Cristian Carter                              6. ABOUT GOD AND                         ...
Cristian Carter    Buddha, Mohammed, Socrates, Aristotle, the Master Usui, Alexander t...
Cristian Carter    depression; getting away from life and happiness, will always be re...
Cristian Carter    intimately related to matter and time.    As we are viewing through...
Cristian Carter    we are the ONLY intelligent living beings in the Universe.    But, ...
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God and universe, cristian carter


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God and universe, cristian carter

  1. 1. Cristian Carter 6. ABOUT GOD AND THE UNIVERSE Of Cristian Carter “You only can create and interpret the reality”, “you are what you want to be”, “you see what you want to see”, “if you have faith, you can move the mountain” God is everywhere, understands everything, is wisdom, transcendence, nature, infinite goodness, beauty, superior intelligence, energy flowing across the Universe, all behind everything and can be manifested in anything. Everyone hail from Him. We are beautiful sons and daughters of his creation and he allows that everything is in harmony and coherence in their continuous development. He is the energy that makes the whole Universe move, and makes life possible. He exists, and is present in every moment of our lives, of every being in the whole Universe. At the same time, we are connected to him, anyway possible. These are the ones who are in a superior degree of integral growth in all the aspects of their lives, especially in the social and social aspects. They are the so-called “illuminated”, such as Jesus Christ, BOOKS, AND UNIVERSAL MENTALITY, ON
  2. 2. Cristian Carter Buddha, Mohammed, Socrates, Aristotle, the Master Usui, Alexander the Great, and many others who are intelligent and exceptionally wise; which goes beyond managing a science or art with a exceptional skill. This doesn’t refer to a development level, in maturity and integral transcendence. And, as we, who are God’s beautiful sons and daughters, to mean Jesus Christ is quite right, because of the rich content of his words, who’s Son of God and God at the same time, because, through him, precisely, the truth is delivered in universal transcendental human values, such as respect for freedom, love, and equality: the keys for happiness. Politically, the Church has modelled this image, based on the patristics and beyond. This has been proved and overcome; especially the manipulation of the word of God made by the ones who transcribe throughout the times, and the diverse purposes, such as political and religious, for the use of deities; so, it’s advisable to catch the form of the message, the universal values, and to take care about exegetically exactly follow the words, because it can cause absurdities and to wonder, in the base of the intelligence given by God, the reason of things. In life, to keep bases clear is always good, because through them we can extract the solutions to daily problems. Nevertheless, we can observe that, in every wise illuminated being, the same bases, the same superior values exist, and today, they represent the human rights – a fundamental issue in a civilized society - ; such as the respect for the person’s and own dignity; freedom, equality and non-discrimination, solidarity, and others that we can keep on extract from the concept of good and respect for all person’s dignity. All these concepts are related and its application, which is known as emotional and social intelligence, virtue and integrity, leads to the person’s true happiness which is applied in his/her life and, consequently, others’, because God called everyone of us to follow him and give our lives sense. That’s why anybody who proclaims or pretends to be illuminated, wise or virtuous against these superior universal values, urges everybody to hate, all kinds of discrimination (racial, sexual – of gender and choice - , religious or political), death or BOOKS, AND UNIVERSAL MENTALITY, ON
  3. 3. Cristian Carter depression; getting away from life and happiness, will always be remembered as a coarse dictator, psychopath or mentally ill; concepts that are related, too. TODAY, THANKS TO THE SCIENCE, something that the illuminated had already discerned, it’s known that thousands of millions of galaxies exists, as well as thousands of millions of planets. It’s also important to remark that many theories that were ridiculed in the past can be scientifically proved; such as the Earth’s shape, her rotation throughout the Sun, and quantum theory, which are very important to understand the nature of divinity and the Universe. (In this sense the quantum physics, Reiki, yoga and Buddhism are closely related). And, in this sense, thanks to the intelligence God gives us, it’s easy to mathematically deduce the high “probability” of existence of other planets with intelligent beings, in low, equal or high degree. It can be simply assured. To manifest the opposite would be irrational, obstinate, far away from all illumination and virtue and of high vanity, as the sole fact that we, the humans, are God’s only creation. It