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The passive answers


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The passive answers

  1. 1. 2bat 1 THE PASSIVE - answerspage 2: THE PASSIVE – FORM AND TENSESComplete the following passive voice sentences in the tenses suggested: 1. This picture is always admired – Present. 2. His leg was hurt in an accident – Past 3. This exercise is being done very carefully. – Present Continuous. 4. The box hasn’t been opened for the last hundred years. – Present Perfect 5. The Tower of London was formerly used as a prison – Past. 6. Two of my dinner plates have been broken. – Present Perfect. 7. A big battle was fought here 200 years ago.- Past 8. You have been invited to lunch tomorrow.- Present Perfect 9. This play will be forgotten in a few years’ time. – Future. 10. The bridge was built last year. – Past. 11. My brother has never been beaten at tennis.- Present Perfect. 12. English is spoken all over the world – Present. 13. Were any questions asked about me? – Past. 14. The answers must be written on one side of the paper only. – Infinitive. 15. These books mustn’t be taken away). – Infinitive. 16. I was punished for something I didn’t do.- Past. 17. Milk is used for making butter and cheese.- Present. 18. You are wanted to help lay the table.- Present. 19. A pupil is praised when he works hard.- Present. 20. The stolen car has been found in another town.- Present Perfect. 21. Hats and coats must be left in the cloakroom.- Infinitive. 22. The piano was being played far too loudly.- Past Continuous. 23. The matter will be discussed tomorrow. – Future. 24. Progress is made every day in the world of science.- Present. 25. The chickens weren’t fed this morning. – Past. 26. Some ink has been spilt/spilled on the carpet.- Present Perfect. 27. She said that some ink had been spilt/spilled on her carpet.- Past Perfect. 28. Not a sound was heard. – Past. 29. This door can easily be mended – Infinitive 30. What has been done about this? – Present Perfect. 31. The door has already been shut.- Present Perfect. 32. Has your question been answered?.- Present Perfect. 33. Will the book be finished next month?.- Future. 34. He saw that the table had been pushed into the corner.- Past Perfect. 35. The article has been beautifully written – Present Perfect.
  2. 2. 2bat 2 THE PASSIVE - answers PAGE 32batWrite each sentence in the Passive so it means the same: 1. Someone has killed Professor Schwarz in his laboratory in the village of Trondheim. Professor Schwarz has been killed in his laboratory in the village of Trondheim. 2. He must have been killed early this morning. 3. He may have been poisoned. 4. A stranger was seen entering the house last night by the housekeeper. 5. The housekeeper is being questioned by the police. 6. The professor’s wife hasn’t been seen for days. 7. She is said to have run off with the gardener. 8. The professor was being blackmailed about his affair with his secretary, Helga. 9. The murder story is going to be published in tomorrow’s newspapers. 10. Professor Schwarz will be greatly missed in the village of Trondheim.
  3. 3. 2bat 3 THE PASSIVE - answerspage 4 : passive situationsSAMPLE ANSWERS: 1. It was destroyed by a hurricane. 2. It was called by a neighbour. 3. It was eaten by someone/Pepito. 4. He was shot by a robber. 5. It was hijacked by a terrorist. 6. She was fired / taken to hospital 7. He was elected president (sorry, the sentence’s outdated!) 8. He was arrested by the police. 9. He was convicted. 10. It was killed. 11. It was healed. 12. It was mixed with liquor/alcohol.PAGE 5: Indirect object sentences.Put the following sentences into the passive voice with a PERSONAL SUBJECT: 1. My little sister was given a ticket, too. 2. The visitors will be shown the new buildings. 3. The electrician has already been paid for his work. 4. We are promised higher wages. 5. You will be told what time the train leaves. 6. The prisoners were ordered to stand up. 7. I was recommended to another doctor. 8. He was taught French and given a dictionary. 9. Each boy will be allowed a second plate of ice-cream. 10. Georg was refused a passport by the authorities. 11. We all will be asked several questions. 12. When we first met, I had already been offered a job at the bank. 13. You will be read another chapter next time. 14. The stranger was requested to leave the meeting. 15. This is the third time we have been written to about this. 16. Women are still denied the right to vote in some countries. 17. My uncle has been made a captain. 18. The rest of us were asked to be there at eight o’clock. 19. The new students were told where to sit. 20. Mary is being shown how to bathe a 6 1. You will be given the tickets at the airport. 2. I was asked a lot of questions about...... 3. Airline passengers are usually shown how to use ............... 4. If you are offered a cheap camera,......... 5. He has been given six months to live by the doctors. 6. You will be told what to do when you arrive. 7. I was advised by my parents to spend some time........... 8. Pleased to meet you. I have been told a lot about you. 9. At interviews, you are asked quite searching questions. 10. In a few years’ time, I will be sent by my company to our New York office.
