Convert more from Sign Ups to Raise


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For our upcoming Fruit Peak in AIESEC, larger scale operations need to focus on optimising their conversation rates!

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Convert more from Sign Ups to Raise

  1. 1. Convert more people for fruit peak!
  2. 2. What do we convert for a massive GIP peak? Time is running out, we need to convert more than ever!
  3. 3. Use the most effective way you can currently convert OP? Podio? Other?
  4. 4. What is my conversion plan?  Understand the current state of conversion; the gaps and the strengths  Figure out what can happen in the short term  Get responsibles in your LCs to do it now!
  5. 5. High conversion? You need to attract more of these people!
  6. 6. Low conversion? Target the right people! Communicate your message in a better way!
  7. 7. What is your conversion challenge?
  8. 8. beyond online systems, Its about engaging your potential customers & giving the right incentives to go
  9. 9. Check the information flow on your online channels
  10. 10. Tips for fast conversion Automated Emails Head hunting right profiles Replying via email or phone in 24h Newsletter to customer segments LC responsibles for conversion Clear information flow locally and nationally A specific product with partners, timeline, DDL Special ‘fruit peak’ opportunties: incentives Optimize process based on partnership Bulk selection for Teaching Customer based matching Showcasing experiences & external topics
  11. 11. What can happen now? Keep it simple & communicate clear to LCs!
  12. 12. Wrap up Product & right EP education Product & EP profile sheets, sales pitch sheets for a clear message! What can you do right now? Use practical conversion tactics to convert like never before! Set up a simple and powerful marketing campaign using the right content & Increase the amount of recruitment cycles!