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Description of URBANIZABLE LAND (PARTIAL PLAN) to develop.

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  1. 1. PRESENTS
  3. 3. GUIDE Justification of the presentation Goal PARTIAL PLAN description “FUENTE VICTORIA" Urban Possibilities Commercial Viability Conclusion
  4. 4. JUSTIFICATION OF THE PRESENTATION Basically to difuse the information to generate interest to DEVELOPERS INVESTORS ARCHITECTS ETC…
  5. 5. GOAL Primarily our goal is the sale of the land. However We don´t exclude alternative approaches for developing it. We look for partners to provide marketing channels, capital, projects or initiatives.
  6. 6. DESCRIPTION Urbanistic qualification: PLAN PARCIAL* Developer of Plan Parcial: Alpujarra Viviendas Rurales SL Location: SECTOR ST 1 de Fondón(Fuente Victoria) Almería.España. Surface : 111.772 sqm2 105.687 sqm2……….. 6.085 sqm2………..Townhall of Fondón (assignment according to law to the townhall of Fondón Fuente Victoria) Urbanistics possibilities 121 houses 103 houses ….Alpujarra viviendas rurales SL 18 houses…..Ayuntamiento Fondón More information in nexts slides.
  7. 7. *PLAN PARCIAL Definition of PLAN PARCIAL A partial plan is a figure of urban planning that is intended to developable land Detailed Planning Planning instrument that aims at developing the industries of building land lifting sector or sectors of the Urban Land unfunded, defined by the General Plan for Urban Development or the rest of the general planning tools (POI and PS). Partial Management Plan (PP) performs the detailed planning required for the implementation of the sectors. You can also modify the detailed management Among its determinations contain general and local networks of the sector and its links, the management areas, the detailed regulation of uses and building types, stocks of endowments, the stage plan and economic assessment their actions. The preparation may be by management, institutions or individuals. The formulation and final approval relate to the municipalities (article 13 LOUA)
  8. 8. SITUATION FONDÓN Fuente Victoria
  9. 9. SITUATION Fondón is a municipality in the province of Almeria, Spain. with 991 inhabitants, is situated at an altitude of 846 meters and 63 kilometers from the provincial capital, Almería. The municipality comprises the towns of Fondón, Benecid and Fuente Victoria.
  10. 10. ENVIROMENT The land is located in a natural environment very special, particularly in Almeria's Alpujarra a fertile valley by the river Andarax Where the vines grow in contrast to the rugged slopes in the Sierra de Gador. Its landscape is full of almond and cherry trees that make it a paradise plant, where we are the inhabitants that are characterized by their hospitality.
  11. 11. IMÁGENES The wiw activities is very important at the area Fondón Palacio del Rey Chico (Fuente Victoria) vídeo in: www.fondon.es Fuente Victoria
  12. 12. LOCATION
  13. 13. PLOTS TOTAL:121 plots 103 plots ….Alpujarras viviendas rurales SL 18 plots…..Ayuntamiento Fondón Plots of 450sq m2 average
  14. 14. URBANISTICS POSSIBILITIES The general conditions of the building cover, amongst others, the following: -For all parcels must be provided a parking space ... ... .. -Style buildings will be free. However the City Council may reject projects that match with the aesthetic character of the area. -Closure of the plots with fences or hedges up to 2.20 m -Front-street minimum 6 m -Separate least-building training to lindreo: 3m -It allows for use below grade construction garage or warehouse -The occupation of the land will not exceed 20% -The housing floor area allows up to 109 m2 FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ;SEEEK FULL TEXT
  15. 15. COMMERCIAL VIABILITY The offer of this type of product in the area is practically zero, since at this point it is impossible to reclassify land. In fact, we have invested a lot of resources and almost five years in achieving the APROVAL OF THIS “PLAN PARCIAL”(SEE THE ATTACHED FILE) The fact that the resulting product are detached houses in 450 sqm2 plots make it very attractive as a second home. It is very seductive the idea of offering a final product that respects the environment, in terms of aesthetics, construction systems and energy efficiency, in other words: to offer a sustainable product.
  16. 16. CONCLUSION We believe that presenting a unique project, well, related to tourism or residential development would be a profitable investment. The British community, for example, is already well established in the area, especially due to the influence of one of its most important writers, Gerald Brenan lived and wrote about the benefits of the Alpujarra. On the other hand, the idea of a sustainability project would make it a different product wich will atract to the market.
  17. 17. MORE INFORMATION CRISTÓBALMARCHAN Tel: 0034 950 13 20 19 Mobil: 0034 633 13 40 50 E mail: cris@iniciativasexpresso.org www.iniciativasexpresso.org