  4. 4. 2bat 4 THE PASSIVE - answersPage 7 (Passives 3) A) 1b, 2c, 3d, 4a B) 1b, 2a, 3b C) 1 were, 2 will be, 3 are, 4 has been, 5 was, 6 have beenPage 8 (Passives 4)A) 1. should be kept out of the reach of children 2. should be made payable to British Gas 3. should be watered frequently 4. should be fastened securely to the wall 5. should be served slightly chilled 6. should be washed separately 7. should be planted at least one metre apart. 8. should be allowed to thaw before serving.B) 1. not be opened 2. not be removed 3. be returned 4. not be parkedPage 9 (Passives 1)A)1 china shop, 2 airport, 3 hotel, 4 restaurant, 5 factory, 6 car hire company, 7 library.B)1 fitted, 2 parked, 3 prosecuted, 4 serviced, 5 served, 6 heeled, 7 deliveredC)are: A 1,3,4,5,6,7 B 1,2,3,4,6,7is: A 2 B5Page 10 (passives 1 /43) 1. example: been cancelled 2. been stolen 3. going to be demolished 4. has been burgled 5. will be enlarged 6. ‘s being diverted 7. has been knocked down 8. is thrown away 9. hasn’t been built 10. is being interviewed
  5. 5. 2bat 5 THE PASSIVE - answerspage 11: It is said that…. He is said to… He is supposed to 1. Rail fares are expected ______to rise____________ by 5 per cent next year. 2. Mr Wilson is alleged ______to have fallen__________ asleep while he was driving. 3. A large computer company is thought _____to be opening______ an office in our town. 4. The forest fire is believed _______to have been started________ by some tourists. 5. Krystal is reported ________to have signed_________ a contract with a new recording company last week. 6. The exhibition is expected _____to attract______________ thousands of people. 7. Miss Shaw is thought _______to have stolen__________ the money because she had a lot of debts. 8. Some diseases are known ______to be caused_______________ by the absence of a particular gene. 9. The new stadium is said ________to have cost___________ much more money than the government originally agreed to spend on it. 10. The actor David Hall is understood ___________to be recovering___________ well after an emergency 12Special security measures have been introduced by… the UK Passport Service to help facial recognition scanners tofunction properly. Tinted glasses, head coverings and even dummies in babies’ mouths have been. banned. The newpassport ………is…… fitted…with……. a microchip containing all information about its holders.But only a neutral expression is…. detected …by. the scanning machines. Existing passport pictures which do notmeet the rules …will be… accepted until the document expires. A £1MILLION house was…… wrecked by a bolt of lightning yesterday as severe weather battered much of the country once again. The owners, Mary and John Spring, returned to find the property in Kent, in flames. The couple…was……… telephoned …by………… a neighbour after lightning struck the eaves of three- storey detached house. One resident, who did not wish … to be……………… named, said: ‘I heard a sudden whoosh sound and then a crack. There was smoke pouring out of the roof. I immediately called the fire brigade and phoned the Springs: they …were…………… absolutely devastated.’ A British skipper Stephen Roy, 45, ……was found by…………rescuers with his hands tied behind the back, alone on the deck of his yacht as it drifts 100 miles off the French coast. On Friday morning, French authorities were…… informed …by…… a Canadian vessel and immediately a helicopter and a rescue boat …were… sent to look for him but he was in a pretty bad way physically with dehydration and psychologically it seems as if he wasn’t at all well. Mr Roy was… taken to the hospital and only after he …was/had been… released, he …was……………questioned … by………… the police.Two of the world’s most important terror suspects have been….. seized by… Scotland Yard.One …is….. said to be a senior al Qaeda operative while the other has been accused of being amajor fundraiser for terrorism around the world. Ali Abu Abec was… arrested in Willesdenyesterday: he …is………… believed …by……. US intelligence to be trusted aides of Osamabin Laden and to have plotted to blow up Jewish target and financial institutions. The other
