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Cristina Costa

  1. 1. Cristina Costa Work email: Web: Google Scholar: Profile Lecturer in Lifelong Learning (Technology Enhanced Learning), Centre of Lifelong Learning, School of Education, University of Strathclyde, Scotland Named Learning Technologist of the Year 2010 by the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) Visiting Research Fellow at the Manchester Metropolitan University (Faculty of Health, Psychol- ogy and Social Care), UK Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) Member of the JISC Learning and Teaching Practice Experts’ Group Fellow of the Higher Education Academy Research interests: the use of Participatory Media and Digital Environments in Education and Society, Social Enterprise and Health Care contexts. I am particularly interested in analysing the advantages and also the implications of using the Participatory and Social Web for teaching and learning, and research practices, for promoting social change, and community engagement and for transforming established practices in different sectors. Experience VISITING RESEARCH FELLOW – SINCE 2011 Visiting Research Fellow at the Manchester Metropolitan University (Faculty of Health, Psychol- ogy and Social Care), UK. I collaborate with Professor Carol Haigh in applying and researching the use of Social Media in Health Care practice and teaching contexts LECTURER IN LIFELONG LEARNING (TECHNOLOGY ENHANCED LEARNING – UNIVERSITY OF STRATHCLYDE – MARCH 2013) As member of the Centre for Lifelong Learning and the School of Education. I will contribute to the teaching, research and engagement portfolio of the Institution. LEARNING AND RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIES MANAGER, UNIVERSITY OF SALFORD –2011- 2013 As member of the Academic Development Unit my role is to prepare and support academic staff for the digital knowledge economy. I teach on the Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (Application of Learning Technologies module) and lead on the Teaching Essential Programme for Graduate Teaching Assistants. I support research activity, promote learning and collaborative research ventures with the use of new web technologies; train and mentor research staff re-
  2. 2. Page 2 garding the different uses of Social Media; work on a Digital Strategy for Teaching and Learning; participate in research projects; design events supported by interactive media. I also look after the Internationalisation portfolio. RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIES DEVELOPMENT OFFICER, UNIVERSITY OF SALFORD - 2009 - 2011 As member of the central Research team (Office of the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation), my role is to champion innovative means of convening and disseminating research activity, promote learning and collaborative research ventures with the use of new web tech- nologies, train and mentor staff and students. LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES DEVELOPMENT OFFICER, UNIVERSITY OF SALFORD - 2007 - 2009 Support the use of Learning Technologies in teaching/learning and research, particularly with regard to Postgraduate Research Students (PGRs) and Masters’ online programmes; mentoring and training of staff NAVAL OFFICER, PORTUGUESE NAVY - 2002 - 2007 EFL instruction: Taught intensive and non-intensive English courses to Seamen, Petty Officers, Officers and civilians from the Portuguese Navy; ICT Consultant: created and maintained the English language learning site for the Intranet, integrated ICT into the classroom and was the Captain's consultant for ICT/ e-learning issues Additional Experience  Online teacher trainer (TESOL CALL Interest Section, and  Online Community of Practice facilitator  ICT Consultant (Volunteer for the University of Mozambique in 2006)  Co-founder of EVOLVE - an online network for TEL researchers and practitioners  Organiser of online conferences (Trainers in Europe) and face to face events (Thought Fest, The PLE Conference)  External Evaluator of European Commission’s Funded Projects.  External advisor for CAPPLE (Spanish funded project on work futures and Personal Learn- ing Environments (since August 2012)  External Advisor to Learn2Teach EU Project Education University of Salford, UK - PhD (Part-time): The participatory web in the context of academic research: landscapes of change and conflicts – 2013 University of Salford, UK. Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice - 2012 Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Lisbon, Portugal - MPhil in Educa- tional Technologies [Thesis entitled "The Curriculum within a Community of Practice - A Case Study"] - 2007 Institute of Education, University of London, UK – Postgraduate Certificate - Online Education and Teaching Language Course - 2006
