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How & Why CPG Brands Should Play (More) Online


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A look at how and why CPG brand should play more online - through all of the most relevant digital/social information from current articles, respected experts, trend forecasting, social innovators and my own experience.

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How & Why CPG Brands Should Play (More) Online

  1. 1. How & Why CPG Brands Should Play (More) Online
  2. 2. Inspired by Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon, I’ve culled through all of the most relevant digital/social information from current articles, respected experts, trend forecasting and social innovators. This presentation is a combination of research and my own experience in the CPG world of advertising.
  3. 3. Digital has become an increasingly important medium in coherent, integrated campaigns. Shifting 15% of TV spend to digital made campaigns far more efficient, boosting brand recall and reach significantly.
  4. 4. Digital spending is on the rise – in certain industries. The CPG industry spends.. 63% less on digital than the Retail industry 33% less on digital than the Financial Services industry
  5. 5. Why aren’t CPG brands investing more in their digital marketing?
  6. 6. The CPG category trusts traditional, tried- and-true methods of advertising. Historically, TV has proven successful. Why fix it if it ain’t broke?
  7. 7. Because it is broke. Well, not broke necessarily but – it’s evolving. Cable TV subscribers are dipping to a new low. People are spending less time on their TV, more time on digital and mobile.
  8. 8. As the landscape changes, CPG brands have struggled to balance their budget between TV & Print and less traditional mediums.
  9. 9. The CPG category’s hesitancy to making serious creative investments in digital and social is not void of valid reasoning. 1. Is my money working? 2. What content do we make? 3. How should we act?
  10. 10. 1// Is my money working? ROI on digital, and social, is proving increasingly more effective as consumer attention moves towards multiple screens versus just TV screens. The key benefit of digital is the big data that supports hyper-focused targeting. It’s really a matter of quality over quantity. Rather than determining ROI on the number of people who see the brand communication, consider the fact that targeted online content is reaching the right number.
  11. 11. Utilizing digital as a megaphone for products has proven unsuccessful and leads to lack of consumer engagement. Therefore, CPG companies are trying a bit of everything through experimentation and “test & learn” processes. 2// What content do we make? Chia Pods Kinds Bars Chobani Udi’s
  12. 12. CPG companies are slowly getting on board with a storytelling mentality, as well as becoming real threats to content publishing companies. They are starting to act like interactive social vehicles rather than broadcast vehicles. 5 Key Factors in Making Branded Content That Resonates with Consumers Applicable Good content marketing should create currency, or a meaningful value exchange with your audience. Breakthrough Your brand message is competing for attention, and you're not just competing with other brands. Create really breakthrough moments by surprising and intriguing consumers. Cross-platform A content marketing strategy should work across channels to connect the dots and develop a cohesive brand voice and story. By working cross-platform, content can inspire cultural movements. Discoverable Search marketing, paid social, traditional advertising, PR and influencers are important drivers of your content. You can't just build an architectural wonder for people to discover. More people will find it if you give them a map. Ever-changing No one can control the rapid shifts happening in technology and consumer behavior. Get experimental and tell great brand stories by rethinking how you organize, invest in, integrate and measure to get to great content marketing. 3// How should we act?
  13. 13. Change is and requires experimentation and risk. This often comes hand-in-hand with failure – hence the scary part. The good news? It also comes hand-in-hand with innovative success.
  14. 14. But before we insinuate that CPG brands should change their entire approach to marketing and advertising, let us point out that there is one big factor that remains consistent no matter the medium.
  15. 15. Storytelling through compelling content. The expansion of advertising mediums has merely given us more ways to tell the story.
  16. 16. Cadbury’s evolution of Joy is a prime example of storytelling pre and post digital. 2007 TV Spot Integrated Campaign TV, Digital, Social, OOH, Experiential 2012-2014
  17. 17. This expansion of storytelling (and therefore advertising) is a positive and exciting time for advertisers and brands – and it’s time for CPG to truly get in on the action.
  18. 18. Let’s take a look at current digital best practices, trends and innovations from successful CPG brands playing online.
  19. 19. • Real-Time Marketing • Consistent Social Best Practices • Up-and-Coming Social Best Practices • CPG Brand Hierarchy in Digital/Social • Context is King, Content is Queen. • The Importance of Publisher Partnerships TOPICS TO DISCUSS
  20. 20. 1 // REAL-TIME MARKETING INDUSTRY SPARK: Oreo’s “You can still dunk in the dark” SuperBowl tweet. MANY BRANDS FAIL BECAUSE IT’S NOT ABOUT PLANNING AHEAD. “SPONTANEOUS WIT TAKES PRACTICE, NOT PLANNING.”– Scott Marty, Ford’s Global Head of Social
