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Final project for Advertising Campaign class. We were given a brand and asked to complete an advertising campaign from start to finish.

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Perception Book

  1. 1. Perception Kayak Campaign 2008 Table of Contents: Executive Summary.............................................. 2 Situation Analysis.............................................. 3-6 Industry Growth........................................ 3 Brand History............................................ 4 Swot............................................................ 5-6 Competative Analysis.......................................... 7-12 Comparison of Brands............................... 12 Primary Research................................................ 13-17 Objectives............................................................ 18-19 Target Market...................................................... 20 Media Plan........................................................... 21 Creative Execution............................................. 22-34 Logo............................................................ 22-23 Advertisements.......................................... 24-29 Web Page.................................................... 30-31 Banner Ad.................................................. 31 Advertorial................................................ 33-34 Promotions.......................................................... 35 Informational Brochure.......................... 35-36 Promotion Sponsorships........................... 37 2008 Olympics............................................ 38 Perception Owners Club.......................... 39 Point of Purchase..................................... 40 Advertising Budget............................................ 41 Measuring Campaign Success............................ 42 1 Bibliography ...................................................... 43
  2. 2. Executive Summary The kayaking industry has experienced a unique growth in the past few years. The year 2007 indicated a sales increase of 5.1%. Due to this large demand, Perception now has the ability to gain future customers and current kayaking enthusiasts. Perception has a reputable brand history for producing quality products at a reasonable price. Since the 1970’s Perception Kayaks has offered a wide range of kayaks and gear for new and experienced kayakers. The broad range of kayak prices that perception offers appeals to a multitude of customers, ranging in price from $333-$2000. Likewise, competition in the kayaking industry has increased correlating to the new demand for product. Old Town and Emotion are seen as the biggest competitors within our industry, however Perception’s variety of amenities provides an edge over its’ competitors. Based on previous research conducted, it has been determined that Perception is a highly in- novative company frequently bringing forth new ideas. Additionally, primary research con- ducted showed Perception has the highest brand awareness among its competitors. The goal of this campaign is to increase Perception’s brand awareness by 65% in order to increase sales. 2
  3. 3. Situation Analysis Industry Growth The boat industry, which includes Kayaks and Canoes as recreational boats, has been increasing steadily and in 2007 increased by an esti- mated 5.1 %. There was a large increase in the sales of recreational boats that was a noted difference from past years, where sales of such boats were in decline. There has been an increase in recreation- al boat users to 18.3 million users nationwide, a significant amount compared to the 16.8 million users in 1998. This industry is predict- ed to continue in this growth pattern in future years. IbisWorld: “Boat Building in the US- Industry Report” Oct 17 2007 3
  4. 4. Situation Analysis Brand History Bill Masters, who began making Kayaks while enrolled as a student at Clemson University, originally created Perception in the 1970’s. He has been credited with expanding the Kayak market to include low-cost, molded plastic kayaks. Perception is currently owned by Confluence, which is a holding company that also owns several other brands of kay- aks and canoes. Confluence Holdings Corporation was founded in 1998, and by 2000 it was the world’s third largest manufacturer of canoes and kayaks. Over the past nine years, Confluence has acquired some of the leading producers of kayaks and canoes including Dagger, Main- stream, mad river canoe, harmony, wilderness, and wave sport. International Directory of Company Histories: Confluence Holding Corporation 4