  3. 3. Page 3 Faculty of Sciences and Technology - University of Coimbra, Portugal - Postgraduate Certificate - e-Learning Techniques and Contexts - 2004 Ruprecht-Karls Universitaet, Heidelberg. Germany - Postgraduate Certificate - Translation Stud- ies - 2002 (as ERASMUS) Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, New University of Lisbon, Portugal - BA (Hons) in Modern Languages and Literatures (English and German) [4 year degree] - 2001 Additional Qualifications Certified as a Teacher by the National Professional Certification System. Certificate is registered under the code EDF/40789/2004 (Portugal) Certified as Trainer in Educational Technology and Communication by the National Scientific- Pedagogical Council of teacher training. Certificate is registered under the code CCPFC/RFO- 21319/06 (Portugal) Publications Selected Peer- reviewed Articles Haigh, C, Johnson, M., & Costa, C. (in press). Assisted Dying: An evaluation of Web Based Information Resources. Journal of Advanced Nursing. Haigh, C., & Costa, C. (2012). Reconsidering the role of participatory media in nursing research and knowledge dissemination. Journal of Research in Nursing. Costa, C, & Torres, C. (2011). To be or not to be, the importance of Digital Identity in the networked society. Revista Educação, Formação & Tecnologias,, Special Edition, 47–53. Costa, C. (2010). Lifelong learning in Web 2.0 environments. Int. J. Technol. Enhanc. Learn., 2(3), 275– 284. Attwell, G., & Costa, C. (2009). Beyond Current Horizons : Integrating personal learning and working environments. Beyond Current Horizons : Integrating personal learning and working environ- ments | Technology, children, schools and families. Retrieved from environments/ Costa, C. (2009). Teachers Professional Development through Web 2.0 Environments. In M. D. Lytras, P. Ordonez de Pablos, E. Damiani, D. Avison, A. Naeve, & D. G. Horner (Eds.), Best Practices for the Knowledge Society. Knowledge, Learning, Development and Technology for All, Communica- tions in Computer and Information Science (Vol. 49, pp. 26–32). Springer Berlin Heidelberg. Costa, C. (2007). The Curriculum in a community of practice. Sísifo: Revista de Ciências da Educação, (3), 87–100. Costa, C., Beham, G., Reinhardt, W., & Sillaots, M. (2008). Microblogging In Technology Enhanced Learning: A Use-Case Inspection of PPE.
  4. 4. Page 4 Peer-reviewed Book Chapters Costa, C. (2011). Educational Networking in the Digital Age. In M. Thomas (Ed.), Digital Education: Opportunities for Social Collaboration. Palgrave Macmillan. Keegan, H. (2009). Community-based mentoring and innovating through Web 2.0, in: Mentoring for 21st Century Skills. Mentoring for 21st Century Skills: It’s all about the learning. EU Education and Culture. ISBN 978-1905732791. Teacher competence development – a European perspective. (2009).Mentoring for 21st Century Skills: It’s all about the learning. EU Education and Culture. ISBN 978-1905732791 Selected Refereed Conference Papers Castañeda, Linda, Costa, C., & Torres, R. (2011, July 10). The Madhouse of ideas: stories about networking and learning with twitter. PLE Conference 2012. Southampton, UK. Foster, I., & Costa, C. (2011). Connecting experiences – telling stories through a networked environ- ment: the residence abroad experience - Google Search. Presented at the Education in a Chang- ing Environment, Salford, UK. Beaumont, E., & Costa, C. (2009). Sounds exciting: it means group Skype users can work one docu- ment investigation student reactions using google docs collaborative learning. Critical Voices, Critical Times. Presented at the Education in a Changing Environment, Salford, UK. Castañeda, L, & Costa, C. (2009). Canales de comunicación paralelos en situaciones no-formales de aprendizaje: el canal twitter del ThoughtFest 2009. Sociedade do conhecimento e meio ambiente – Sinergia cientifica e TIC gerando desenvolvimento sustentavel. Presented at the EduTEC, Brazil. Costa, C., Keegan, H., & Attwell, G. (2009). Cartoon planet : Micro-reflection through digital cartoons - a case study on teaching and learning with young people. Romanian Journal of Pedagogy, 7(9), 112–128. Keegan, H., & Costa, C. (2009). Online Learning Communities and Social Software: a Mentoring approach to 21st Century Skills. EDULEARN09 Proceedings, 5203–5209. Keegan, H., Costa, C., & Fox, A. (2009). Community-based Mentoring and Innovating Through Web 2.0: Challenges and Tensions. Innovation in Learning Communities’. Presented at the EDEN, Gdansk, Poland. Perifanou, M., & Costa, C. (2009). Microblogging in Language Learning - Analysis of Experiences and suggestions of Practice for the 21st Century Classroom. INTED2009 Proceedings, 3160–3171. Reinhardt, W., Γ, M. E., Beham, G., & Costa, C. (2009). How People are using Twitter during Confer- ences. Journal Guest Editor Costa, C., & Torres, R. (2011). Personal Learning Environments. Guest Editorial of the Digital Educa- tional Review, (Special Issue), 1–2.
