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Seminar essay

  1. 1. Seminar Essay <br />RISE Program<br />Cristina M. Cruz Irizarry<br />During this semester I got the opportunity to attend three seminars. Each addresses different topics of investigation. This is very helpful for us students, because we get the opportunity to see and take in the themes that are now been investigated. Hearing the seminars is an important aspect that encourages us to be more attracted to certain themes than others; with the purpose of finding our topic of interest in the scientific investigation world. The three seminars that help me define my interest were: Neurotrophic Factor Biodynamic in Animal Models with Diseases, given by Dr. John Spitsbergen; New Techniques for Melting and Analysis of Crystals, by Dr. Andrew McGie; finally New Treatment for Epilepsy Disease, by Lori Isom.<br />The seminar that covers the Neurotrophic Factor Biodynamic in Animal Models of Diseases was a very interesting one. It was given by Dr. John Spitsbergen, he came in representation of the North Michigan University. This study specifies in the relationship between diseases and neurotrophic factors. Neuritrophic factors are proteins that are in charge of the development and maintenance of neurons. Their hypothesis is that the effects of some diseases in the body are dependent on the effects that the disease have to the nuerotrophic factor. To test their hypothesis they use rats that had high blood pressure. After giving the rats a diet high in sodium to maintain their condition of hypertension, it could be observed that whenever there was a change in blood pressure there was a change too in the nuerotrphic responses. The hypothesis came correct; this will promote the study of neurotrhophic factors in the battle against diseases.<br />The seminar given by Lori Isom was related to the new treatments that have been develop for the epilepsy disease. The condition denominated as epilepsy can be very degenerating to the body motor capacities. Epilepsy is a brain condition that is cause when involuntary electric signals in the brain causes convulsations. This convulsations are very dangerous because they interrupt the normal function of the brain. Avery time a patient has a convulsion many cells are damaged. Researchers are looking for a way to restore these cells. They discovered that by allowing the production of pluripotent cells, this damage cells can be replaced. This happens because the pluripotent cells can take any form of cell. These cells are very benefactor to the maintenance of the health of patients with conditions like epilepsy. <br />Last seminar called New Melt Crystallization Techniques for Purification and Analysis Of Organics and Pharmaceutical, presented by Andrew McGie from the University of Pennsylvania. He presents three basic techniques for the analysis and melting of crystals. The first technique offered was Thermo Gravimetric Analysis (TGA). This technique consists of measuring the weigh change amounts of the crystal in function of increasing temperature. The second technique was differential thermal analysis (DTA). This one consisted in the examination of the changes in the basic structure of the crystal during temperature changes. Then the affected structure is compare with the normal structure for the analysis of the changes in structure of the structure. The final technique is known as mass spectrometry (MS) it consist of introducing a charge to the crystal, this helps to identify the mass charge ratio depending on the reaction of the crystal to the charge. <br />In conclusion, each one of the seminars is very rewarding to the scientific community. As part of this community it is very important to be informed of the latest discoveries in science. Knowing about this topic brings opportunities of work to the new scientist, it is important to read and maintain fresh information. Day by day we are forming what we want to be in the future the seminars are a great motivation for keeping us in track.<br /> <br />