  21. 21. 1 // REAL-TIME MARKETING TRUST RESPECT CLOSE RELATIONSHIP AGENCY + CLIENTTHE INTERNAL PROCESS Should take a few hours, not days or weeks. 1. Morning trend meeting 2. Ideate 3. Design 4. Client approval Don’t miss the conversation trend. Being late to the game is the same as not being in it.
  22. 22. 2 // CONSISTENT SOCIAL BEST PRACTICES Social Crowdsourcing A Consistent, Distinct Voice Consumer Outreach According to Channel Stop. Doing. Surveys. Self-Serving Posts  1-Way Conversation
  23. 23. SOCIAL CROWDSOURCING: include your consumer An effective way to engage consumers is to make them a part of the social media campaign, such as idea-or story-sharing and innovation sourcing. See Oreo, Lacoste and Heineken for examples.
  24. 24.
  25. 25.
  26. 26. HAVE A DISTINCT VOICE, AND STICK WITH IT These pretty much say it all…
  27. 27. CONSUMER OUTREACH, ACCORDING TO CHANNEL • Couponing may be more effective through targeted channels like email/direct mail. • Use of the advanced personalized offers engine on social media fanbook/Twitter pages is another option to drive targeted campaigns to different audience segments. Know how and when to reach your audience, based on the human behavior on each channel.
  28. 28. NO MORE SURVEYS. 80% of CPG brands failed to engage consumers through surveys. – Accenture, 2013
  29. 29. 3 // UP-AND-COMING SOCIAL BEST PRACTICES Audio-Visual Content is on the Rise Increased Spend on New Digital Innovations Google+ Is No Longer the Weird Cousin
  30. 30. AUDIO-VISUAL CONTENT IS ON THE RISE To see the full infographic, go to:
  31. 31. INCREASED SPEND ON NEW DIGITAL INNOVATIONS With increased targeting and marketing opportunities, digital is becoming a gold mine of consumers. New Facebook Algorithm Go here for more. Twitter’s IPO Instagram Ads Promoted Pinterest Pins
  32. 32. While Google+ might not seem like the most active audience for your brand, there are several reasons to be on it. When you conduct a Google search, the top results are influenced by who you follow on Google+. The more people who follow your brand on Google+, the more likely your content is going to appear in their search results. Google Helpouts are a place designed to find or provide help to anyone at anytime. You can receive guitar lessons, help with your home garden, or demonstrations on how to ride a bike. The possibilities are endless, and brands are beginning to take advantage. See Sephora or Rosetta Stone for examples! “Circles” can categorize people into: leads, repeat customers, follow-ups, influencers, etc. Google+ includes an extremely useful search bar in which you can easily find individual people, pages, or topics that people are posting out. They even provide trending topics to make it easier to join the hottest conversations. Be a leader! Getting ahead of what is already being done by your competitors makes the brand innovative and gives you a leg up. GOOGLE+ IS NO LONGER THE WEIRD COUSIN Source:
  33. 33. 4 // CPG BRAND HEIRARCHY ON DIGITAL/SOCIAL Threats to traditional publishers and media outlets Figuring it out Eager but at a loss for how to proceed everyone else The Key: Focused content on a specific core topic that their customers care deeply about and build publishing strategies around it.
  34. 34. RED BULL: THE MEDIA POWERHOUSE “Determine what your audience wants and give it to them better than anyone else.” Red Bull decided to create the vehicle through which its core customers consumer the things they love.
  35. 35. OREO: THE POP CULTURE KING 1. Morning trend meeting 2. Ideate 3. Design Creating internal processes and structures that can get content created & approved in 3 hours, not 3 months. “Take a stand and stand by it.”
  36. 36. COCA-COLA: THE MASTER STORYTELLER The Three Step Process 1. Create engaging brand stories to spark conversations. 2. Listen to those conversations. 3. Act & react to those conversations. Harlem Shake goes viral Coke Zero: Make It Possible Story with Knucklehead The brand makes a dancer’s dreams come true.
  37. 37. DOVE: THE EMOTIONAL CONNECTOR The Real Beauty campaign has been a 10-year process that took years of focus, continued strategy. When it comes to content, no medium is untappable.
  38. 38. 5 // CONTENT IS KING, CONTEXT IS QUEEN. SEO Becomes Focused on Consumer Behavior • FBX: Facebook’s Ad Exchange Pushes content based on browsing history, search history, interests, locations, demographics, behaviors and other key data points. • Twitter’s Tailored Ads Will offer similar targeting as FBX. • #Hashtags have become the leading search tool.
  39. 39. 6 // THE IMPORTANCE OF PUBLISHER PARTNERSHIPS Those who experienced branded content were 28% more likely to have a favorable view of the brand. raised $30.4 million on the promise of their sponsored content. has built a $60 million a year business. is 30% of the company’s ad revenue. Being exposed to Hidden Valley’s for Everything’s sponsored posts on BuzzFeed resulted in 121.8% brand lift. When they exposed it via social sharing, the lift went up to 397.4%. Opportunity: Sponsored content allows for consumer reach, experimentation & increased brand equity.
  40. 40. Lastly, click here for current up-and-coming CPG brands who are entertaining in the digital and social space.
  41. 41. To reach out, please contact Cristina Pansolini at:
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