  5. 5. Page 5 Book Reviews Costa, C. (2009). The digital classroom: harnessing technology for the future. Interactive Learning Environments, 17(2), 197–200. Projects Evolve Network []- JISC Funded open community designed to bring together and support researchers across multiple disciplines engaged with contemporary issues in education. ICONET [] - An EC funded project. Transferring innovative methods for validating informally acquired competencies of disadvantaged young people. LitSciMed [] A AHRC funded project. Blended learning doctoral training pro- gramme on 'Theories and Methods' connecting the disciplines of literature, science and medi- cine through a networked learning environment. Residence Abroad [] A Vice-Chancellor’s teaching grant supporting language students at Salford University who spend time away from Salford on work and study placements abroad. Enhancement of digital literacies and employability skills through reflection and digital engagement. The Hub [] A Research and Innovation Unit funded project designed to support researchers in a multidisciplinary virtual research environment Vitae [] An EC funded project that introduces teachers to new ap- proaches to learning and teaching by mentoring through learning technologies The Writing Researcher [] A project that introduces researchers to creative writing through a peer network approach Invited Papers and Lectures 2012 Teaching and Learning in Context. Keynote Speaker. CARNet. Croatia Learning Journeys – the participatory web in the context of academic practice. Guest Speaker. PhD induction at the Education and Social Research Institute, MMU, UK (October 2012) Feeding forward - the role of the participatory web in formative assessment. Keynote Speaker. (August, 2012) Digital Scholarship and Engagement. Open Discussion with the Center for Teaching and Learning Team. University of Minnesota, USA (July 2012) Academics Online - the new public intellectuals? Guest Speaker. EdMedia 2012 - World Confer- ence on Educational Media and Technology. USA (June 2012)
  6. 6. Page 6 Curriculum Innovation through digital technologies. Keynote Speaker. Digital Literacies event. University of Southampton, UK (June 2012) Extend your influence through DIY Media - Guest Speaker. Research Staff Conference, University of Manchester (April 2012) Social Media for Enterprise. Guest Speaker. NorthWest Enterprise School. UK (March 2012) Social Media for learning and profile raising. Guest lecturer for the MBA (FT) Course, University of Southampton, UK (March 2012) Dissemination of knowledge. Guest Workshop for the Vitae/ British Library event: Digital Re- searcher. London, UK (February 2012) Digital Identity: what academia should know about it. Round table discussion with the Pedagog- ical Research Group at the University of Liverpool, UK (February 2012) Social Media for learning, teaching and researching. Guest speaker at the Teachers Network at the University of Liverpool, UK (February 2012) 2011 Participatory Media as a Research Tool: new ways of working, gathering data and engaging with research participants - Workshop Series for the Saudi Arabia Delegation, University of Salford, UK (December 2011) Innovative Methodologies: creating meaningful learning contexts. Keynote address. Segundo Simposio - INNED,, Barcelona, Spain (November 2011) Creative Learning Conference - Keynote Panel On Creative Learning and Changing Society, Lis- bon, Portugal (October 2011) Developing Educators’ Digital Identity. Online Presentation for the New Educational Environ- ments Summer Course, University of Ibiza, Spain (September 2011) Invited as a faculty member of the Gary Chapman International School on Digital Transformation (ISDT), serving as a mentor and leading discussions on digital communications role in fostering a vibrant civil society (July 2011) Un-Keynote on Academia and their Knowledge Safes, the PLE Conference 2011, University of Southampton, UK (July 2011) Building your Personal Branding Online: a workshop with Dr Lisa Harris for the MBA (FT) Course, University of Southampton, UK (March 2011) 2010 1001 Platforms - A panel discussion on Social Media for Social Activism (Learning and Technolo- gy Symposium: Social Media: Platforms for Interactive Communities, Effat University, Saudi Ara- bia, December 2010)