  6. 6. 2bat 6 THE PASSIVE - answersman, Mohammed Ali Khan, 30, lived in Chelsea: he is/has been accused of using websites andemails to supply money and property for acts of terrorism. He …is…….. said…by….. NewYork Times to be a relative of Osama bin Laden. The investigation into the Lord Luncan murder case has been………….. reopened – nearly 30 years after he disappeared. Already existing police evidence is being…… examined by detectives who have announced that DNA profiling will also …be. used to try to solve the case. The 7th Earl of Luncan vanished in November 1974, a day after the murdered body of his children’s nanny Sandra Rivett was….. found at his London home. Over the years people have claimed several sightings of the aristocrat whose body has………… never…been… found.A second major seizure of cocaine …has been…… made by Custom officers in a week from a ship at Dovercargo port. Three plastics bags containing 3kg of the Class A drug worth around £1.6m …has been…………found in the hold of a ship loaded …with…………… bananas. Officers seized the Liberian-registered Horncliffwhen it arrived in Kent from Colombia on Wednesday. No arrest ……has…………… yet …been……… made.The find follows the discovery of 120kg of cocaine worth £7.2m on Monday.pages 13 and 14 (multiple choice)Choose the correct answer:1.- He _______ for the school football team. c. has never been picked.2.- We ________ London many times. We’re going again next month. b. have visited3.- By the time we arrived, they _______ their meal. a. had finished4.- Our flight ____ already _____ when we arrived at the airport. c. had…been announced5.- He should have ______ his son to the doctor right away. b. taken6. The people must have _____ to leave the building. It’s empty. c. been told7. The results of the competition could have _____ earlier. a. been announced8. I might ____ to tell him the news. I was very busy. a. have forgotten9. The suspect was questioned ____ the police for several hours. b. by10. My sister wants _____ with her two closest friends. c. to be photographed11. The boys tried ____ how to use the new computer. a. to learn12. His parents ____ very rich. c. are said to be13. Regular exercise _________ good for you. a. is believed to be14. They ________ to arrive on time, but they were late. b. were expected15. He ________ an expert on Roman coins. c. is considered to be.16. They _____ to start university in the autumn. b. are supposed17. CNN _________ by people all over the world. a. is watched18. The baby __________ after by his grandmother that afternoon. b. was being looked19. Our new computer _____ by the end of the month. c. will be paid for20. This subject ________ hundreds of times. a. has been written about21. It’s a great film. I _______ it twice. c. have seen22. The dishes ______ I’ll do them soon. c. have not been washed23. The children _______ about the test before they left school yesterday. b. had been informed24. My father ________ his decision by the time I got home. a. had made25. I’m sure that the parcel _____ by airmail c. would have been sent26. He ________ harder to get here on time. b. ought to have tried27. We may _______ to the beach tomorrow. a. go28. The programme __ by millions of people. b. must have been seen29. This watch was given to her _______ her grandmother. a. by30. We promised _______ them everything that had happened. a. to tell31.The job _____ in all the local newspapers. b. will be advertised32. He ________ a wonderful stamp collection. a. is known to have33. In the fifteenth century, the earth _____ flat b. was believed to be34. Thousands of tourists ___to visit London this year. c. are expected
