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Medical Jurisprudence


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Medical Jurisprudence in the Philippines

Published in: Health & Medicine

Medical Jurisprudence

  1. 1. MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE - concerns law and legal concepts which has to do with the practice of medicine. Purpose of the study: 1. Protect the public 2. Promote professionalism 3. Develop awareness of the RO D. 4. Counter malpractice 5. Explain legislation 6. Repeal and amend laws Law – is a body of rules to regulate the conduct of it’s members. Classification: 1. Law which is not enforced by the State: Natural, Divine, Moral 2. Law which is enforced by the State a. As to purpose : Substantive and Procedural b. As to nature of the subject matter: Public and Private Sources: 1. Constitution 2. Enacted by Congress 3. Decrees, Orders, Proclamations 4. Administrative acts, orders, rules, regulations 5. Local customs 6. Principles of International law The Law and the Practice of Medicine The right to regulate the practice of medicine is based on the police power of the state whose purpose is