  7. 7. Page 7 Working and learning on the cloud - cultivating Personal Learning Networks (Second Polish MoodleMoot, Czestochowa, WSL and online via Elluminate, Poland, November 2010) Social media: encouraging entrepreneurial activity. An interactive workshop by Dr Lisa Harris, Dr Lorraine Warren, Cristina Costa and Alan Rae (University of Southampton, UK, October 2010) Social Media - Innovative Practices in HE ((e)Learning@FEUP, Oporto, Portugal, May 2010) Social Media for Collaboration- In and beyond HE ("Future Social Learning Networks" - An inter- disciplinary seminar , University of Paderborn &Te Knowledge Media Research Center. Augs- burg, Germany (April 2010) Social Media for Researchers. University of Manchester - Workshop Series, Manchester, UK (March 2010) 2009 The Digital Storyteller: Learning through personal(ised) narratives. Guest Speaker. ONLINE EDU- CA BERLIN. Berlin, Germany (December 2009) Web 2.0 in the classroom: How to motivate learners for new learning strategies. Guest SPeaker. Educamp09 , Ilmenau, Germany (April 2009) 2008 Blogs and Wikis: The What’s, Why’s and How’s ( University of Central Lancashire, Preston, Lan- cashire. UK (January 2008) Skills Social Skills and Competences Team work; easy integration and adaptation to new situations; good communication skills Language Skills Portuguese (mother tongue) English (proficient) German (good) Spanish (good) Organizational skills and competences Organisation and coordination capacities; sense of leadership and guidance; good time man- agement
  8. 8. Page 8 Computer and Technical Skills PC and MAC user; MS Office, iWorks and Open Office ; Web 2.0 technologies; HTML (basic Knowledge); VLEs (Moodle, Blackboard) Pedagogical Skills Classroom dynamics; teaching and facilitation of learning activities; course and curriculum de- sign and innovation; educational presentations, workshops and seminars; implementation strategies; student motivation; teaching/ training/ mentoring; technical instruction, interactive learning Honours and Awards Nomination to feature as one of the 100 Salford Women in the 100 Salford Women project. (Sal- ford Staff Women's Action Network (SSWAN), 2011) [Link:] Learning Technologist of the Year - 2010 (Association for Learning Technology (ALT), United Kingdom, September 2010) [Link:] Scholarship to participate in the European Academic Writing Summer School (European Educa- tional Research Summer School (EERSS):, Sweden, June 2010) Scholarship to participate in the Doctoral Winter School on Advanced Learning Technologies (STELLAR, Austria, February 2010) Scholarship to participate in the Joint European Summer School on Technology Enhanced Learn- ing (Pro-Learn and STELLAR Network , Slovakia, June 2009) Scholarship to participate in the Doctoral Summer School on Technology Enhanced Learning & Knowledge Management (Pro-Learn Academy , Macedonia, June 2008) Written Commendation by the Captain of the School of Naval Technologies (Portuguese Navy, Portugal, December 2007) Scholarship for further Academic Study and Training in Germany, Deutsche Akademische Aus- tauschdienst (DAAD), Germany, 2000 Scholarship to participate in the 11. Lions Jugendforum Deutschland e.V., 1999. Other Evidence of External Esteem Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) Fellow of the Higher Education Academy Member of the Association of Internet Researchers Member of the JISC Learning and Teaching Practice Experts’ Group (since 2011)
  9. 9. Page 9 Member of the Association for Learning Technologies (Institutional membership) Student Organisation Chair for the 7th JTEL (since 2010) Named Learning Technologist of the Year 2010 by the Association for Learning Technol- ogies (ALT) Member of International Committee for the Plymouth e-Learning Conference (United Kingdom, 2010-11) Member of the Editorial Review Board of the IJVPLE (since 2010) PLE International Conference co-organiser and co-chair (since 2010) Committee member of the Education in a Changing Environment, Salford UK (since 2010) Member of the Editorial Advisory Board for the book ' Looking Toward the Future of Technolo- gy-Enhanced Education: Ubiquitous Learning and the Digital Native' (2009)