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Journal of the trip to London in February 2013.

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Presentación irene

  1. 1. LONDONRealizado:Irene Alcoceba Herrero 3ºA 2013
  2. 2. Tuesday Day: 5 -Together, we went by plane to London. When we arrived at theairport, a bus took us to the hotel. -We took a walk around the hotel was a very nice and quiet. -And we did our first pictures with the typical red telephone boxes.
  3. 3. We slept in a very nice hotel with people from other places. We met two very nice english boys, also some guys from Denmark. The first night we were very nervousbecause we were going to see a nice city LONDON.
  4. 4. Wednesday Day: 6 We went walking in Hide Park . The park`t’s very big and nice.I saw people running ,and other people with her pets.I love the park because it’s very unpolluted and it´s has got lots of trees and lots of strange plants.
  5. 5. - -After,we went to the science museum . The museum it was very big and we saw interesting experiments. -We did some. We saw a film in 4D. -I think that the film is called ‘’APOLO’’ . It was very funny because the chairs moved . We were frightened because it fall water .-I saw a famous exposicion the Alan Turing and we tack a photo with you .
  6. 6. After luch, we went to Natural Museum. There we saw enormous dinosours , fish squeleton , human esqueleton , all it was so big.
  7. 7. In the free hour we went to starbucks coffe It was really cool !! To finish the day we went to Harrods by underground . Harrod’s shop was very nice and amazing . It’s a verypopular shop and very very expensive. We went home by the famous underground.
  8. 8. Thursday Day: 7 At the morning we saw the famous change of guard in the buckinham palace, we were walking . Then we saw the wellington monument .One hour later we saw the buckinham palace a little more and we took some photos with the guard. Next we went to the National Gallery .
  9. 9. Then we went in the famous Trafalgar Square andwe took some photos with the big lions . After we went shopping a Picadilly . IT WAS PERFECT!! Wesaw a strange street and we saw Covent Garden.
  10. 10. One hour later we saw the British Museum. We were detectives and we found the answers . -In the museum there were espositions about all the ages : Egyptian,Roman ,Greek…
  11. 11. Friday Day: 8 -This day we got up early. We used the famous ‘’ London Pass’’We saw the Crown Jewels. There were the king’s jewels Then we saw the towers guards. Then we went to the HORROR HOUSE . We were scared. To have lunch we went to the Covent garden
  12. 12. After that , we saw the Big Ben. I t was beautifull . Then we saw westminster abbey and we listened the history of Westminster .Next we have free time for bought in nearshops.Then we went hotel by underground. We have lunch. We went to the bowling alley and the ice ring .
  13. 13. Saturday Day: 9We packed our suitcases Then we went to Portobello Road and webought them. I bought a t-shirt anda jump. And we went to Valladolid by plane. GOODBYE LONDON!!
  14. 14. THEEND