Letter to the Judges


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Letter to the Judges

  1. 1. 128 Bridgewater DriveCanton, GA 30115April 18, 2012Judges, Senior ProjectCreekview High School1550 Owens Store RoadCanton, GA 30115Dear Judges:My name is Ben Crissy and I am always looking to challenge myself. When I had todecide upon a senior project, I saw a great opportunity to experience what my desiredcareer was like firsthand. I was torn between engineering, and sports statistics. Factorssuch as my love of sports, and my daily habit of watching ESPN contributed to mydecision of choosing to record the basketball team’s statistics. My senior project waspoised to introduce me to what I believe will be my future career.Throughout the basketball season, I recorded the statistics of Creekview’s basketballteam and compiled the season totals and averages. My research paper aided me in myanalysis of each individual game, and the season as a whole. I learned through myresearch that certain statistics such as defensive rebounds and assists are the true keys tosuccess as opposed to solely relying on points scored. Additionally, when a team playsmultiple games in consecutive games, shot selections become more risky often leading tolow field goal percentages and losses. I encountered numerous problems while recordingthe statistics at basketball games. At times, the game would be so fast paced that I wouldfind myself asking others around me questions such as “Who passed the assist on thatplay?” or “Who got that defensive rebound?” I discussed this problem with my projectfacilitator, Coach Randy Clemons, and he described my problem as a natural occurrencethat even he experiences at times. As the season progressed, I began to develop a certainrhythm with the game much like the rhythm a player develops on the court.Ever since I can remember, I have loved sports. When I reached high school, I knew itwas time to decide on what career I wanted after high school. Sports Statistician fit thebill perfectly, I could be involved in the wide world of sports, utilize my advanced mathskills, and most importantly, enjoy doing it! The senior project introduced me to theresponsibilities and challenges a sports statistician faces. I hope to attend college andmajor in statistics so I may one day be a statistician for ESPN.Overall, I enjoyed my senior project. The senior project enabled me to have a small testrun at my dream career and I have decided to pursue my dream job. Thank you for yourtime.
  2. 2. Sincerely,Ben Crissy