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2014 tdwg makinglinks


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Talk for the BHL symposium at TDWG Biodiversity Information Standards meeting, 2014, Jonkoping, Sweden.

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2014 tdwg makinglinks

  1. 1. MAKING LINKS IN THE BHL Primary Source Materials as a Window to a Scientist’s Methods Constance Rinaldo, Librarian of the Ernst Mayr Library, MCZ, Harvard TDWG Annual Meeting 2014, Jonkoping, Sweden
  2. 2. Connecting Content: Field Notes, Specimens & Published Literature • Digitize • Deposit • Link • Repurpose
  3. 3. Why Field Notes? • Archival materials fill in the documentation of the full research cycle & are primary source material • Field notes provide unpublished observations, sketches, weather reports and species lists • Accessibility & adaptation for today’s tools and researchers • We chose William Brewster, an ornithologist who worked during the late 19th and early 20th centuries • Test case to connect old and current data: Brewster species lists & current EOL data • Connect content from multiple sources to advance scientific and educational pursuits= open science.
  4. 4. Life Cycle Completed Image digitized for BHL Observations in notes, Later digitized for BHL Original Specimen record Publication of species description, digitized for BHL Full digital specimen record With links to digitized material
  5. 5. Purposeful Gaming • Digitize horticultural catalogs • Select tool for transcription of handwritten & multi column formatted BHL content • Transcribe field notes & catalogs (each page twice) • Crowdsource transcription • Compare digital outputs • Extract problem words for game • Build BHL technical framework for classifying, comparing & managing multiple OCR outputs
  6. 6. Transcription Tool Criteria • Open source • Crowdsourcing capability • User-friendly • Allow administrative oversight and editing (i.e., reviewing, correcting, and validating transcriptions) • Provide transcription file exports that can be efficiently formatted for use by the game(s) • Sustainable (tool selected will hopefully be used permanently for BHL) • Code easy to install, manage, and troubleshoot • Technical support • Multiple transcriptions of a single page
  7. 7. Transcription Tools • FromthePage & Digivol • Selected 2 tools to fulfill the need for 2 transcriptions of each page • Built in community of volunteers with Digivol
  8. 8. illustration
  9. 9. "4058841","Jessica Mitchell","Joseph deVeer","JournalsWilliam00Brew_0013.jpg","Fully transcribed by Jessica Mitchell. Exported on 21-Oct-2014 from DigiVol (","05-Jun-2014 02:17:15","11-Jun-2014 23:02:51","0","MCZ","1888nMarch 20nRevere Beach, Massachusetts.n Cloudy with occasional light showers; warm.n To revere Beach with Chadbourne by 9 a.m. train.nLeft the cars at Point of Pines and first inspected'nthe pines behind the large hotel in hopes of findingnCrossbills there. There were English Sparrows innabundance and four Tree Sparrows (S. monticola) butnnothing else save a single Robin. In the bushy thicketsnaround the outskirts of the grove Song Sparrowsnswarming as usual at this season and, despitenthe gloomy weather, singing freely. We saw nonenelsewhere along the beach although they used tonbe numerous during migration time at severalnplaces, especially Oak Island.n[margin]S.monticola[/margin]n Near the extreme end of the Point we came onna flock of about 15 Pine Linnets feeding amongnweeds on the side of a dyke embankment. Firingntwo barrels into these killed eight.n[margin]Chrysomitrisnpinus[/margin]n Retracing our steps to the station & crossing thenrailroad we next tried the marshes. There were nonsmall birds there but we saw a flock of aboutn30 Crows (evidently migrants), about as manynGolden-eye Duck feeding in the river, and numerousnHerring Gulls.n The rest of the way to Oak Island we kept alongnthe beach ridge. Pine Linnets are exceedinglynnumerous the entire distance, in flocks of 5 to 15 birdsneach. We shot nine more specimens. I made onencapital shot at a single bird passing very swiftlynbefore the strong S. E. wind.n Besides the Linnets we saw a single Snow Bunting,n& many English Sparrows, the latter feeding on thenwet beach in flocks. Returned to the city at 12 n.","13"
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Access to Digitized Texts • Improved OCR from crowdsourcing & gaming • Technical infrastructure to manage & compare multiple text sources
  12. 12. Next steps • Social media campaign: transcription • Release games/more social media • Operationalize crowdsourcing of OCR improvements: data mining possibilities
  13. 13. More to come