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Ifla art of life presentation final


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Presentation about The Art of Life grant, a collaboration with the Biodiversity Heritage Library.

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Ifla art of life presentation final

  1. 1. Merging the Worlds of Art and Science IFLA Section on Science & Technology August 19,2014
  2. 2. Trish Rose-Sandler Center for Biodiversity Informatics, Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, MO, USA Nancy E. Gwinn Smithsonian Libraries, Washington, DC, USA Constance Rinaldo Ernst Mayr Library, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA
  3. 3. What is Biodiversity Content?
  4. 4. Digital Repository of Books Field Notebooks Journals • Extensive • Open • Global • Linked
  5. 5. What is the Biodiversity Heritage Library? Digital Library 78,947 Titles 141,770 Volumes 44,275,666 Pages
  6. 6. • American Museum of Natural History Library • California Academy of Sciences Library • Cornell University Library • Harvard University Botany Library • Ernst Mayr Library of the Museum of Comparative Zoology • Library of Congress • Marine Biological Laboratory Library • Missouri Botanical Garden Library • Natural History Museum, London Library • The New York Botanical Garden Library • Royal Botanic Garden, Kew, Library • Smithsonian Libraries • Washington University at St. Louis Library • University of Illinois Library • United States Geological Survey Libraries 15 MEMBERS 4 AFFILIATES BHL Central • Academy of Natural Sciences Library • Chicago Botanical Garden Library • The Field Museum Library • Los Angeles County Natural History Museum Library
  7. 7. Global Partners Europe China Australia Egypt Brazil Africa Singapore
  8. 8. BHL = Libraries + Technology + Science of animals, plants, nature in general (Taxonomic literature) • Type in a taxon name and find in the text corpus. • Systematic biology is for scientists—the taxonomic impediment is resolved.
  9. 9. BHL Book Viewer
  10. 10. Challenges Millions of natural history illustrations Very few have metadata that describe their content or where they are in the book
  11. 11. BHL and Flickr—90,000 Images Only pretty pictures Still too manual Many illustrations not included
  12. 12. o Full title— o Grant given to in St. Louis, Missouri o Funded by U.S. o Runs Art of Life?
  13. 13. Goals/Objectives o Define for natural history illustrations o Build algorithms to of illustrations o Enhance existing tools to adding descriptive metadata into BHL and images and metadata more widely
  14. 14. How to Identify Illustrations? Algorithms to automate identification of images tested: Picture blocks 87-88% effective Contrast 87-88% effective Color ineffective Compression ineffective
  15. 15. Web Application For analyzing & visualizing algorithm results
  16. 16. Basic Workflow
  17. 17. Macaw An interface for classifying pages identified by algorithms
  18. 18. Crowdsourcing Flickr tagging Wikimedia Commons apply schema For adding description of illustrations
  19. 19. Describing Natural History Illustrations Schema = VRA Core with elements from Darwin Core
  20. 20. Art of Life Status o Running algorithms o 1.5 million pages processed o 300,000 pages with images o Estimate will be 15% of corpus—pages with images results—78,000 pages so far o Testing to Wikimedia Commons o Testing from tool o BHL architecture modified and ready to newly created metadata
  21. 21. o Images serve o Scientists o Artists o Historians o Teachers Benefits o Rich content o If specimens are gone, may be to document a species algorithms and analysis tools on github tool (Macaw) on github
  22. 22. Questions? For more information: Trish Rose-Sandler, Principal Investigator