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Travelogue wally b_feed


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Presentation for Travelogue, a concept made within the workshop "itsme stretching", in Università degli studi di Siena-2009.

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Travelogue wally b_feed

  1. 1. UNIVERSITA' DEGLI STUDI DI SIENA Design di ambienti per la comunicazione (DAC) Corso in Design dei media digitali a.a 2008/2009 ITSME Stretching Travelogue Simona Avolio - Dana Hoelzl - Marcello Tecleme - Stefano Paolessi
  2. 2. Domain's map_Context P R O F E T S O S U I R O E> I < N N S A T M L E R A T R A E I A N M E N T Simona Avolio - Dana Hoelzl - Marcello Tecleme - Stefano Paolessi
  3. 3. Framework VISION The lack of a tool able to organize in a simple way trips by users themselfs (travelers) or by the tourist guides for the end users. TARGET  People who travel for leisure or business.  Touristic guides MAIN GOAL The organizations of own trips (or someone's else) trying to personalize them as much as possible: looking to the past, sharing experiences with other users in the present and planning the future. SUB-  Faciliate to make trip plans according to your interest OBJECTIVES  Archive and share experience and information about places with other people, creating a community  Find info about previous trips easily  Meet other people from the community during your or their trip  Sell personalized travel plans and info  Create a database with customers habits Simona Avolio - Dana Hoelzl - Marcello Tecleme - Stefano Paolessi
  4. 4. Steps involved in travel experience Simona Avolio - Dana Hoelzl - Marcello Tecleme - Stefano Paolessi
  5. 5. Inspirational benchmarking > tripadvisor PICTURE DESCRIPTION TripAdvisor provides recommendations for hotels, resorts, inns, holidays, travel packages, holiday packages, travel guides and lots more. REFERENCES VALUE Useful information about hotels and holiday packages from travels. Especially useful for people who are planning their next holidays. Simona Avolio - Dana Hoelzl - Marcello Tecleme - Stefano Paolessi
  6. 6. Inspirational benchmarking > Yahoo! Local PICTURE DESCRIPTION With the largest number of community-generated reviews, Yahoo! delivers in-depth, local information that is current, accurate and easy-to-follow. You’ll get the scoop on the best place for dinner and which movie to catch. It’s local, easy to navigate, simple to use, and always, within reach. REFERENCES VALUE Mobile Service with Community-generated information about a city and a map to find a certain place. Simona Avolio - Dana Hoelzl - Marcello Tecleme - Stefano Paolessi
  7. 7. Inspirational benchmarking > PLAZES PICTURE DESCRIPTION  Share your location and stay connected with your friends  Add people you trust and you want to be your contacts  See who's crossing your path and what's happening nearby REFERENCES VALUE Tools for geolocalization Simona Avolio - Dana Hoelzl - Marcello Tecleme - Stefano Paolessi
  8. 8. Inspirational benchmarking > NokiaviNe PICTURE DESCRIPTION Nokia viNe is a marketing campaign and a mobile application that brings together the GPS, camera and media player on Nseries Nokia cellphones and lets leave photos, videos and songs, rooted in the ground, for others to find. REFERENCES VALUE Tool for mobiles who permits to share the experience you get with your mobile Simona Avolio - Dana Hoelzl - Marcello Tecleme - Stefano Paolessi
  9. 9. Evaluation of the services related to the three steps of the travel experience Simona Avolio - Dana Hoelzl - Marcello Tecleme - Stefano Paolessi
  10. 10. Evaluation of the services (including TRAVELOGUE) related to the three steps of the travel experience Simona Avolio - Dana Hoelzl - Marcello Tecleme - Stefano Paolessi
  11. 11. Concept > Travelogue service KEYWORDS User generated venues – Lifestreaming – Mobile PLACES - Physical Any place in the world intersting for anyone - Virtual Online platform with categorized information (bars, hotels, clubs, restaurants, reviews, pictures....). Every information will be tagged, in order to have many ways to reach the information you are looking for. ENABLING  Mobile phone TECHNOLOGIES  Internet connection  GPS  Geolocalization system  Tagging service  Chat/calls services (e.g Skype) Simona Avolio - Dana Hoelzl - Marcello Tecleme - Stefano Paolessi
  12. 12. Concept > Travelogue service DESCRIPTION A service on mobile based on itsme metaphor. It makes possible to plan/organize and build own or (in the case of the guides) someone else's travel experiences. KIND OF A specific city which a user is visiting or is planning to visit at a certain time. It VENUES consists of different components, e.g. accomodation, restaurants, night- life, places of interest, etc. WHEN > Before, during and after the trip ACTIVITIES OF TRAVELER WHAT > - Create own contents - Download contents from other users venues. - Decide to share contents (some or all of them) with other users. - Build a personal network composed by people who have the same interests or are judged interesting and have the possibility to follow their path. - Use information about previous trips everytime its needed (every venue will be possible to find in a timeline). - Create a future timeline, and being able to see if someone in the same network has some future plans in common. - Be informed when a person from the contact list occurs to be in the same area ( the ticker function will notify it to who is interested). Simona Avolio - Dana Hoelzl - Marcello Tecleme - Stefano Paolessi
  13. 13. Concept > Travelogue service ACTIVITIES WHEN > before the trip, planning it for a customer OF TOURIST GUIDES WHAT > - Create professional contents - Show and sell them to travelers - Make specific plans for clients - Build a personal network composed by other touristic guides, moreover a contact list of old customers - Contact customers via messages/calls or research in their former venues to find out their preferences (in order to give them appropriate advices for their travel) - Develop a profile of users and inform them about things they might like Simona Avolio - Dana Hoelzl - Marcello Tecleme - Stefano Paolessi
