Cristella frozen cakes


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Frozen cakes assortment of Cristella - the leading Estonian producer of frozen bakery and confectionery products.

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Cristella frozen cakes

  1. 1. Frozen Cakes26.04.2013ver 2.1
  2. 2. IntroductionCristella is the leading Estonian producer of frozen bakery and confectionery products withhistory going back to the year 1914.The first line for frozen buns was installed in autumn 2004. Following years saw renovation,building of additional production space, forzen warehouse for 2500 pallet places andinstallation of modern automatic lines for producing frozen dough, pastries, biscuits andcakes.Cristella has established a certified food safety management system according to therequirements of the international standard ISO 22000:2005.
  3. 3. Frozen Cakes• Frozen Layered cakes• Frozen Swiss Rolls• Frozen Round Cakes Coming soon!• Frozen Cakes’ Slices Coming soon!• Frozen Cakes’ Bases Coming soon!
  4. 4. Frozen Layered Cakes• Honey Cake TOP!• French Cheesecake• Capital Cake• Napoleon Cake• Blueberry Cake• Passion Fruit Cake NEW!• Sourcream Cake NEW!• Banana Cake NEW!• Mint Cake NEW!• Grandmother’s Cake with Raspberry NEW!• Muesli Cake with Crandberry NEW!Shelflife-18ºC180 daysDefrostation+2...+6ºC10 hoursShelflife+2...+6ºC96 hours
  5. 5. Honey Cake TOP!
  6. 6. Honey Cake TOP!Ingredients:Multilayer biscuit cake with honey and rich sour cream.100% natural!Sour cream, wheat flour, sugar, whole egg liquid, syrup, raising agent: soda, honey 0,7%, salt.May contain traces of sesame seeds and almonds.Packages Nameunits/boxboxes/palletPrice, EURRetailHoney Cake 350g 8 72Honey Cake 1000g 6 56HoReCaHoney Cake 130g 16 135Honey Cake 2100g 1 135Honey Cake 2100g 2 60
  7. 7. French Cheesecake
  8. 8. French CheesecakePackages Nameunits/boxboxes/palletPrice, EURRetailCheesecake 320g 8 72Cheesecake 950g 6 49HoReCaCheesecake 115g 16 135Cheesecake 1900g 1 135Cheesecake 1900g 2 60A homemade flat cake baked on a short crust pastry base, with atopping that includes plain yogurt and curd cheese.Ingredients:Plain yogurt (pasteurized milk, skimmed milk powder, milk protein,starter), curd cheese powder 21 % (modified starch, whey powder,wheat starch, glucose syrup, curd cheese powder, dextrose, skimmed milk powder, lactose, milk protein, albumin powder,thickeners: sodium alginate, carrageen; stabilizers: trisodium phosphates, diphosphates;emulsifiers: E475), water, whole egg mass12,7%, wheat flour, margarine (partially hydrogenated vegetable fats (palm) and oils(rapeseed), emulsifiers: fatty acid mono- anddiglycerides (vegetable origin), acidity regulator: citric acid, flavoring, food coloring: beta-carotene), curd, sugar, baking powder,salt.
  9. 9. Capital Cake
  10. 10. Capital CakePackages Nameunits/boxboxes/palletPrice, EURRetailCapital Cake 350g 8 72Capital Cake 1100g 6 56HoReCaCapital Cake 135g 16 135Capital Cake 2200g 1 135Capital Cake 2200g 2 60Double layer dark biscuit cake with kefir and rich sour cream.Surface covered with dark glaze.Ingredients:Sour cream, sugar, kefir, wheat flour, chocolate flavored preparation (partially hydrogenated vegetable fats (palm) and oils(rapeseed), sugar, cocoa powder, skim milk powder, emulsifier: soya lecithin, vanillin), whole egg liquid, vegetable oil (rapeseed),water, cocoa powder, raising agent: soda, cream stabilizer (dextrose, maltodextrine, gelatin, thickener: E1422, E415, salt, flavour),dark glaze (sugar, vegetable fat (hydrogenated palmkernel oil), emulsifiers: soya lecithin, E476, chocolate/vanilla flavor (naturalidentical), color: E150c), whipped cream (buttermilk, fully hydrogenated vegetable fats (palm kernel oil), cream, buttermilk powder,emulsifiers: E472b, E475, E435, E433, mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids; stabilizers: locust bean gum, carrageen, salt, coloring:beta-carotene), acidity regulator: citric acid.May contain traces of sesame seeds and almonds.