  5. 5. SWOT Analysis: Perception Kayaks Strengths • Perception has a variety of kayaks including those intended for day touring, fitness touring, recreational, sporting recreational, and touring. • They offer 7 recreational kayaks; 3 Sporting Recreational, 6 Sit-on top • As a brand they have been present since the 70’s, making them a recognizable Kayak brand • Perception has a broad price range: from $333-$1700 • Range of sizes & weights to fit all types of consumers • A variety of amenities including: removable kids seats, cup holders, storage hatches, adjustable seats, foot braces ect. Weaknesses • Perception is owned by Confluence, a company that owns other recognizable brands of kayaks • Consumers cannot purchase a kayak directly from the website • Limited availability in stores: not all retailers carry every style of kayak • There is a limited budget • Expensive product, and can generally only be used by one person at a time • Heavy to carry and hard to transport 5
  6. 6. Opportunities • There is currently not a kayak brand that is widely recognized as the best, and this advertising campaign could be an opportunity to increase national brand awareness • Use events nationwide to increase awareness • Provide kayaks to people of all experience levels • Increase amount of national retailers Threats • Only a select market of consumers nationwide that would have access to water • There is a multitude of kayak brands currently available to consumers • In the United States, the season for Kayaking is limited in most parts of the country to spring and summer. This means that all events and promotions must occur during this time period 6
  7. 7. Competitive Analysis Emotion Kayaks Run by longtime recreational kayakers with a serious passion for fun, Emotion Kayaks offers a kayak for any beginner paddler. The team at Emo- tion Kayaks is constantly striving to come up with new and innovative ways to make their products the best and they are in pursuit of the ulti- mate kayaks-built for fun. Strengths • Seven sit-in recreational kayaks and nine sit on tops for recreational use. • Emotion Kayaks are made with polyethylene plastic for ultimate durability and long time use - their kayaks are very user friendly. • Their kayaks are easy to repair and are UV resistant. • All kayaks come with a three year hull warranty (boat but not accessories). • Their website also has accessories in addition to kayaks that you can buy. • They are a relatively new business with a lot of good things to offer, and are growing fast. • Cheap-Prices range from $409-$599 for sit-in kayaks and $379-$899 sit-on-top kayaks. 7
  8. 8. Weaknesses • A lot of the kayaks do not come with “all the extras”-they are very simple boats. • They do not have a lot of retailers selling their boats because they are new-do not have a whole lot of pull yet. • Only available in six colors-no combination colors available. • Emotion Kayaks does not offer a tandem offer in their sit-in kayaks. • The kayaks do not have an outfitting system. Advertising • Emotion Kayaks have featured advertisements in the following magazines: Canoe and Kayaks: Beginner’s Guide, Pad- dlers Magazine, Paddlers Press, and Paddlers Dealer. They have also had featured articles in: Outside Magazine, Sports Fishing, Paddlers Magazine and Saltwater Fly Fishing. • Some of their ads are below: (They can also be found at in a full-page size). Canoe and Kayaks Beginners Guide 8 Paddler Dealer Paddler Press Paddler Magazine
  9. 9. Promotions • Emotion Kayaks participate in the Bay Area Paddle Fest in late September which runs for three days and features many different exhibitors and retailers showing off their products and services. • Participates in the annual Jacksonville Kayak Fishing Classic which promotes kayak fishing in Jacksonville with a fun conservation- oriented format and raises funds for children’s programs through Daniel Memorial. The premier eco-tourism event also supports the St. Johns Riverkeeper in Florida. • Participates in the International Kayak and Canoe Trade Show which attracts retailers, distributors and manufacturers from all over the world. Slogan “See the world with emotion.” 9
  10. 10. Competitive Analysis Old Town Old town is dedicated to their spirit of innovation and tradition. They contin- ually strive to advance the art of paddling through better designs and light- er, more durable materials. They strive to create a sense of adventure with their products. Strengths • Old Town kayaks are sold at more retailers than Perception and are a very well-known and respected brand. • Offers twelve recreational boats. • They offer great entry level kayak options which are inexpensive, easy to use, and durable. They also allow the customer to transition to a next kayak level easily. • Price range between $329-$899. • They offer kids’ boats and removable kids’ seats in their tandem models. • Outfitting systems are available on all kayaks and are equipped with an extra comfy seat. • All recreational boats are made with Polyethylene materials, which offer excellent durability and affordable options. Weaknesses • Old Town offers three tandem options and two of them are over $1,000 and do not give the paddler the option for solo kayaking. The tandem that does is very small and lacks a removable kids’ seat. • Old Town offers only six color options for their kayaks. • Although Old Town has a lot of kayak options, they are mostly known for their canoes. 10 • Has only been selling their own brand of kayaks since 1995 after taking a break from selling them in the 70’s.
