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Comprehensive Community Planning to Assist with Negotiating Funding Agreements.


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Community development is a broad term. Planning for that development is key, and not only assists leadership in clarifying community needs, but is essential in successfully negotiating with funders.

Learn how thru the use of comprehensive community planning tools, your community can be made more sustainable, how your elected leaders job is made easier, and how greater funding can flow to your community projects.

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Comprehensive Community Planning to Assist with Negotiating Funding Agreements.

  1. 1. Strategies to Successfully Plan &Negotiate 5 Year Agreements Human Resources Development Forum, Kamloops July 31, 2012 Chris Hylton, MA 800 449 5866 CG Hylton 1
  2. 2. Chris HyltonVolunteer with Calgary Friendship CentrePleased to work with First Nations acrossCanada in HR and benefits for many yearsYou are the experts, Chris is just sharingsome ideas that may help solve yourfunding and community demand issuesYour questions comments are welcome CG Hylton 2
  3. 3. Our ExperienceDeveloped Strategic Plans for Treaty 7Presented workshops on a variety of topicsfor FNs groupsDeveloped Salary grids for a Yukon FirstNation that they used to assist them innegotiating their 5 year self governmentagreementDeveloped Departmental 5 year work plansfor several FNs groups CG Hylton 3
  4. 4. Common Question How do we get more funding? We have been doing a national series of one day workshops on Effective Proposal Writing But negotiating the 5 year agreement is key
  5. 5. Executive SummaryNegotiating agreements is always difficultYour programs are geared to your populationnumbers and demand which varies largely by ageYou have detailed population dataYou know your population ages one year each yearYou can develop programs effectively to meet thechanging demographics in your populationUsing some of the ideas contained in the talk today,can help you come up with winning 5 yearagreements! CG Hylton 5
  6. 6. This is your show What issues would you like me to address today please? CG Hylton 6
  7. 7. What is CCP Term used by INAC in 2004 for a process to achieve community consensus around various land and resource issues Normally used for resolving land and resource issues but useful in planning for all areas CG Hylton 7
  8. 8. INAC CCP Handbook Produced in 2004 Based on experience of 5 BC first nations the Okanagan, Lytton, Squiala, We Wai Kai (Cape Mudge) and Yekooche First Nations CG Hylton 8
  9. 9. What is comprehensivecommunity planning? CG Hylton 9
  10. 10. Community Involvement Important to work with community in order to introduce and clarify the meaning of CCP For example what does CCP include?governance, land use, environment, economic development, social development, education, or physical infrastructure equally? Will CPP include a vision, goals and determine priorities? CG Hylton 10
  11. 11. What will the results looklike? Will the CPP include decision and management tools such as ranking tools, action plans, budget templates, implementation and funding strategies and a monitoring and evaluation plan as well? This level of detail needs to be decided, including expectations for the final planning products that summarize the results of the CCP process (eg, final plan, budget). CG Hylton 11
  12. 12. Define the processShould be discussed and promoted as muchas possible with a variety of audiences withina communityYour Boards and perhaps, Chief and Councilalso need to openly reveal their expectationsof the CCP process within the community.It is important to reconcile these two sets ofneeds. CG Hylton 12
  13. 13. Why define CCP early?1) determine the approach;2) impact what is needed to carry out theplanning process (eg money, time,information, and technical expertise);3) determine the quality of communityengagement (eg how many workshops,number of people, how the process is to bedocumented); CG Hylton 13
  14. 14. Why define CCP early?4) determine capacity support (eg how muchtraining) and information needs (eg training orcareer related data)5) determine the products of CCP (eg finalplan, budgets, training plans) and6) help to clarify and manage expectations,particularly in terms of “when” results willhappen and who will benefit CG Hylton 14
  15. 15. How to identify best processfor your communityYou know what your goals are: fully funded 5year plans, increased jobs, build capacity,promote healing, link to Treaty…Then work backwards to say how this will beaccomplishedDefining the goals of the CCP process couldbe facilitated during the start-up meetingwhere the CCP can be discussed openly withthe community at large CG Hylton 15
  16. 16. Just another report? “You need to have a vision laid out, a vision statement for CCP, What is the plan for, how will the CCP be used?” “We have a wall full of reports about what should be done. These are never followed through on. We want to be able to say that we did something.” CG Hylton 16
  17. 17. Once in Place, the CCP can Empower community. The community  becomes more self-aware, creates its own  future, and has the tools to respond to change  in an effective manner. Improve performance. Having a plan leads  to informed decision-making, combines  fragmented efforts and decreases duplication,  enables efficient use of resources, and  identifies and solves organizational problems. CG Hylton 17
  18. 18. ResultsBuild teamwork and expertise. Planning improves communications within Nation community, builds managerial and staff skills and supports capacity-building effortsCoordinate future development. Identifies the communitys priorities for the use of its talent pool, the land base and territory, anticipates future infrastructure and development needs, and helps to prevent conflicting developments CG Hylton 18
