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Steve Jobs, the celebrity founder of Apple, was known for his vision, creativity and passion; less known is what drove his life and this book on Steve Jobs’ biography focuses upon his spirituality from Law of Attraction’s perspective.
The essence of Law of Attraction is: "like attracts like". It was mentioned by Napoleon Hill, had become the basis of the Abraham teachings with Ester and Jerry Hicks and made popular by Rhonda Byrne with “The Secret”.
Cristina has had an interest in spirituality from an early age and has formed her own perspective from her various studies. Steve Jobs’ life as well as a few aspects of her own life provides a though provoking book written with great deal of insight and sensitivity, exemplifying Law of Attraction at work in our lives and the value each life offers, no matter “the settings”.

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  1. 1. Steve Jobs and IThe Law of Attraction’s Perspective Fragments By Cristina Corban
  2. 2. Copyright © 2012 Cristina Corban All Rights Reserved. Amazon: Steve Jobs and I ASIN: B007Z3QV0S Lulu: Steve Jobs and I ISBN: 978-1-105-71410-8This work is Standard Copyright Licensed
  3. 3. To Maria and Gabi, Angels of my life
  4. 4. “Your time is limited, so don’t wasteit living someone else’s life. Don’t betrapped by dogma – which is living with theresults of other people’s thinking. Don’t letthe noise of others’ opinions drown outyour own inner voice. And most important,have the courage to follow your heart andintuition. They somehow already knowwhat you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”Steve Jobs
  5. 5. Table of ContentsSteve Jobs and IPrefaceThe PremiseThe GridSpiritualityContrastFocusFamilyCreativityThe Reality Distortion FieldAbout The Author
  6. 6. Preface You are about to embark on ajourney of a different perspective. You cancall it a spiritual journey, a journey of self-improvement, a biography or plain fiction. My intention with this book is toshare a perspective on life, a perspectivethat would enhance worthiness and goodfeelings for you, dear reader. Steve Jobs hasinspired me and we will be looking at his lifeas well as aspects of my own life as a casestudy, using the lens detailed in ThePremise to see how “like attracts like” orthe Law of Attraction affects our lives. This “Think Different” perspectivedoes not intend to be scientific research,but an entertaining experience of exploringlife through a certain filter.
  7. 7. You are way more than you perceive.You are an Infinite Being who decided toexplore and define details in a contrastingexperience. Contrast gives birth to newdesires, to expansion, to refining all that is.When computers first appeared, they weremade of separate pieces; the user neededto know codes and the output wasrudimentary. From this was born the desireto have more friendly computers,integrated solutions, computers that couldbe used without having to read a novel-length instruction book in order to be ableto use them. The desire gave birth to the dream,and someone had considered that to bepossible. Every desire bears its completion;the question is whether the dreamerbelieves in the desire or not. Steve Jobspronounced possible many ideas thatothers considered to be impossible and this
  8. 8. was his genius. His vision gathered aroundideas, people and materials that woulddetail the most wonderful products we’veseen in technology. My vision meets his, as I amembarking on creating this e-book, which Iam “putting out there”! Thanks totechnology, vision, tools, virtual bookstoresand you, there is a meeting up in virtualspaces and sharing of ideas that come waymore easily than it would have if I had tocut a real tree, make a real book, hire a shipto cross the oceans so that my book reachesyou. Einstein: “All religions, arts andsciences are branches of the same tree. Allthese aspirations are directed towardennobling mans life, lifting it from thesphere of mere physical existence andleading the individual towards freedom.”Moral Decay (1937)
  9. 9. Steve Jobs emerged from the veryroot of the tree, being spiritual, artistic andtechnical at the same time. He had indeedennobled man’s life and revolutionized sixindustries: personal computers, animatedmovies, music, phones, tablet computingand digital publishing. “The people who are crazy enoughto think they can change the world are theones who do.”—Apple’s “Think Different”commercial, 1997
  10. 10. […] The Grid You came here with a grid, a set ofgeneral intentions. You knew the eagernesswith which you came forth; the wellbeing,the love, the preciousness of the life wewere about to embark upon. This grid supersedes everything; it isthe very basis of our lives. When the life you live generates agrid that opposes your basic intended grid,you don’t feel good. Innately you know thatyou are supposed to feel good and life issupposed to be easy and FUN. When you align with the basic grid ofwell-being, vibrating in response to your
  11. 11. inner balance, you get a deeper sense ofworthiness when you see the world aroundyou, the exterior circumstances and peopleresponding with details to what you’ve gotgoing on inside. The word Grid is used here in termsof layout, the pattern that gets filled in withthe details. In this book I speak of SteveJobs’ life grid, which can be understood interms of The Premise from the dawn of hislife. In fact from the dawn of everyone’slife, mine included. He has come to be known as a secureman, confident in himself, in his abilitiesand ideas, with trust in the good nature ofpeople as individuals, not having doubtsabout his abundance, support and place inthis Universe. He appreciated and lookedfor the same traits in others with whom heinteracted. This is obvious in his workenvironment, in public and at home. Of
  12. 12. course, Law of Attraction provided thematch of his vibration. Coming up with a life like that, youcan see how it was perfectly designed fromthe beginning. Parents He was the biological son of twoyoung, educated people, each of whomcame from conservative families; themother, American Joanne Schieble, and thefather, Abdulfattah Jandali, from a richSyrian family. Having an affair with eachother was not the easiest thing and it took adose of rebellion to be together and have ason. Steve’s biological roots have been ofintelligence, education and rebellion.
