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Swift is ready for enterprise


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Swift The programming language is now poised to address the most advanced needs of enterprise app development. We discuss three reasons that show that Swift is ready for the enterprises
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Swift is ready for enterprise

  1. 1. Swift is ready for the enterprise
  2. 2. Swift Introduction Swift is a programming language for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch (which are the programming frameworks for Mac OS X and iOS, respectively)
  3. 3. What is Swift? • Apple Launched swift as a new programming language for iOS in April 2014. • By the end of 2015, Apple had declared that Swift was now open source. • Today, the language is used for systems programming, mobile app development and cloud services. • Swift is now poised to address the most advanced nee ds of enterprise app development.
  4. 4. Productivity
  5. 5. • Swift is cost effective, time efficient and secure as a programming language • Swift uses less code and provides high performance. • Developers can take their existing mobile applications and easily create a dynamic backend, thus moving their code as it is between client and server tiers. Enhanced Productivity
  6. 6. Swift Community
  7. 7. • The Swift developers community, with over 33,000 members on Github is testimony to the favourable sentiments of the developer’s community worldwide. • The language is very easy to pick up and execute. • Many enterprises are willing to invest in training their in-house IT teams. Swift Developers Community
  8. 8. • Cloud is a dominant platform for innovation and as enterprises are increasingly relying on building application that utilize IoT and other emerging technologies. • Swift is perfect blend for ideal cloud development and deployment because it requires less code. • Apple has ensured that any web or mobile development done using Swift is assured highest security standards. Swift is Ideal for the Cloud
  9. 9. Swift is changing the programming landscape with its agile language • Worldwide mobile and web developers are adopting the new programming language with gusto as it presents an open standard with numerous benefits, including the efficiency of Apple's products. • From a business perspective, Swift will enable you to leverage the manifold potential of the programming language at a smaller development cost, while using shorter development time. Web and mobile developers are enthusiastically adopting this new programming language to deliver Internet of Thing (IoT) solutions that are converting products and services into smart-products and smart-services!
  10. 10. Swift is changing the programming landscape with its agile language • The Solution Analysts development team has adopted this new programming language with great gusto and are excited about its various properties. We like the speed it lends to the development cycle through the ample resources. • We are amazed at the innovative ideas that the Swift development community contributes to the platform and are excited to apply these for our development processes. • There's a lot we can do for your business' technology adoption with the new Swift programming language!
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