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RTS Thresould - Netgear explain


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Published in: Technology
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RTS Thresould - Netgear explain

  1. 1. Downloads Registration Customer Service Service Offerings User Forum Question What is the RTS Threshold? Answer RTS stands for “Request to Send”. This parameter controls what size data packet the low level RF protocol issues to an RTS packet. The default is 2346. There are several trade-offs to consider setting this parameter. Using a small value causes RTS packets to be sent more often, consuming more of the available bandwidth, therefore reducing the apparent throughput of the network packet. However, the more RTS packets that are sent, the quicker the system can recover from interference or collisions -- as would be the case in a heavily loaded network, or a wireless network with much electromagnetic interference. Doc ID: N100586.asp © 1998-2006 NETGEAR | Contact Us | Configure Your Network | Home file://C:DOCUME~1PadraoCONFIG~1TempTN01HTZP.htm 23/6/2006