  11. 11. Napoleon Cake
  12. 12. Napoleon CakePuff pastry cake with cranberry jam and vanilla custard cream.Packages Nameunits/boxboxes/palletPrice, EURRetailNapoleon Cake 400g 8 72Napoleon Cake 1000g 6 49HoReCaNapoleon Cake 135g 16 135Napoleon Cake 2250g 1 135Napoleon Cake 2250g 2 60Ingredients:Water, wheat flour, margarine (partly hydrogenated vegetable fats 65%(palm oil, coconut oil), vegetable (rapeseed) oil, butter fat15%, water, emulsifiers: E471, soya lecithin; salt, acidity regulator: citric acid, flavor, coloring: beta-carotene), whipped cream(buttermilk, fully hydrogenated vegetable fats (palm kernel oil), cream, buttermilk powder, emulsifiers: E472b, E475, E435, E433,mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids; stabilizers: locust bean gum, carrageen, salt, coloring: beta-carotene), sugar, cranberry jam(sugar, cranberries, thickener:E440, acidity regulator citric acid, preservatives: E202), vanilla custard powder (corn starch, salt,flavorings, carrot extract), salt.
  13. 13. Blueberry Cake
  14. 14. Blueberry CakeCake with sponge and cream layers. Cream is made from yogurt,sour cream and whipped cream. On the top is blueberry jelly.Packages Nameunits/boxboxes/palletPrice, EURRetailBlueberry Cake 350g 8 72Blueberry Cake 1000g 6 56HoReCaBlueberry Cake 130g 16 135Blueberry Cake 2100g 1 135Blueberry Cake 2100g 2 60Ingredients:Yogurt (skimmed milk, blueberries 4%, modified starch, acidity regulator: sodium citrate, flavourings, preservative: potassiumsorbate, leaven), cream stabilizer (vegetable oil, glucose syrup, gelatin, powdered milk protein, emulsifier: E472a, stabilizer: E451,flavour), blueberries 14%, whole egg mass 11,8% , jelly (gelling agent: pectin; acidity regulator: citric acid; thickener: xanthan gum),whipped cream (hydrogeneted vegetable fat, emulsifiers: E472b, sorbitol, sodium caseinate; stabilizers: E460i, salt, acidityregulators: E339ii, flavorings, food-coloring: beta-carotene), water, sponge cake mix (wheat starch, emulsifiers: E477, fatty acid ofmono- and diglycerides, calcium stearoyl lactate; stabilizer: E450i, raising agents: E541, E500, E450), sour cream, sugar, wheat flour,cocoa, chocolate (cocoa butter, whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, lactose, whey powder, emulsifier:soya lecithin, naturalvanilla flavouring, colours: E162, carrot extract), thickeners: E1414, E1422.
  15. 15. Passion Fruit Cake NEW!
  16. 16. Ingredients:Double layer biscuit cake with whipped cream which is enrichedpassion fruit puree. The cake is glazed with passion fruit jelly.Whipped cream 35%, cream powder (modified starch E1414, gelatin, skimmed milk powder, thickener E401, flavour (lactose, milkproduct), acidity regulators: E450, E263, E516, salt), whole egg liquid, water, passion fruit glaze (glucose syrup, passionfruit, gellingagent: modified starch; acid regulator: lactic acid, sodium lactate, flavor, preservative: potassium sorbate, vegetable extract),biscuit mix (rice flour, wheat starch, emulsifiers: E475, fatty acid of mono- and diglycerides, E433;raising agent: E500ii, E541; glucosesyrup, salt, food colour:E160a),sugar, wheat flour, passion fruit puree( passion fruit juice and pulp,sugar).May contain traces of sesame seeds and almonds.Packages Nameunits/boxboxes/palletPrice, EURRetailPassion Fruit Cake 350g 8 72Passion Fruit Cake 1000g 6 56HoReCaPassion Fruit Cake 130g 16 135Passion Fruit Cake 2100g 1 135Passion Fruit Cake 2100g 2 60Passion Fruit Cake NEW!
  17. 17. Sourcream Cake NEW!
