Korea throw type fire extinguisher


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Korea Throw Type Fire Extinguisher

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Korea throw type fire extinguisher

  1. 1. Korea Throw Type Fire ExtinguisherFor Inquiries please call/text: Cris Paner, Mobile no. +63999-9401794; Tel.no. 63-2-416-2489Based on the survey of 750 women aged 18-65 in Singapore, 79% do notknow how to use a fire extinguisher, 92% are not sure if able to operateduring fire , and 68% say their fire extinguishers are troublesome becausethey need to send them for regular servicing/refilling.Introducing! FIRE-117 throw type fire extinguisher imported from Japanand certified in Singapore and Korea!Easy to use by children, elderly and handicapped.No maintenanceNon-toxicEnvironment friendlyNo need to get near the fire-just throw to extinguish!Your escape plan when in danger of getting trapped in fire-just throw to clear apath to safety.Please click the link to watch the video: http://9nl.com/fire-117
  2. 2. Why is FIRE-117 fire extinguisher so effective?When ampoule is thrown at the fires the chemical will disperse over the burning area.At the same time, the extinguishing chemicals would generate ammonium gas. Waterevaporation would cool down the temperature of combustibles (cooling effectiveness)while ammonium gas would create a fire retardation effect that restrains the burningchain reaction. At the same time, one of the main ingredients for FIRE-117 and carbondioxide produced by heat would suffocate oxygen and restrain combustibles fromburning (cutting oxygen).Why is FIRE-117 safe to use?Chemical Safety (Environmental Friendly)The extinguishing liquid is of weak alkalinity. It is made of food additives and it uses themost ideal, safe surface-active agents which are authorized as national and officiallyapproved items. The extinguishing agent could be thrown away as sewage and it isharmless to the environment.BOD (Biochemical oxygen demand) – 93mg/LCOD (Chemical oxygen demand) – 730mg/LUse 6% dilution with ultra-pure water as a sample for test. This test report was issuedby Chemicals Evaluation & Research Institute, Japan.Self-safetyThe carbonic gas and ammonium gas are very effective in the early stage of fire. Thenumerical value of carbonic gas and ammonia gas is lower than the permissible figures,permitted by Labor Safety Standard, Japan. The gas smells a little of ammonia, but it isharmless on human bodyCO2 produced - 4000ppm(Labor Safety Standard is 15000ppm within 15mins –STEL)Ammonium Gas produced – 20ppm(Labor Safety Standard is 35ppm within 15mins-STEL)Measure after extinguishing 30 seconds, in a 8m3, by KITAGAWA model detector tube.InstallationFIRE-117 fire extinguishers should be conspicuously located where they can beaccessible easily and quickly in case of an emergency. It is recommended that to storethe ampoule in the plastic casing that mounted on the wall approximately 2-3 metersfrom the area that poses a potential fire hazard (for instant cooking stove) otherwise youwould not be able to grab it in time.
  3. 3. What kind of fire can FIRE-117 handle?FIRE-117 is designed to fight small, contained Class A fire (combustibles) with oneampoule. If small fire turns large, two or three ampoules can be used to double the effectof extinction. It is not intended for use on an out-of-control fire, such as one which hasreached the ceiling. In an uncontrollable fire, FIRE-117 can be a very effective tool tohelp evacuate.For throw-type fire extinguishers suitable for other classes of fires, please contact usdirectly for further enquiry.Can FIRE-117 be used to put out fire caused by short circuit?When short circuit takes place, the power supply will be cut off. In this case, the fire isburning the combustibles, not electricity. Thus FIRE-117 could be use to put out fire ifpower supply is de-energized.Is it safe with the ampoules?Of course. The ampoule is made of special breakable plastic which does not injurehuman body. Keep in mind that the ampoule is very fragile and would break even if itfalls down from a height of about 1 meter.Can it be used for outdoor fires?For outdoor or wide spreading fires, it is recommended to dilute FIRE-117 with 8L ofwater. The effectiveness of a scoop of diluted agent is equivalent to a bottle of FIRE-117.However, the diluted agent could not be preserved for long hours.Is the chemical used in the products dangerous?No. It won’t ignite or explode. It’s harmless to humans, animal, property andenvironment.Ive never heard of FIRE-117. Is it a proven product?Yes. It is Japan’s number 1 throwing type fire extinguisher. FIRE-117 is the first handyfire extinguisher to obtain NS certification in Japan and it is a KFI certified product inKorea. It is also a PSB (Singapore) tested product. In Korea, the government hasenacted its fire safety law (7 Dec 2006) on the mandatory use of throwing type fireextinguisher for children, elderly and the disabled. In Japan, FIRE-117 is the ONLYhandy fire extinguisher OFFICIALLY accepted and used by the fire departments. FIRE-117 is also elected the BEST EXTINGUISHING TOOL and the BEST GIFT by Fuji TV,Japan (April 15, 2009).
  4. 4. For Inquiries please call/text: Cris Paner, Mobile no. +63-9151429675; Tel.no. 63-2-416-2489NOTE: FIRE-117 IS PHILIPPINES COUNTER PART FOR JAPANS SAT 119"korea throw type fire extinguisher"