Attracting more of the Right Customers for oGIP fruit peak


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Raising more EP's means we need to connect with and engage the right target audience!

--- Here's how to do it in a fast, focused and simple way!

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  • Gen2015 is a movement we started in IPM – of a generation of AIESECers who own it, believe it, and make 2015 happen!
    And this movement we want to continue and make even stronger at this Xpro!
  • Attracting more of the Right Customers for oGIP fruit peak

    1. 1. Let’s see how we attract more people for fruit peak!
    2. 2. “Well executed marketing campaigns work in harmony like a conductor managing an orchestra”
    3. 3. Let’s spend a moment on how to design and launch an effective campaign But before we launch..
    4. 4. Your content will be the fuel for your marketing campaign
    5. 5. Smart Marketing begins with understanding of customers. Then to fuel up your marketing strategy with content and delivery.
    6. 6. Your Content Strategy is Key to your marketing success
    7. 7. Smarketing improves your entire lead generation and conversion funnel
    8. 8. How?
    9. 9. By Designing around the Customer
    10. 10. Key Pillars of Smarketing Awareness [ ATTRACT ] Consideration [ CONVERT ] Decision Making [ CLOSE ]
    11. 11. Awareness [ ATTRACT ] Consideration [ CONVERT ] Decision Making [ CLOSE ] Goal Target Channel Message Goal Target Channel Message Goal Target Channel Message Smarketing is Effective Content Marketing
    12. 12. So how do we develop smarketing around our products?
    13. 13. Speaks to one target audience interested in teaching internship. Focuses on a specific profile.
    14. 14. Content Marketing helps: Improve your entire conversion process due to stronger and focused messaging People are clear on what the product is People are clear on if they are the right profile People are given just enough information so they are curious People understand the value of what you’re offering
    15. 15. Right Profile. Right Product. Right Time. Objective: To set the right expectations throughout the process that lead to better conversion rates Awareness [Attract]: - What’s the Product? - How does this help me? - Why should I care? - Who is it for? Consideration [Convert] - What skills are required? - Where can I go? - How long can I go? - What’s the process? $$? Decision Making [Close]: - Communication and Follow Up - Reinforcement of value proposition - Showcase past experiences - Help them envision the journey Why? What? How?
    16. 16. To provide 300 senior university students who are graduating soon on Global Talent Teaching Internships in India, Colombia, Brazil this Summer for 3 months. What is your end goal? Everything you do from this point is to drive the end goal. To send students abroad! G T C M Goal: 300 EP’s raised. With a 50% conversion rate — you will need 600 qualified leads. Target: Senior University students in English, International Relations, Business looking to develop their language skills Channel: - Offline promotion: University (Events, Classroom Talks, Booths, Newsletters) - Print (3 Flyers for the 3 countries) - Online Facebook & Website campaign - Email Marketing for Follow Up & Nurture Message: Teach abroad this Summer and impact entire communities through education. Develop yourself while developing the potential of others. Keywords: Impact, Develop, Teach, Educate,
    17. 17. Content Creation Workflow Example: Awareness [ ATTRACT ] Consideration [ CONVERT ] Decision Making [ CLOSE ] Graphics CTA: 5 Things Every Aspiring Teacher Should Know” Social Media CTA: “3 Destinations That Will Change Your Life” Lead Generated University Booth or Event — Physical Offline Promotion Day 1: Email: Send “Explore Destinations for Teaching Abroad.” Day 7: Email: Send “Our Internship Process in 5 steps.” Day 20: Email: Send “Success Stories of Going Abroad.” Lead Converted - EP RAISED Rolling Event: Exciting Information Session on Internship Follow up Day 40: Inspiring Email focused on connecting EP to vision Day 55: Provide Tips for Cultural Integration and Going Abroad Assuming 60 day gap between lead generated and matched
    18. 18. cccc Email Example
    19. 19. Did you know? • 91% of consumers check their email daily • 48% of emails are opened on mobile devices • Only 11% of emails are optimized for mobile • 35% of email recipients open email based on the subject line alone
    20. 20. Powerful Emails • Have a compelling subject line that connects value or curiosity • Subject line has 50 characters or less • “Teach Abroad this Summer!” • “Change Your Life This Summer by Teaching.” • Visualization of what you’re communicating • Personalization Ex: Opportunity Newsletter •Example of a JD •Put the mainly requirements •Focused in specific profiles •Gather mailing list with the university •Adapt for your local reality •Adapt in order to be used for different channels •Insert deadlines for applications •Showcasing
    21. 21. Email segmentation Segmented and more targeted perform significantly better than blasted emails. Your e-mail should generate curiosity and desire for interest in the program so they click the CTA Concise, powerful and “bite-sized”
    22. 22. 1.Launch a simple and powerful marketing campaign both nationally (online) and with your LCs! 2.Base your marketing campaign on your products and partners 3.Make your customers go through awareness, consideration and decision making by using the right content! ConclusionsConclusions