  11. 11. Advertising • Features a lot of their kayaks in L.L. Bean catalog and website. • Featured in Canoe and Kayak’s buyer guide Promotions • Old Town participates in the Bay Area Paddle Fest in late September which runs for three days and features many different exhibitors and retailers showing off their products and services. • They also participate in the Outdoor Retailer Trade Shows which is held in Salt Lake City, Utah twice a year. Slogan Old Town does not have a slogan. 11
  12. 12. Comparison of Brands Old Town Old Town offers twelve recreational boats that are all relatively inexpensive and easy to use-making it a great entry point for new paddlers. This kayak is the least expensive of the bunch and is easy to maneuver and paddle, a family favorite. Emotional Emotion Kayaks offers seven sit-in recreational kayaks and nine sit-on tops. They pride themselves on being user friendly, easy to handle and affordable. This kayak offers great stability and handling for paddlers of all experience levels. Perception Perception offers seven options for recreational kayaks. This 12 Acadia kayak is a great choice for beginner kayakers who want some comforts. This kayak features outstanding tracking, stability and speed and offers a large storage area for all your extra gear.
  13. 13. Primary Research Surveys were distributed online to various forums for kayakers as well as targeted towards certain Facebook groups expressing an interest in kayaks. The surveys were created online via Survey Monkey. 13
  14. 14. Primary Research 14
  15. 15. Primary Research 15
  16. 16. Primary Research 16
  17. 17. Primary Research 17
  18. 18. Objectives Campaign Goal The main goal of this campaign is to raise brand awareness by 65%. Brand Vision Perception strives to represent the most exciting and innovative products to consumers with an enthusiasm for paddling. Brand Mission Create an adventure for consumers by providing a unique experience with each rafting journey, and to provide skilled paddlers with qual- ity products while opening doors for new recreational paddlers. Brand Promise Perception promises an exhilarating experience for every paddler and offers high-value products. 18
  19. 19. Value Proposition Perception will offer high quality products while providing helpful information to new and experienced paddlers. Brand Essence and Values The Essential Core Values: -Providing unforgettable adventures -Developing innovative products -Creating an experience that: • Educates new and seasoned paddlers • Makes consumers feel good about their purchase • Helpful employees at the retail stores • Maintain a positive relationship with retailers • Indentifies employees the retail stores -Sincerity • Create trust with the customers 19
  20. 20. Target Market The target market consists of male adults aged 25-54. They are married, have attended college, and are involved in professional occupations. The average household income of the target consumer is $75,000-$100,000. The target regions are in the North, South, East, and Midwest. Target consumers are generally white, they are homeowners, and have children. Some psychographics of the target consumer of Kayaks consist of information like they enjoy taking risks, and feel how they spend their time is more important then work. They exercise at least once a week, and feel quality is worth paying for. They also are cautious and don’t buy brands they are not familiar with. MRI & Simmons 20
  21. 21. Media Plan Considering that Kayaks have traditionally been advertised with serious tones that are intended to inspire, Adrenaline decided to go in a unique and fun direction within all of their creative executions. The creative team has redesigned the Perception logo, developed print ads, and created an informational advertorial. Banner ads have also been presented to create awareness towards those surfing the Internet. These tactics will: Increase awareness and sales of the Perception brand · Provide information for consumers · Reach the target market, as well as new consumers · Differentiate Perception Kayaks from other competitive brands · Portray the brand personality as adventurous, fun, and innovative · Relate to the interests and personalities of target customers · The reason why Adrenaline decided not to go with television advertisement is because the target market does not watch TV often. When they do watch television it is generally related to the outdoors like The Weather Channel, The Discovery Channel, and The Travel Channel with the exception of news stations. Adrenaline feels that our budget would be better spent through other forms of advertising and promotions where the ads could get more exposure at less cost to fit our budget. Finally, with our budget Adrenalins is able to run a national campaign. Adrenaline feels that this is an important aspect because it will give Perception more exposure to increase sales. Also, many of the magazines chosen do not run DMA’s. Therefore advertising budget and planning will run much smoother if everything is run nationally. Although it is more expensive, it is a wise marketing decision that Perception is fortunate enough to be able to afford so Adrenaline must take advantage. 21