  14. 14. Scenary_1 Activity______________________________ Organize a trip Target_____________________________________Traveler Eikichi is 52 and lives in Tokio. He is married and has a child. The next month he is going to travel with his family and visit Italy. He uses the TRAVELOGUE service to plan the trip by his mobile.
  15. 15. During his free time, Eikichi starts to organize his travel and logs in his profile
  16. 16. So he creates a new venue, named Siena.
  17. 17. He decides to pick from this aggregator all the information about “hotel romana”, and with highlight option he can see everything which is connected to the content.
  18. 18. He transfers these contents to his new venue.
  19. 19. He now decides to make a search for Siena in other users venues.
  20. 20. He finds Marco, a friend of him, and becomes a follower, in order to be informed every time he is going to be in the same place.
  21. 21. Then, he sees that “Cucchiaio di legno” restaurant has high rates from many users, he highlights it and adds it on his venue, transfering every content to his venue.
  22. 22. Automatically these contents are organized within the category “restaurants”.
  23. 23. Eikichi keeps organizing his trip in this way in every free moment he got.
  24. 24. While he is creating this venue he get noticed if someones in his friends list shared new contents linked to the Eikichi's.
  25. 25. Finally it's time to leave. Eikichi is happy to have some time to spend with his family after a long time. While they are walking in Siena, he get a ticker notice: “Marco is in Piazza del Campo”.
  26. 26. Eikichi decides then to meet him, in the meanwhile he adds to his venue a show in a theatre he wants to go that night and shares it with the community.
  27. 27. Now Eikichi's public profile includes also information about his Siena experience.
  28. 28. Scenary_2 Activity______________________________ Organize a trip Target________________________________Tourist Guide Silvia is 23 and lives in Florence. She studies Studi interculturali and she works as a tourist guide to earn some money. She utilizes to work the TRAVELOGUE service by her mobile.
  29. 29. One day Silvia logs in her profile and one of her clients, Erik, asked her for information about Florence. Therefore he adds some notes about what he would like to do.
  30. 30. Silvia now creates a new venue and starts to add contents.
  31. 31. With the highlight function she is able to see “Erik's diary”. She is going to use its contents to get some information about Erik's habits.
  32. 32. Because of the available diary contents she composes some appropriate possibilities for him. Additionally he is asking for info about a Dalì exposition. Therefore she starts to look for connected datas in other travel guides venues.
  33. 33. She picks the most relevant contents with the highlight function, and then adds them to Erik's venue.
  34. 34. Contents will automatically get place in the right category.
  35. 35. When the venue is finished, she clicks on complete.
  36. 36. She transfers the complete venue in the transmission windows to send it to Erik.
  37. 37. After Erik payed for Silvia's service, he is able to download the venue.
  38. 38. Business idea COMPETITORS - Ovi - Plazes - Tripster - Nokia Vine - Dipity - Google latitude PARTNERS  Web application relative to organize trips  Trip agency  Mobile interfaces companies, as Nokia or Samsung SERVICES GEO-TAGGING & TIME-TAGGING > it will be possible to search into users and contents database into two dimensions: space and time; these services will able users to tag own OFFERED contents using a spacetime folksonomy. For travelers there will be a search bar with which they will be able to download contents from other users venues; it will be also possible to geo-locate people in friends list. For example, is gonna be possible to see if people someone met in a previous trip are still in there and the same will be possible with restaurants location, hotels ecc. Due to the ITSME structure time based research will be possible, instead of research in single categories. In a timebar a user can see all the venues which are produced to a specific city time after time. So a user can also search directly into the public parts of a venue to find interesting information for his trip. Simona Avolio - Dana Hoelzl - Marcello Tecleme - Stefano Paolessi
  39. 39. Business idea VALUES FOR WHO > Travelers  Plan a trip with the help of my personal past experiences and other users experiences.  Increase experiences sharing and the possibility to real life meeting with the community members.  Update contents  Add contents to my venue while visiting a place (pictures, rates..) FOR WHO > Tourist guides  Support the management of trip experiences  Build a database of users, collecting their habits  Share information with partners guide CRITICAL  Privacy FACTORS  Web services tend to be obsolete easily  Spread of the service --> Need of connection to internet  The functionality of the service might be limited if the users do not share their information and experience Simona Avolio - Dana Hoelzl - Marcello Tecleme - Stefano Paolessi
  40. 40. Conclusions What ITSME  User geo-localization & geo-tagging should  Time-tagging have for  Sharing venues or part of them with other users TRAVELOGUE  User following option The future  A translator system to make possible the use of TRAVELOGUE aims for service by foreign people TRAVELOGUE Simona Avolio - Dana Hoelzl - Marcello Tecleme - Stefano Paolessi
  41. 41. Simona Avolio _____________________ Dana Hoelzl Stefano Paolessi ____________________ Marcello Tecleme ______________________