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CV Cristina Bustillo


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Published in: Career
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CV Cristina Bustillo

  1. 1. HUMAN  CENTERED   human  +  art  +  culture   AUDIOVISUAL   COMMUNICATION  INTERACTION  BACKGROUND   Graduate  in   PSYCHOLOGY   1991.  UB.   Graduate  in   ANTHROPOLOGY   1992.  UB.   Degree  in  VIDEO  &  TELEVISION   PRODUCTION   1993.  IDEP.   Postgraduate  Degree  in     AUDIOVISUAL     COMMUNICATION   1994.  UPF.   Master  Degree  in     AUDIOVISUAL     COMMUNICATION   1995.  UPF.   PhD  in     TELECOMMUNICATIONS     ENGINEERING   2007.  URL.   EDUCATION   SKILLS  EVOLUTION   PROFESSIONAL  EVOLUTION   Fieldwork  in  India  &  others   Au4sm  specialist   Art  &  Therapy   Social  volunteer   Optimistic Flexible Curious Humble TRANSFORM Friends Family Passion SynthesisUser  Experience  at       University  College  London   Film  Studies  at  University   of  Edinburgh   CHALLENGES   Looking  for  challenges  with  social  impact     Building  high  performance  teams     Applying  quantum  indicators  to  problem  conceptualiza4on  &  BD   Empathic [AWARDS*]     CrisRna  BusRllo   hKp://   +  34  626  89  04  49   !       2014 2005 2003 2002 2000 1998 1997 1996 Internet   Contents   Mul4channel   Communi4es   Emo4onal  Design   Customer  Experience     Experience  Design   Service  Design   Co-­‐Innova4on.     Co-­‐Create:     Products,  Services   &  Communica4on.     INTERNET  PROJECTS  COORDINATOR   Planeta  Corporación   ELECTRONIC  EDITION  MANAGER   GeoPlaneta.  Grupo  Planeta.   GEOPLANETA.COM   &  LONELYPLANET.ES  DIRECTOR   GeoPlaneta.  Grupo  Planeta.   DEPUTY  MANAGING  DIRECTOR   GeoPlaneta.  Grupo  Planeta.   USER  LAB  DIRECTOR   Parque  de  Innovación.  URL.   INNOVATION  &  INFORMATION   SERVICES  DIRECTOR   Agència  Catalana  de  Turisme   Generalitat  de  Catalunya   ASSOCIATE         A  Piece  of  Pie   EXECUTIVE  PRODUCER   Planeta  Ac4media.    Grupo  Planeta.   •  Best  Spanish  Website   2001.  Awarded  by  H.R.H   The  Prince  of  Asturias  &   AUI.   •  Actualidad  Económica   Award  2001/  Leisure.   •  Great  Voyages  Awards   2001   •  Ibest  Top  3/  Travel   Awards  in  2000  and   2002.   User  Lab:   •  First  Prize  InnovaRon   Awards  IGC  2005   EmoLab     Catalonia  Tourism     •  Shortlisted  for  the   InnovaRon  Awards  IGC   2006.   Content Management Design Thinking New Business Models Change Management Innovation Teaching  &  Speaking  at  several  University  Programs  &  Conferences   DIRECTOR   Designit.  Barcelona.   2011 Change   Management  &   Innova4on   Mul4media   SERVICE  DESIGN   Designit.  Madrid.  2013 Business  Design