  22. 22. Creative Executions Logo 22
  23. 23. Logo The logo was done in a simple fashion to mimic the success of other brands like Nike and McDonalds, whose logo consists of a single letter or symbol. Adrenaline’s goal is to have consumers look at that “P” and immediately think of Perception due to its simplicity and unique Font. The red color is used for the logo and throughout the campaign. Adrenaline has also come up with a slogan for the brand, “What’s your perception on life”. The phrase is constructed for consumers to think about what their life means to them. Hopefully they will want to live it to the fullest by exercising, eating right, having fun, and enjoying the outdoors. Kayaking can obviously take care of three of those benefits, which is a reason why consumers should purchase a kayak from Perception. The logo and slogan should represent one another, as well as the brand. When the slogan is heard and the logo is seen, comsumers should think of Perception. 23
  24. 24. Advertisements Adrenaline has found through research that magazine print ads will work best to reach our niche target market. Three ads within the “Paddling” campaign will be released throughout the year within five magazines that the target market has shown a substantial amount of interest in. The “Paddling” print campaign was designed to be different from other kayak advertisements. Black and white photos are used to differentiate the ad from others in magazines and create a classy look. The reference paddling is a humorous pun that is easy to understand, and catchy enough for readers to remember. The yellow text is used to make the phrase stand out against the photo so it is not lost. While each ad has a different photo, it contains the layout and text to create unity for the reader to associate toward the campaign. All ads include the phrase “Everyone Needs a Good Paddling”, the redesigned logo with the slogan “What’s your perception on life”, and a call to action through their website. 24
  25. 25. Advertisements 25
  26. 26. Advertisements 26
  27. 27. Advertisements 27
  28. 28. Advertisements The ads will be placed in Men’s Journal (index # 204), Outside (index # 304), Men’s Health (index # 140), Wavelength (specialty publication), and Canoe and Kayak Magazines (specialty publication). Each magazine represents a specific interest of our target customers according to Simmons research. Men’s Journal and Men’s Health reach our target market that is also very inter- ested in health and outdoors activities, while Kayak and Canoe, Outside, and Wavelength obviously reaches our niche market that is specifically interested in kayaking. Each magazine will feature the three ads in four of the yearly twelve issues nationally, and varying by month for best exposure during high purchase times. Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec CK O MJ MH WL 28
  29. 29. Advertisements Spring and summer months are heavily advertised because of the warm weather and heavy water activity. Winter months are advertised around Christmas to persuade consumers to buy a Kayak for a gift, or ask for one themselves. There are also many people who Kayak in places such as Alaska during winter months, so it is important for potential consumers to realize this when planning their winter vacations either to a warm climate or cold. Perhaps they will purchase a kayak before they leave for this vacation. There are no schedules for January, because most people only exchange gifts in January, rather than buy because of the heavy purchasing in December. Also, October is the month between summer and winter when focus is shifted toward winter sports more than ongoing summer activities. Considering that Perception is spending a substantial amount of money in these magazines, Adrenaline has asked that each magazine provide editorial support by featuring in online banner ad in their website or an editorial in their magazines. Also, Adrenaline is asking stores that sell Perception Kayaks for merchandising support by placing in store displays in areas that are visible to consumers to maximize its promotional purpose, and educate consumers on the brand through the informational brochure. 29
  30. 30. Web Page The Perception brand had already built a fun, easy, and informational website prior to Adrenaline’s interest. Therefore, the only change made to the website is the release of the new logo, and one “paddle” ad. All three “paddle” ads will rotate every month to link the website to the advertisements for easy recognition. There will also be a link to the “Perception Owners Club” site. Considering that most (if not all) customers who view the website do so to seek information on the brand, Adrenaline felt that the focus of the website should be on Perceptions Kayaks and information regarding them. The advertisements have brought the customer to the website and created awareness of the brand. The next step is for the website to provide information that the consumer needs. Therefore, the focus for the website is information and brand reputation, not brand awareness. 30
