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Hawaii 2014 feb meeting


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The Powerpoint from our February meeting.

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Hawaii 2014 feb meeting

  1. 1. Hawaii 2014 February Meeting
  2. 2. Dates for your Calendar • Departure date From AKL= HA 446 08JUL Auckland - Honolulu • Depart 2355 Arrive 0945 (same day) • Departure date from Hawaii HA445 16JUL Honolulu - Auckland • Depart 1425 Arrive 2140 (17JUL)
  3. 3. Day One • We arrive in the morning and the first day is all about getting to know the area. • We will do the amazing race ( with amazing prizes) go to diamond head, Visit the Ala Moana shopping center and have dinner at Chilis.
  4. 4. The Island Of Oahu
  5. 5. The Waikiki Area
  6. 6. The Big Island Day • This is an Optional Extra day • We Fly to the Big Island of Hawaii where we Hire a big van then drive around and see the volcanic features of the island. – Steaming cliffs, lava tunnels, active craters the new areas of land being created by active volcanoes • There is an extra cost of around $320 which includes van hire, gas, entry to the national park and flights on hawaiian airlines. • Those who do not go will have a program of activities around Waikiki and Honolulu
  7. 7. The Hawaiian Islands
  8. 8. Visas • You should have now checked if you need a visa. • If you hold anything other than a New Zealand, Australian or UK passport please check if you need a visa (call a travel agent) • Everyone needs a Visa or ESTA you get an ESTA at there is a cost of US$14 for this . • Once this is done print out the confirmation page twice and bring one to me to hold.
  9. 9. Questions ??? • • • • Money ? Phones ? Rooms ? Eating ?