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Horses presentation by brianna,kc and michaela 976


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Published in: Education, Sports
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Horses presentation by brianna,kc and michaela 976

  1. 1. Horses By Brianna,KC and Michaela
  2. 2. Horses have hooves so their feet don’t get dirty. As the horse grows, their hooves get tougher and it doesn’t hurt as much when the horse gets hurt. Why do horses have hooves?
  3. 3. Horses have manes to shake flies of. Horses manes naturally grow.When stallions fight they bite each others necks and the mane acts like an armour. Horse’s manes also give riders something more to hold onto. manes?
  4. 4. Horses can sleep lying down and standing up.Horses can run a little while after birth. Horses have 205 bones in their body. Horses have the bigger eyes than any other mammal that lives on land. Horses are herbivores. facts
  5. 5. Bibliography