  31. 31. Web Page Where a healthy paddling is a good thing! 31
  32. 32. Banner Ad The banner ad is a simple idea with a copy of a Perception ad, the logo and slogan. Adrenaline feels this is an important part of brand exposure because it relates to the impulse buyers. The idea behind this concept is that internet surfers will see the banner ad, and through impulse, become curious to learn more about kayaks with a possibility that they will buy one in the future. The design of the banner ad was created to allow viewers to easily relate it to the print Ads. These banner ads will be placed on the Canoe and Kayak, Outdoor Review, and Altrec websites where Perception Kayaks are sold, and consumers search to find what selection of Kayaks the franchise carries. When clicked on, it will take you directly to the website. Click here to Visit 32
  33. 33. Advertorial The advertorial was designed to persuade the reader to learn more about Perception Kayaks without knowing that they are looking at an ad. It is designed to look like an article released to discuss the innovative new kayaks that Perception has developed. The ad describes the new kayaks and also provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding individual kayak purchasing (ex: which kayak is best for you). The point is to provide a consumer with more information than other banner and magazine ads able to. This one page spread will be released in all five chosen magazines during the month of April when kayaks are purchased the most in order to maximize the amount of kayaks that are sold within the Perception brand vs. its’ competitors. 33
  34. 34. Advertorial Perception announces a group of new boats for 2007 “We’ve fully re-engineered the Carolina for 2007 into a boat that is easier to paddle and more comfortable than ever before. The new Carolina provides a platform that is stable and effortless to paddle”. Included in this group is the completely re- sit-inside or “decked” kayaks, and sit-on-top engineered Carolina series, as well a new Prodigy, kayaks. Determining which kayak is right for you Search, and Torrent series of boats. Passion has begins with determining which of these categories always been the driving force at Perception- a best describes how you want to paddle. Close your passion for paddling; a passion for design and a eyes and picture yourself paddling for a minute. passion for producing exceptional kayaks. In the Where are you? Think about where you would like 70’s we pioneered the plastic kayak and since then to paddle the most and compare that to the oppor- we’ve led the industry with innovations that have tunities that you have in your vicinity. opened the sport to new Paddlers and expanded the capabilities of experienced Paddlers. It was Whitewater - Negotiating your way through obstacles almost 30 years ago when a few passionate souls down a rock-filled creek. thought that they could produce a better boat. Day touring – Leisurely trips of moderate length, in- Today that same passion drives us to produce the cluding occasional overnight family trips in moderately best boats available and has made us one of the difficult conditions. world’s leading kayak brands. Exp touring – The longest trips, in the most adverse Getting started with some Frequently Asked Ques- conditions, with the heaviest loads. tions: How do I select a kayak? Recreational – Casual family paddling, after work, on the weekends, at the local lake, in calm conditions. Selecting a kayak is a big decision. Your Percep- tion dealer can also be a great resource in selecting Sit-on-top – Beach play, or paddling in warm weather, the right boat. Use our Dealer Locator to find your great for those who don’t want to be confined inside a nearest dealer. decked kayak. There are three basic categories of kayaks: White- Your best bet will be to find a retailer and try out water, Touring, and Recreational. Within each some different types of kayaks. This way you category there are sub-categories. For example can tell which type of boat is more comfortable Trouing kayaks can be broken down into tran- for you and get a better idea of the differences sitional touring and expedition touring. Further, between them. 34 All text taken from there are two distinct types of kayaks - traditional For more information visit for example purposes
  35. 35. Informational brochure • Given to customers at the point of sale as a resource and guide to kayaking. • Will target beginners and new comers to recreational kayaking. • Regional maps, destinations, and attractions will be available based on geography of the store. • Regions include: • Northeast • Southeast • Rocky Mountains Area • Great Lakes Area • Northwest • Scenic photographs • Testimonials and destination reviews • Travel guide • Kayak owner’s guide and recommen- dations • Travel and kayaking references • Waterproof lamination 35
  36. 36. 36