seems pathetic to me, an intellectually poor thought. Indeed, the fact that some animals also can think is also demonstrated, but with less neuronal complexity, but is also a mental process in a low or high degree. How would more advanced beings? In this beautiful circular process of contraction and expansion of the Universe, of the continuous fusion and then, the continuous “Big Bang”, which is an infinite process; in where God is precisely that, who’s behind, that energy present in everything that he created. Thus, after the “Big Bang”, the matter is made, thanks to the energy which gives the conditions for this. That energy is behind everything, because it doesn’t exists as matter (or that is seen, until today, as matter in the atom and sub-atom); it’s simply energy that allows the development of all matter, the substance and content of every existing thing (See Quantum Physics); and as, among others, Einstein, with a visionary view, quoted, this energy, not matter (as we are used to understand) exists, and is the same and BOOKS, AND UNIVERSAL MENTALITY, ON
  4. 4. Cristian Carter intimately related to matter and time. As we are viewing through the comprehension of this, that the spiritual issues and the science are not away, but it’s true that issues aren’t new – as quantum physics –; in the future this relation can be scientifically and publicly demonstrated, with more advanced systems and techniques , which is already happening in quantum physics, in the study of the sub-atom; in where the new is discovered (you are free to give names and classifications), and, as we cannot conclude that there’s nothing, - because we wouldn’t exist, otherwise – the question about what’s behind this will arise again, and I think that we’ll always think of the energy as a sub-content of the matter. I think that, because of this comprehension about energy, - “the so-called God, spiritual or natural universal force – we can explain that people using their minds in a higher proportion – to the 8% of common people – can understand and manipulate the energy and, through this, the matter, such as great figures such as Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, prophets in all the religions, the Master Usui and other Reiki Masters; and other more common, but not less important, such as folk healers and witch doctors (for instance, the “Machi”, Mapuche folk healer), who can manage this energy by reaching such a level of comprehension and mental and spiritual relation, and can cure ill people based on love, something that can be later proved as other historical proposals, and I think that we’re close to quantum physics in this way. After that great explosion, of this little surpassed piece of matter, the stars, planets and galaxies were born, and in just one of them, by divine magic, we are here, the Earth and human beings, capable to think with complexity, with emotions, but at the same time, a very destructive being, who also can create beauty things; which raises after the continuous evolution process in all the things and beings of the Universe and is also God’s work and creation; as the science and all the existing things, exist in God’s grace. The millions of galaxies that also have millions of planets are in a continuous accelerated expansion; which will sometime stopped and back again to a fusion process, until a brand new Big Bang, and then, to the infinite. It’s also proved that other minute living beings exist in other nearest planets, such as microorganisms, and it’s clear that, as quoted above, is mathematically impossible that BOOKS, AND UNIVERSAL MENTALITY, ON
  5. 5. Cristian Carter we are the ONLY intelligent living beings in the Universe. But, what’s God shape? This question is patently obvious and annoying, just thinking of God in a solely human physical form; and also, among humans, to sign a solely group of this supposedly intelligent mammals as the chosen ones (the Jews). God is over everything, he’s the alpha and omega, is the personified goodness, love, energy and wisdom that naturally flow; he’s the truth, the great superior universal values, and of course, he’s over the human beings. It’s truly a shame, intellectually and a vanity, to believe that God, in his great universal creation, only takes care of the human beings. Perhaps, that’s why these mammals suffer the most, because of the vanity and lies they live in. God is everything, allows life, and we are one of his beings in the Universe, and that, with an advanced intellectual capacity, and as Sons and Daughters of God, we are called to virtuously and integrally grow and develop, in every aspect, with goodness, solidarity and love for oneself and the others, in order to reach the truth happiness; in peace and harmony with the other beings of the Universe and our planet. We can reach a happy transcendental with having positive thoughts and actions, in order that, after our days, once our body, our matter dies, our energy, our spirit, which God and the Universe gave us, can advance and come back to God and then, as God allows it, to come back to a better world, which we are responsible of. BOOKS, AND UNIVERSAL MENTALITY, ON