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Blogging, microblogging and podcasting


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Blogging, microblogginga nd podcasting

Published in: Education
  • Thanks so much! I am already hooked!
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  • @Maliha Lifelong Learning has always been supported with informal experiences. My grandpa used to say that school was OK, but it would be from the school of real life (my own experiences in daily life activity) that I would learn the most important lessons. And ain't that the truth? we learn with one another as we go along and interact and observe what others are doing...and adopt some of the things that we see as useful for our personal learning and practice - we all learn with everyone that show us something that is meaningful to us. I am just lucky to be sorrounded from people like you who are super enthusiastic . It keeps me going! ;-)

    @kdbostain I took the picture myself, and then used to edit it! ;-)
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  • Hi Christina,
    I was wondering if you could tell me where you got your picture for your opening slide. Thanks!
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Blogging, microblogging and podcasting

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