Web browser game development(pre)


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Practical works, MISS2, FII, UAIC, January 2013

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Web browser game development(pre)

  1. 1. Web browser game development Cristian Catalin Mihai, MISS2, Faculty of Computer Science UAIC, Iasi, January 2013
  2. 2. Web browsers• Google Chrome• Safari• Internet Explorer• Mozilla Fireox• etc
  3. 3. Social networks• Facebook• Google+• Zynga• Yahoo!
  4. 4. Browser games• Backyard Monsters• Travian• Runescape• etc
  5. 5. Types of browser games• 5 min games• Casual• Daily• MMO• etc
  6. 6. RPG• Player character (hero)• Attributes• Loot• Shop• Quest• Trainer• Items• etc
  7. 7. Demo RPG
  8. 8. You have defeated the boss!
  9. 9. Play the demo herehttp://students.info.uaic.ro/~mihai.cristian/