Units 1,2 test


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Units 1,2 test

  1. 1. Vocabulary1 Complete the sentences with the correct verbs. a Why didn’t you __________ sorry? b Don’t __________ excuses! c We need to __________ a decision. d Don’t __________ risks! You don’t want to have an accident. e You should always __________ the truth. f How beautiful! Why don’t you _________ a photo! Score __/62 Put the words in the correct order. a plain / jacket / a / denim ____________________________________________________________ b T-shirt / a / cotton / tie-dyed ____________________________________________________________ c cotton / flowery / a / dress ____________________________________________________________ d silk / a / scarf / flowery ____________________________________________________________ e tie / a / school / striped ____________________________________________________________ Score __/5Grammar3 Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets. Use the present simple or present continuous . a She’s busy right now. She __________ (do) her homework. b They usually __________ (do) their homework after school. c She sometimes__________ (spend) a lot of money on clothes. d He normally wears a white shirt but he__________ (wear) a T-shirt today. e I __________ (read) a really good book. You should read it! Score __/5
  2. 2. 4 Complete the sentences with the verbs in the box. Use the present simple or present continuous forms. rain wear become think sit a A lot of people __________ it is important to buy fair-trade products. b They always __________ school uniform. c She __________ at the front of the class today. d It __________ in London today. Score __/45 Write questions. Use the present simple or present continuous forms of the verbs in brackets. a How often / you / go / to the cinema? ____________________________________________________________ b What / you / usually / do / at the weekend? ____________________________________________________________ c What / you / do / this weekend? ____________________________________________________________ d Where / Emma / sit / today? ____________________________________________________________ Score __/46 Write the questions. Use the present simple or present continuous. a ____________________________________________________________ ? She’s wearing a blue dress. b ____________________________________________________________ ? He lives in London. c ____________________________________________________________ ? The lesson finishes at 3 o’clock. d ____________________________________________________________ ? She’s meeting her friends at 5 o’clock. e ____________________________________________________________ ? I go to the cinema twice a week. f ____________________________________________________________ ? He’s doing his homework. Score __/6
  3. 3. 7 Complete the sentences. Use the relative pronouns who, which or where. a She is the doctor __________ saved my friend’s life. b That’s the house __________ my sister lives. c It is the school __________ is next to the park. d I often go to places __________ I can listen to live music. e Geography is the subject __________ I like the most. f They are the girls __________ are in my class. Score __/68 Complete the text with relative pronouns. Jack is someone (a) __________ enjoys live music. He often goes to clubs (b) __________ they play music. The weekend is the time (c) __________ Jack can listen to the kind of music (d) __________ he enjoys most – R&B. He also likes going to places (e) __________ he can dance and see his friends.9 Choose the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Use the past simple and past continuous. 1 It (a) __________ (snow) when we (b) __________ (get up) this morning and it felt cold. We put on our coats and hats, and we (c) __________ (go) outside and (d) __________ (play) in the snow. 2 Two months ago I (a) __________ (go) to England with my parents. We (b) __________ (spend) a week in London. One day we (c) __________ (walk) along Oxford Street when I (d) __________ (see) a friend of mine from Spain. I was very surprised and so was she! Score __/810 Complete the sentences with the verbs in the box. Use the present perfect form. not see give wear make meet read a I’m very sorry. I think I __________ a mistake. b She __________ all the bestsellers. c She __________ the new fantasy film. d They __________ flowery shirts to work. e Our teacher __________ us a lot of homework. f He __________ several famous people. Score __/6
  4. 4. 11 Write the questions. Use the present perfect. a you / ever / visit / London? ____________________________________________________________ Yes, it’s a beautiful city. b you / ever / read / a biography? ____________________________________________________________ No, I prefer science-fiction. c he / ever / have / an accident? ____________________________________________________________ No, he’s been very lucky. d you / ever / meet / a famous person? ____________________________________________________________ Yes, I have. I’ve met an actor. e your mum / give / you / a jacket? ____________________________________________________________ Yes, she did, and some trousers. f you / a / ever / buy / comic? ____________________________________________________________ Yes, I have. They are very funny. Score __/6