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Mary cristina: QUITO


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This is the project of Quito.

Published in: Education
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Mary cristina: QUITO

  2. 2. GEOGRAPHY. • San Francisco de Quito , or Quito, capital of Ecuador • Was founded on the 16th century. • Built in two deep ravines • The four most important rivers are: Machángara, Monjas, San Pedro y Guayllabamba. • Its area is 422 mil ha
  3. 3. GEOGRAPHY. • 2800m from sea level • Equator line • Characterised because of the amount of volcanoes surrounded, such us Pichincha. • Quito, Ecuador has a tropical climate. • h/5311608
  4. 4. HOW QUITO IS LAID OUT? Quito is divided in Metropolitan Areas.
  5. 5. HOW QUITO IS LAID OUT? Suburbs and rural areas are divided in churchs.
  6. 6. URBAN PLAN. 1. Grid plans. 2. Irregular Suburbs: Sangolquí, Guápulo.
  7. 7. HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENT 1.Quitu people before the conquest of Quito 2.Inca war: 1529-1532; Ecuador and Peru 3.The Conquest of Quito by Francisco Pizarro. watch/5312103
  8. 8. ENVIROMENTAL ISSUES. • River pollution. • People enfuriated. • Huge amount of money for nothing. • Air pollution • Emitted by motor vehicles. • Rough on the tourism trade.
  9. 9. • It depend on the consumer preferences: Larger homes or apartments HOW ARE THE BUILDINGS? • It can depend on where are located the buildings: City or Suburbs
  10. 10. SOURCES.       Quito.htm  %20ECCO%20Quito%20Summary%20%28web%29.pdf   de.html   5