  7. 7. 2bat 7 THE PASSIVE - answers35. Paris ____ one of the most beautiful cities in the world. b. is considered to be36. Our new teacher ___ excellent English. a. is supposed to speak37. Different ways of dealing with the problem ____ by the family. b. are being thought of38. The robbery that the thief ___ took place two nights ago. c. was accused of39. The job _____ by many people if they knew about it. c. would be applied for40. The lady we ______ invited us to her house. c. had been introduced topage 16: Passive 2 U 43 exercises43.12 can’t be broken, 3 can be eaten, 4 it can’t be used, 5 it can’t be seen, 6 it can be carried.43.23. be made 4. be spent 5. have been repaired 6. be carried, 7 have been caused, 8 be woken, 9have been arrested.43.32 meeting has been postponed, 3 is being used at the moment, 4 our conversation was beingrecorded, 5 the game had been cancelled, 6 A new ringroad is being built round the city, 7 A newhospital has been built near the airport.43.43 has been stolen! 4 has taken my umbrella, 5 has been promoted, 6 is being redecorated 7 isworking again / has been repaired. 8 furniture had been moved, 9 hasn’t been seen since then,10 haven’t seen her for ages , 11 Have you ever been mugged?page 18: It is said that… He is said to… He is supposed to…45.12 is expected to be good tomorrow, 3 are believed to have got in through the kitchen window., 4are reported to be homeless after the floods, 5 is thought to have escaped by climbing over a wall,6 is alleged to have driven through the town at 90 miles an hour , 7 is reported to have been badlydamaged by the fire, 8a is said to be losing a lot of money, 8b is believed to have lost a lot ofmoney last year, 8c is expected to lose money this year.45.22 is supposed to know a lot of people, 3 He is supposed to be very rich, 4 He is supposed to have12 children, 5 He is supposed to have been an actor when he was younger.45.32 are supposed to be my friend, 3 am supposed to be on a diet, 4 was supposed to be a joke, 5 issupposed to be a flower, 6 are supposed to be working.45.42 are supposed to start , 3 was supposed to phone, 4 aren’t supposed to block, 5 was supposed 19. The causative formB) 1. They’re going to have it torn down. 2. He is going to have several new suits made. 3. She isgoing to have her hair cut. 4. He is going to have the film developed.C) 1. Candy had the house torn down. 2. He had several new suits made. 3. She had her hair cut.4. He had the roll of film developed.D) 1. Candy has had a new house built. 2. You should have your house redecorated. 3. I musthave this film developed. 4. You can have your shoes repaired in an hour.
  8. 8. 2bat 8 THE PASSIVE - answershave/get something done 1. I really enjoy having my hair washed. 2. We haven’t had the house decorated yet. 3. Sam always mows the lawn on Saturdays. 4. George has had his hair dyed orange. 5. Have you had your eyes tested recently? 6. Sarah checks the oil in the car every month.The people do the job themselves in sentences 3 and 6.
  9. 9. 2bat 9 THE PASSIVE - answersWrite sentences…. 1. Zoe is having her nails painted at the moment. 2. You should have your suit dry-cleaned. 3. Children hate having their teeth checked. 4. Have you ever had your ears pierced? 5. We won’t have our TV repaired until next week. 6. Jake and Susie had their flat valued last 20have or get something done3) 1. Colin is going to have his bike serviced before the race. 2. Kim is having the party organized by a specialist company. 3. David has just had his eyes tested. 4. I’m not getting the flat decorated professionally because it’s too expensive. 5. Are we having the living room painted tomorrow? 6. Did Julie get her hair dyed at that hairdresser? 7. Can you have your clothes cleaned at the dry-cleaner’s? 8. Lucy has had her wedding dress designed by Chanel.4)1. cleaned, 2 watered, 3 his eyes tested, 4 has gone shopping, 5 going to do the ironing, 6 going tohave his hair cut, 7 is having his moped fixed, 8 is going to have his car inoculatedhave/ get something doneMatch… 1. dyed, 2 repaired, 3 repainted, 4 taken, 5 pierced, 6 testedRewrite…1 is having her house cleaned, 2 had the email sent to me, 3 are having the furniture delivered, 4was having his portrait painted, 5 had her book published, 6 have had your hair cutWrite sentences…Then I went to the hairdresser’s to have my hair cut. Next I went to the phone shop to have mymobile repaired. After that I went to the shopping centre to have a passport photo taken. Finally Iwent to the supermarket to have my car washed. THE END!