Eu day of solidarity between generations


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Eu day of solidarity between generations

  1. 1. EU Day of Solidarity between Generations The National Pedagogic College C. Bratescu
  2. 2. EU Day of Solidarity• On the 29th of April we celebrate European Day of Solidarity between Generation. With this occasion the Romanian Teams took some interviews to the old people in the street and in our school.
  3. 3. Questions• The questions are:1.What are your favourite leisure activities?2. How was school when you were achild ? Was it like the school today?
  4. 4. Ileana S, 61 years• Answers:Being a child, she studied in many schools in the country, because she moved very often with her family due to political reasons. She liked very much going to school and if she obeied all the rules nobody could say anything to her.
  5. 5. Ileana• Until she could discover her true vocation, she wanted to become a teacher, journalist or speleologist, but she become a chemist.• During school she did gymnastics, balet, basketball and swimming.• A passion which persisted over years was scuba diving. It is practised by her nowadays along with gymnastics.
  6. 6. Ileana• At school she liked the fact that she was a leader, because she was respected by teachers and pupils and, as a reward, she was given free camps.• She considers that during the time she was in school, it had important rules which were strictly obeied kids and adults, kids sometimes lack the maturity of an adult.
  7. 7. Dumitru, 74 years• In conclusion she gave us an advice:“never do harm even if we want to”.School was very different, there was a big respect between pupils and teachers. Teachers were tough and respectable. He practiced football. He didn`t have a big dream in childhood but he studied a tehnical university. This fulfilled him proffessionally.
  8. 8. Mariana C, 52 years• Presently she isn`t work. In childhood she loved volleyball, but she didn`t do it proffessionally because she didn`t have enough money. She tell to the young people , it is important to be respectous and civilized and help others.
  9. 9. Maria, 62 years• School was much more different teachers helped the dezvoltation of the kids` character.They showed them respect.• Teens today don`t know how to dress up and the school makes a mistake because they don`t request them an uniform. Her leisure activities were different from the ones teens do today. She palyed games outdoor, read. The computer isn`t good for kids because they don`t go anymore to libraries to study, but find all at once from Internet.She wanted to become a teacher, but she is now a stylist being a job which she loves.