc. Draw a sample masterpieces of the artist as their group activityII. SUBJECT MATTER:a. Topic: Renaissance artists and masterpiecesb. Materials: pictures, coloring materials, pencil, card board, printed visual aidsc. Reference: Mapeh IV; MUSIC, ARTS, PE, NAD HEALTHVilma V. Perez et.al pp 121-125III. PROCEDURES:Teacher’s ActivityA. MOTIVATION:Good Morning classLet us all stand and let us pray(checking of attendance)Once again, Good morningHow’s your day?That’s good! I’m glad that you feel and fine all the time.Class, before going to our main topic, may I divide youinto five (5) groups, I want you to form a pictures out ofcut out paper as an activity.(forming a pictures out of the cut out paper)( the teacher gives instruction for the activity)( the teacher will give 2-3 minutes to come up with theactivity)May we give a round of applause to those whoparticipate in the given activitySo class, what were you able to form?B. PRESENTATION OF THE LESSON:So class, our lesson for today is about renaissance artistsand their masterpiecesWhat comes into your mind if you hear the wordrenaissance?Yes Bernard?Very good!How about the word artist?How about the masterpiece?Yes Bea?Very good!(the teacher gives follow-up to the meaning given by thestudents)C. LESSON PROPERMay I again request everybody to keep quiet and settleyourself because you are going to join the group whereyou were assigned?The leader in each group will comes in front for thelottery so that each group are identified according tocolorThe teacher will let the leaders in each group to pick therolled piece of paperStudents’ ActivityGood morning too ma’am(students prayer)Good morning ma’amWe feel great and fine ma’am(the students do their activity)( presentation of the output)Ma’am it is a pictures of a personRenaissance comes from the word renascere which means theart of being reborn.(idea of the student)It is the greatest work of an artist(the students will go to their assigned group)(the students will do the activity)
  2. 2. The teacher read the guide questionsYou are given only 5-7 minutes to come up with youroutput and as usual you have to choose two membersamong your group to present your output that wastranspired in the group(supplement of the teacher)IV. GENERALIZATIONClass did you learn something regarding the topic that wehad discussed?So may I test everybody if you were able to assimilatesomething about the discussion of our lessonLet’s have a fun! Class I have here playing cards then let’shave a game it is called “BINGO” I will give this playingcards to each group and pass the cards to your comembers as the music play, and when the music stop theone who holding that cards will be the one to answer thegiven question.V. EVALUATIONClass now that you were enlightened about the artistsand their masterpiece during the renaissance period,let us now proceed with on next activity. May Irequest everybody to maintain your group.(the teacher will give back the same masterpiece ofeach artist for their last activity)PERFORMANCE TASK:1. Join your group2. Draw the masterpiece of the artist given3. Do it within 10-15 minutes4. Presentation(the teacher provides a cardboard for them to draw)Criteria:Workmanship-10ptsTime allotment-5ptsCreativity-5ptsUnity cooperation-5ptsTotal 25pts(the teacher will follow up to the output ofstudents)VI. ASSIGNMENT1. Read about the modern period2. Give the characteristics of their arts during theperiod3. Draw anything that you want as long as it is beingGUIDE QUESTION1. Who is the artist?2. What is the masterpiece all about?3. Give a short history of the masterpiece?4. What are the elements of arts present in themasterpiece?5. What does the masterpiece depict?Yes ma’amSENTENCE COMPLITION1. I learned that renaissance is _________________2. I agree that_______________3. I appreciate the _________________4. I recognized the masterpiece of ______________5. I am happy because____________(the student do the activity)(the students do their activity)
  3. 3. characterized by modern period4. Draw is a short bond paper. Reference: virivan R.Lugre, music and arts III.pp 187-192