  18. 18. Sour Cream CakeIngredients:Three-layer biscuit cake with sour cream.Sour cream 40%, whole egg liquid, nougat cream (vegetable oil,hazelnut pulp, skimmed milk powder, vegetable fat, crushed cocoabeans, low fat cocoa, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin), cream stabilizer (sugar, vegetable oil, glucose syrup, gelatine, hydrogenatedvegetable oil, powdered milk protein, emulsifier: E472a, stabilizer: E451, flavour), biscuit mix (wheat starch, rice flour, raisingagent: E500ii, E541emulsifiers: E475, fatty acid of mono- and diglycerides, glucose syrup, salt, food colour:E160a), wheat flour,sugar, water.May contain traces of sesame seeds and almonds.Packages Nameunits/boxboxes/palletPrice, EURRetailSour Cream Cake 300g 8 72Sour Cream Cake 900g 6 49HoReCaSour Cream Cake 110g 16 135Sour Cream Cake 1800g 1 135Sour Cream Cake 1800g 2 60
  19. 19. Banana Cake NEW!
  20. 20. Banana CakeIngredients:Biscuit cake with whipped creame which enriched with naturalbanana puree. Surface has covered with dark-golden glaze.Whipped cream (buttermilk, completely hydrogenated vegetable fat (palm kernel oil), cream, buttermilk powder, emulsifiers; E472b,E475, E435, E471, E433, stabilizers: E410, E407 salt, coloring: E160a), whole egg liquid, sponge cake mix (sugar, wheat starch, riceflour, emulsifier: E475, mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, E433; wheat flour, raising agents: E500ii, E541, glucose syrup, salt,food colouring: beta-carotene), banana 12%, sugar, dark glaze (sugar, glucose syrup, water, cocoa powder, modified starch, foodcolour: E150c, acidity regulator: lactic acid, flavouring, preservative: E202), wheat flour, water, stabilizer for cream (sugar, driedglucose syrup, banana fruit granulate, gelatine, flavouring, acidity regulator: citric acid), jelly (glucose syrup, water, sugar, jellingagent: agar agar and pectins; food-colourings: E171, E172; preservative: potassium sorbate, stabilizer: glycerol, acidity regulator:citric acid, diphosphates), food-coloring: E100.May contain traces of sesame seeds and almonds.Packages Nameunits/boxboxes/palletPrice, EURRetailBanana Cake 250g 8 72Banana Cake 750g 6 49HoReCaBanana Cake 90g 16 135Banana Cake 1500g 1 135Banana Cake 1500g 2 60
  21. 21. Mint Cake NEW!
  22. 22. Ingredients:Dark sponge cake enriched with peppermint cream where areadded roasted cocoa beans. Surface is covered with chocolateglaze and decorated with cereals coated with chocolate.Whipped cream (buttermilk, completely hydrogenated vegetable fat (palm kernel oil), cream, buttermilk powder, emulsifiers; E472b,E475, E435, E471, E433, stabilisers: E410, E407 salt, colouring: E160a), whole egg liquid, sponge cake mix (emulsifier: rice flour, fat-reduced cocoa powder; wheat starch; raising agents: E500ii, E541; glucose syrup), chocolate cream (unhydrogenated vegetable oil,cocao powder highly deoiled, almonds, lactose), water, sugar, wheat flour, cream stabilizer (dextrose, gelatine, skimmed milkpowder, chocolate flakes, natural peppermint flavour, colouring matter E141), cour cream, cereals coated with chocolate (chocolate[cocoa mass, cocoa butter, anhydrous milkfat, emulsifier:soja lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring], crisped cereals, glazing agents).May contain traces of sesame seeds and almonds.Packages Nameunits/boxboxes/palletPrice, EURRetailMint Cake 250g 8 72Mint Cake 750g 6 56HoReCaMint Cake 90g 16 135Mint Cake 1500g 1 135Mint Cake 1500g 2 60Mint Cake NEW!