  37. 37. Promotions and Sponsorships • Great Hudson River Paddle 7/1 – 7/11, Albany, NY A relatively new kayaking festival along the banks of the Hudson River Green way Water Trail in upstate New York. There are events for every skill level from the 150 mile trek between Albany and New York City to the many smaller public festivals on the banks along the way. The Great Hudson River Paddle offers a variety of events and activities that are attractive to our target market. Perception will work with the event’s host, the Greenway and National Heritage Area, as well as other not-for-profit organizations and businesses in sponsoring the event. A booth will be set up to promote the brand and provide information on Perception products. • Reno River Festival 5/10 – 5/13, Reno, NV • Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2008 8/9 - 8/12 Salt Lake City, UT Over 950 of the world’s leading outdoor brands showcase their Spring/Summer apparel, equipment, gear, services, boats, and technical wear to the industry’s leading retailers, dealers, shops, big box stores, guides/outfitters, and outdoor focused media. 37 source:
  38. 38. 2008 Olympics Creating a corporate sponsorship between Perception and the 2008 Olympic Canoe/Kayak team will stand to benefit both parties. Perception will pay for training expenses and will also gain publicity during the sporting event because Perception kayaks will be used during the actual races. The logo will also be displayed on the uniforms worn by the US Olympic Canoe/Kayak team. This sponsorship will allow both parties to be successful. This sponsorship will help reach Perception customers and potential customers during the Olympics which is said to possibly reach 4 billion people this year. Being associated with a positive event like the Olympics also creates a positive spirit between customers and the brand. 38
  39. 39. Perception Owners Club (POC) • A web-based owners community accessible from • Sign customers up at purchase point when they buy a Perception kayak. • Customers are provided with a username and password in which they will have exclusive access to Perception Kayak owner forums, special offers, and information. • The POC will give buyers something more than just a kayak. It will make them a part of a large exclusive group of kayaking enthusiasts not unlike themselves. Members will be able to share trip stories, offer tips and advice, and comment on a variety of topics all relating to kayaking. • The hope is that the POC will build a nationwide community of Perception Kayak enthusiasts that can identify with each other on the computer as well as on the water. . 39
  40. 40. Point of purchase/ showroom display • Will feature information on Perception’s line of recre- ational kayaks. • information on the Perception Owner’s Club (POC). • Sample copies of the region- based informational brochure • A Perception kayak will be the centerpiece of the display. • The display will be in close proximity to the front of the Perception floor space. 40
  41. 41. Magazine $939,593 Canoe and Kayak $34,565 Outside $270,570 Men’s Journal $327,930 Men’s Fitness $572,660 Wavelength $5,600 Advertorials $162,245 Canoe and Kayak $10,395 Men’s Fitness $75,235 Outside $76,615 Internet $9,700 $1,600 Advertising Budget $4,500 $3,600 Adrenaline’s marketing objective is to increase Perception’s sales by 65%, Promotions $1,441,082 leaving us with a total advertising Outdoor Trade Show $261,152 budget of $3,854,000. Great Hudson Paddle $250,000 Reno River Festival $250,000 2008 Olympics $300,000 Magazine Inserts $527,720 Non-Profit $500,000 1% for the Planet $400,000 Production $385,400 10% of total budget $385,400 41 Total Advertising Expenditures: $3,782,542
  42. 42. Measuring Campaign Success The goal of this campaign is to increase brand awareness by 65%. It is necessary to measure how successful Perception’s new campaign met that goal. Monitoring website traffic on before, during, and after the campaign is one way of understanding how much brand awareness has increased. Reader service inquiries and customer service calls are also good resources to determine the level of brand awareness. The most accurate and important tool to measure the campaign success is to measure sales before and after the campaign. 42
  43. 43. Bibliography REI. 15 Nov. 2007. 15 Nov. 2007. Gander Mountain. 15 Nov. 2007. 15 Nov 2007. Old Town Canoes and Kayaks. 18 Nov. 2007. 18 Nov. 2007. Emotion Kayaks. 18 Nov. 2007. 18 Nov. 2007. Macnow, Glen. “Small firm’s road to the Olympics.” Nation’s Business. July 1992. Accessed at http://findar- Minnesota DNR. Accessed on 1 Dec 2007. “Boat Building in the U.S.-Industry Report”. 17 Oct. 2007. Ibis World. University of Saint Thomas Libraries, Saint Paul. Accessed on 25 Nov. 2007. Ingram, Frederick. “Confluence Holdings Corporation.” International Directory of Company Histories. Vol. 76. Detroit: St. James Press, 2006. 118-120. Gale Virtual Reference Library. Thomson Gale. University of St Thomas Libraries MRI. 2007 Fall Report. 19 Nov. 2007. Simmons Database. 2007 Annual Report. 19 Nov. 2007. SRDS. 2007 Annual Report. 15 Nov. 2007. Playak. 21 Nov. 2007. 21 Nov. 2007. 43