Kangaroo by lawson & isikuki789


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Kangaroo by lawson & isikuki789

  1. 1. Kangaroo facts By: Lawson and Wilson
  2. 2. What they eatThey are herbivores so they usually eat fruits and leaves if they are available.They will graze for hours and chew a bit here and a bit there until they have satisfied their hunger pangs. Some kangaroos that have been held in captivity eat corn and grains, and seem to thrive on that diet. Kangaroos need water, but if they have access to lush, green, vegetation they can get enough moisture from these plants to keep them going for a while. The smaller kangaroos, such as the musky rat-kangaroo, are omnivores and eat seeds, fruit, grasshoppers, insect larvae and beetles. This is what the regular kangaroo eats.
  3. 3. Where they live? They live mostly in Australia,Tasmania and Papua New Guinea and their natural habitats are xeric and terrain.
  4. 4. How they survive? Don’t try to provoke these bad boys because they’ll box you up and I mean it for real. They can box and if you lean on their tail,watch out because they can deliver a powerful kick that can put you in hospital. Did you know that a kangaroo almost drowned a dog ?
  5. 5. Special features Their colour is usually gray, red-brown or brown. They are Australasian marsupials meaning to say that they are Australasian pouched mammals. Their joey are extremely undeveloped about the size of a kidney bean and they go up from the mother's birth canal and into a track through the mother’s fur which she prepares by licking,to her pouch. Then the joey latches onto a teat that swells it’s mouth so the joey can’t dislodge(to knock out of position) when the mother moves.