  19. 19. Results Protect resources. The community is able to  identify and protect vulnerable or valuable  areas, traditions, or cultural values and  practices.  Celebrate traditions and culture. The  cultural aspects of the community may be a  focus of the planning process. CG Hylton 19
  20. 20. Promote Health andReconciliation Planning helps the community to work  together to proactively address negative or  painful community issues by establishing a  positive vision for the future, and by taking  the steps necessary to achieve that vision. CG Hylton 20
  21. 21. Create EconomicOpportunities Identifying sustainable economic opportunities  is an essential part of creating a Comprehensive  Community Plan.  Having a plan in place will also help to attract  partners and new investment. The strongest community development factor is  economic self-sufficiency CG Hylton 21
  22. 22. Negotiating Strategy – Youwill be able to sayall our projections based on data we getfrom government agenciesour staffing levels are based on meeting thisdemand to meet your requirementsSlide A: Here are our projected costs basedon our staffing costsSlide B: Here are our projected costs basedon typical staffing costs of a local town ormunicipality CG Hylton 22
  23. 23. Negotiating Strategy (ctd)All our programs and services are based onterms and conditions for service which arespelled out in our agreements withgovernment agenciesOur CCP has indicated our needs in greatdetailOur CCP tells us our community buys inGives more strength to your 5 year fundingrequests CG Hylton 23
  24. 24. To recapYou and the Agencies have defined theservices required,Agencies have provided us with our owndemographic data,We have surveyed our community anddetermined the needsHere is our plan to meet the needsHere are the funding levels required CG Hylton 24
  25. 25. Current SituationYou work hard to come up with your bestestimate of what your community needs forthe next five year agreementYou get conflicting reports from communityYou have difficulty negotiating from aposition of strengthYou receive an unworkable level of funding CG Hylton 25
  26. 26. Results Inadequate staffing levels Inadequate service to community Blame game Lowered morale Lowered services Lead to ….. CG Hylton 26
  27. 27. How does this tie in to Ethics You are governed by Boards, Chief & Council All are subject to continuous community requests and constant scrutiny So how does CCP make it easy for Boards and Elected Officials to govern and avoid conflicts? CG Hylton 27
  28. 28. CCP makes it easier forBoards and Elected Officialsto govern CCP gives your leadership the information they need about community needs CCP gives your leaders information about how your departments are planning on meeting community needs Data is king, use the data like any business to effectively make your case CG Hylton 28
  29. 29. What type of Data?Your population DemographicsCurrent service offerings (supply orpotential supply of trained members)Demand for trained workersThe gapWhat you are planning on doing about itHow much your programs are going to cost CG Hylton 29
  30. 30. How does CCP support 5 yearAgreements? • Shows what services exist now, what services will be needed in the future Gap analysis: 1. Encourages each department or service area to develop business plans to meet the needs 2. Using data sources which you have and perhaps are not using currently 3. Builds Commitment which in turn builds community CG Hylton 30
  31. 31. CCP Rationale Provides support for First Nation communities in meeting most service needs and indicates areas which require strengthening Departments perform a self-assessment as part of the business planning process Community and First Nations will agree upon areas of greatest need to develop a service delivery plan tied to 5 year Budgets Delivery over a five year period will be completed in concert with community expectations CG Hylton 31
  32. 32. 1st Pillar:Capacity Building within DepartmentsProcess links services to inputs like humanresources, office and service spacerequirements, training requirements, so thatcapacity may be enhancedStrengthens business planning processCommunity customer service focus providesa basis for performance evaluation CG Hylton 32
  33. 33. 2nd Pillar: Good Governance Community can demonstrate:It has good governance and support forservices delivery and administrationIn particular, it has sustainable processesand systemsThat will support the community’scommitment to service delivery over thelong-term. CG Hylton 33
  34. 34. 3rd Pillar:Solid Community Data re. Demand for ServicesDepartmental gap analysis leads to strongbusiness plansPrograms are developed to target needsNo longer a need to play catch upThere is evidence that the community is willing tomake the commitment to support programs; andThat members will take up the services offered CG Hylton 34
  35. 35. This also attracts Partnersfor Ec Dev and Training McDonalds Province of Alberta Safeway Training Institutes Walmart NAIT, SAIT, Norquest, Keyano College, Etc. Tim Hortons Olymel Savanna Drilling Alta Fab Leduc Truss CG Hylton 35
  36. 36. Examples of Spin off BenefitsManagerial Training for First Nation StaffModel planning process - public speakingand enhanced communicationFinancial policies, by-laws and lawsUpdated Process and PoliciesHigher morale CG Hylton 36
  37. 37. Links to more info support for CCP is availablethrough numerous programs.For more information on CCP please e-mail or contact theStrategic Planning Manager at 604-666-2247. CG Hylton 37
  38. 38. Funding sources Check with your funders CCP has a good reputation with agencies and will support the process Can look at recent Federal Court ruling on Child Welfare, see attached sheet Also look at new programs like First Nations Market Housing Fund next slide CG Hylton 38
  39. 39. # of First Nation ApplicationsReceived by the Fund / Total # ofFNs in each Prov./Territories(June 8, 2012 70 First Nations have applied- 47 approved for Capacity Development) 0/0 5/14 0/29 LB 13/202 5/47 4/63 2/40 6/75 30/134 5/35 CG Hylton 39
  40. 40. Thank you!Any questionspleaseChris Hylton800 449 Wetaskiwin Tim Hortons CG Hylton 40