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Practice test in english LET


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Practice Test in English for LET reviewees! Good luck!

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Practice test in english LET

  1. 1. Practice Test in English-LET 1. The tribulations that I faced were _______ for me to overcome. A. So much B. Too much C. Very much D. So more 2. In Benjamin Fraklin’s “Poor Richard’s Almanac” it was said that: “early to bed, _______ makes a man healthy A. Early rising B. Rising early C. Early to rise D. Waking up early 3. Which among these words has the voiceless /th/ sound? A. This B. Gather C. Think D. There 4. Which word must have the primary stress in the sentence below if we want toemphasize possessions? “That is my boyfriend” A. That B. Is C. My D. Bag
  2. 2. 5. I would notleave you come hell or highwater. Based on the given sentence, we can surmise that: A. The speaker won’t leave the person no matter what. B. The speaker warns the person of a forthcoming disaster. C. The speaker wants the person to give up D. The speakerwants the person to continue fighting. 6. Which does not belong? A. Assumption B. Summary C. Synthetic D. Generalization 7. Complete the statement: “Blessed are _____ poor for _____ shall be welcomed in heaven. A. The-you B. The-they C. You-the D. They-they 8. Your brotherisn’t supporting you, ______? A. Isn’t she B. Is she C. Aren’t she D. Is he 9. The Rubaiyat has a theme: A. Alwayslookingforward a new day B. Never giving in to death easily C. Grasping pleasure while you can D. Creating your own world and beautify it 10. What is “True Learning” as exemplified in this quotation: “Only one who burst with eagerness do I instruct. Only one who bubbles withexcitement do I enlighten”. A. Learning makes human beings a follower of instructions B. Learning involves patience and tenacity C. Learning has the ability to make a man D. Learning is a coupled with commitment and passion.
  3. 3. ANSWER KEY: 1. B 2. C 3. C 4. C 5. A 6. A 7. B 8. D 9. C 10. D TO KNOW MORE ABOUT ME, PLS. CLICK THE FF. LINKS: - - - - - (HOW TO PREPARE FOR LET)