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6. cristina annotation3


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6. cristina annotation3

  1. 1. Cristina M. Cruz Irizarry RISE programAnnotation # 3:Laurence Simmat-Durand a,*, Claude Lejeune b, Laurent Gourarier c. 2008. Pregnancy underthe high-dose of Buprenorphine. La Terrasse, Hoˆpital Maison Blanche, 222 bis, rue Marcadet,75018 Paris, France.This research was conducted to examine the cost of methadone overdose in pregnant women incomparison with Buprenorphine. They also included the genetics of the women under a highdose of Buprenorphine. The effects of the pregnancy and delivery of the new-born babies wereexamined. This data was collected from 251 women addicted to methadone or Buprenorphine.These women were placed in different hospitals. One hundred and fifty-nine (159) of the womenhad been taking Buprenorphine during their pregnancy. T hat group of women had delivered 160live children. The condition of the women was alarming because most of them smoked everyday, used heroin, and injected themselves with Buprenorphine. Half of the newborns weretreated for neonatal abstinence syndrome. This disordered occurs because the mother is addictedto certain drugs causing the newborn to become addicted as well. All this substance abuse isalways going to result in the neonatal abstinence syndrome. This is very useful informationbecause many of the women that are in substance abuse end up pregnant. This is a very alarmingreality.