Water vapor vocabulary Inv. 3-1


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Evaporation Vocabulary

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Water vapor vocabulary Inv. 3-1

  1. 1. Focus Question: Where does the water go when something dries? Investigation 3 - 1
  2. 2. Wet and Dry  When it rains and the pavement gets wet, who dries it?  We’re going to do an investigation to find out where the water goes.
  3. 3. Investigation Set-up  Place both paper towels in the water.  Squeeze out most of the water and place one towel in each cup.  Place cups on balance and add drops of water to lighter cup until they balance.
  4. 4.  Paper towels get wet when people use them to soak up spills. They can sometimes be used again if they are dried out. These two towels are equally wet.  Watch these for a day to see how fast they dry.  To make things a little more interesting, cover one cup with a lid. Place the second lid under the other cup so it still balances.  Sketch the investigation set-up in the Before box on your observation sheet.
  5. 5. Observations  Sketch the investigation in the After box.  Take the paper towels out of the cups, compare them and describe the difference.  Discuss in your group:  Which side of the balance went up and which side went down?  What caused one cup to go up and one to go down?  What happened to the water on the two paper towels?
  6. 6. Evaporation  The paper towel exposed to air dried out.  The water in the towel changed from liquid water to water vapor, an invisible gas.  Process by which liquid water changes to water vapor is called evaporation.  Water vapor in the open cup evaporated and escaped into the surrounding air.  Water in the closed cup was not able to escape into the air.  All the original water stayed in the closed cup.
  7. 7.  When the water in the open cup evaporated, the paper towel got dry.  Water in the closed cup didn’t evaporate, so the paper towel stayed wet.  Wet paper towel is heavier, so that side of the balance goes down and the side with the dry paper towel goes up.  Record your explanations on the notebook sheet. Include what happened to the balance, the paper towels, and the water.
  8. 8. Vocabulary  Evaporation - The process by which a liquid, such as water, changes to a gas  Water Vapor - The gas state of water
  9. 9. Content  What happens to a wet paper towel in an open cup?  What happens to the water in a paper towel when it evaporates?  Your questions?  Homework: Read “Drying Up”, pages 182-183, take 3-column notes and answer questions.
  10. 10. Drying Up Questions  What is water vapor?  Where is water vapor?  What does water vapor look like?  What happens when a wet object gets dry?