  23. 23. Ingredients:Light pound cake with raspberries, covered with sweetcrumbs.Sugar, whole egg liquid, vegetable oil, pound cake powder (whey powder, modified starch, skimmed milk powder, raisingagents:monocalcium phosphate, sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate; emulsifier: E481, wheat gluten, salt, stabilizer:E466,guar gum, xanthan gum; food-colouring: beta-carotene),raspberries 15%, wheat flour, water, margarine (partially hydrogenatedvegetable fats, vegetable oil, emulsifier: mono-and diglycerides of fatty acid, flavouring, acidity regulator: citric acid),thickeners:E1414, E1422.Packages Nameunits/boxboxes/palletPrice, EURRetailGrandmother’s Cake with raspberries 250g 8 72Grandmother’s Cake with raspberries 750g 6 49HoReCaGrandmothers Cake with raspberries 93g 16 135Grandmothers Cake with raspberries 1500g 1 135Grandmothers Cake with raspberries 1500g 2 60Grandmothers’ Cake NEW!with raspberries
  24. 24. Ingredients:Pound cake with dried cranberries and muesli mix.Pound cake powder (sugar, wheat flour, wheat starch, glucose syrup, potato starch, raising agents: E450, E500, E336; whey powder,flavoring, emulsifier: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, salt, yogurt powder, stabilizers: E339, E516; thickeners:xanthan gum,sodium alginate; carrot powder), water, vegetable oil,whole egg liquid, muesli mix 10,8% (sunflower seeds, oat flakes, linseed, sesameseeds, dried carrots), dried cranberries 7%, vegetable fat, dextrose, milk powder, emulsifier: soya lecithin.Packages Nameunits/boxboxes/palletPrice, EURRetailMuesli Cake with Cranberries 260g 8 72Muesli Cake with Cranberries 260g 6 56HoReCaMuesli Cake with Cranberries 97g 16 135Muesli Cake with Cranberries 1550g 1 135Muesli Cake with Cranberries 1550g 2 60Muesli Cake NEW!with cranberries
  25. 25. Frozen Swiss Rolls• Cranberry Roll• Cheesecake Roll• Marmelade-Cream RollShelflife-18ºC180 daysDefrostation+2...+6ºC10 hoursShelflife+2...+6ºC72 hours
  26. 26. Cranberry Roll
  27. 27. Cranberry RollIngredients:Swiss roll filled with cranberry cream. Surface is covered withvanilla glaze.Cranberry jam 27% (cranberries 44%, thickener: pectin, acidity regulator: citric acid, preservative: potassium sorbate), whole eggliquid 26%, whipped cream (hydrogenated vegetable fat, emulsifier:E472b, sorbitol, sodium caseinate, stabilizer: E460i, salt, acidityregulator: E331, E339; food colour: E160), biscuit mix (emulsifiers:E475, fatty acid of mono- and diglycerides, E433; rice flour, wheatstarch, raising agent: E500, E541; glucose syrup), sugar, wheat flour, water, vanilla glaze (skimmed milk powder, emulsifier: lecithin,natural flavourings).Package Nameunits/boxboxes/palletPrice, EURRetail Cranberry Roll 300g 15 56
  28. 28. Marmelade-Cream Roll
  29. 29. Marmelade-Cream RollIngredients:Swiss roll filled with custard cream which is enriched withjelly pieces. Surface has covered with white and dark glaze.Whole egg mass, water, sponge mix (emulsifiers: rice flour, E475, E433; wheat strach, raising agent: E500, E541; glucose syrup, salt,food-colouring: beta-carotene), sugar, margarine (vegetable fats and oils, emulsifiers: fatty acid of mono- and diglycerides, acidityregulator: E330, sodium citrate, preservative: E202, aroma), wheat flour, custard cream powder (modified starch, dextrose, wheypowder, stabilizer: E170, thickener: E401, flavourings, colours: E101), condensed milk, white coating (skimmed milk powder,emulsifier: E322, chocolate flavour), dark coating (cocoa powder, vaniliin), gelatine, food-colouring: quinoline yellow.May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.Package Nameunits/boxboxes/palletPrice, EURRetail Marmelade-Cream Roll 300g 15 56
  30. 30. Cheesecake Roll
  31. 31. Cheesecake RollIngredients:Swiss roll filled with curd cream. Surface has coveredwith powder sugar.Curd 26%, whole egg mass 26%, sugar, sponge mix (emulsifiers:E475, fatty acid of mono- and diglycerides, E433; rice flour, wheatstrach, raising agent: E500, E541; glucose syrup, salt, foodcolouring:beta-carotene), margarine (vegetable fats and oils, emulsifiers:fatty acid of mono- and diglycerides, E475; acidity regulator: E330, sodium citrate, preservative: E202, aroma), water, wheat flour,condensed milk.Package Nameunits/boxboxes/palletPrice, EURRetail Cheesecake Roll 300g 15 56
  32. 32. Coming Soon!• Frozen Round Cakes• Frozen Cakes’ Slices• Frozen Cakes’ Bases
  33. 33. Visit Cristella stand atWorld Food Moscow 2013– 16 – 19 September 2013– Pavilion FAnuga 2013– 5 - 9 October 2013– Hall 4.1 stand E-068Additional information will follow...
  34. 34. For more information contactAleksei Mogutovexport director+ 372 53 083 910aleksei.mogutov@cristella.eeAnna Mudaexport assistant+ 372 58 54321 3anna.muda@cristella.eeCristella VT Ltd, Pikk 17, 65620 Võru, Estonia