  13. 13. Pretty interesting deal, but thatwould not have been the catalyst forestablishing the grid of confidence, stabilityand superiority that Steve had going on! The most important factor inestablishing these traits has been Steve’sadoptive parents: middle-class people, inlove with each other and with a stablefamily, willing to have this child and raisehim as if he were the product of their love.Which he has been and they received hislove and respect throughout Steve’s life. They provided him the materialstability and emotional confidence. He grewup knowing he was smart, being allowedand encouraged to do what he wanted,being excused and justified in his actions,no matter how “crazy” those actions wouldhave seemed to other people. Steve knewhe had his back covered and that he wasentitled to be who he really was.
  14. 14. While the common occurrence is thatthe child submits to the pressure of theadults, this was not the case with SteveJobs. He had learned from an early age totrust himself, to count on the support andguidance of those around him, no matter ifat times his behavior was not what otherswould coin as appropriate. Before he finished third grade hisfather had begun to treat him as special,and in his calm but firm manner he made itclear that he expected the school to do thesame. “Look, it’s not his fault,” Paul Jobstold the teachers, his son recalled. “If youcan’t keep him interested, it’s your fault.”His parents never punished him for histransgressions at school.” Walter Isaacson –Steve Jobs He only needed to be appropriate inhis own eyes and to listen to his inspiration.Many times he underlined the importance
  15. 15. of listening to inner guidance, to listen toyour heart and inspiration, which seem toknow the best way toward a result. He found a way not to fit in withtypical societal demands and that led him tobecome a leader that brought greatcontribution to society, allowing him thefreedom to create. “Im not a 62-year-old statesmanthats traveled around the world all his life.So Im sure that there was a situation whenI was 25 that if I could go back, knowingwhat I know now, I could have handledmuch better. And Im sure Ill be able to saythe same thing when Im 35 about thesituation in 1985. I can be very intense inmy convictions. And I dont know; all in all, Ikind of like myself and Im not that anxiousto change.” Newsweek, Sep. 1985
  16. 16. […]Is that all there is to life? Here iswhat Steve Jobs thinks about it: “Death is the greatest invention oflife. I’m sure that life evolved without deathat first and found that without death, lifedidn’t work very well. Because it didn’tmake room for the young, who didn’t knowhow the world was 50 yrs ago, who saw itas it is today, without any preconceptionsand dreams as it could be based on that.Who are not satisfied based on theaccomplishments of previous years, butwho were dissatisfied because the currentstate didn’t lived up to their ideals. Withoutdeath there will be very little progress.” -“Computerworld Information TechnologyAwards Program” Interview, 1995 Steve’s understanding of cycles of lifeis so impressive and soothing! He lived hislife without having to just get by, lived lifeas fully as he chose, with joy and love. He
  17. 17. loved his family and he loved his work.Work and family was what he loved andthat was pretty much enough for him. Well,maybe some occasional dinners withpresidents, but he was just someone whovalued life and simplicity. Although it might seem little on thesurface, there is just so much more! If youapply The Premise to look at Steve’spresent and future then he is still among us,sharing with those on a similar vibe, livingever after … just like you and me. If weunderstand this about the Premise, weunderstand a lot: it just feels good toimagine that the matter is mostly space,that the particles are so far from oneanother, vibrating at certain rates, visiblematter vibrating at a certain rate, non-visible in at a higher rate, Source at thehighest rate. As the energy vibrates higherand higher, through individualized streams
  18. 18. of personality because of our differences,taking on some resistance to slow thevibration and making it visible andtouchable for a while, then letting go of theresistance and coming back into fullalignment with the whole of who we are;how can someone disappear? Steve is flowing NOW with us, thosewhom resonate with him! While he wasphysically focused he kept his spiritual lifeprivate, showing to the physical world those“insanely great products”. What really mattered for Steve whileamong us was his own relationship withSource, the Vision and the Focus thatultimately made those envisioned thingsvisible on Earth. Now, because he cannot beperceived by us through physical senses, heflows with us through thoughts on the samevibration, more subtle but more widely
  19. 19. available on what was and is at the basis ofhis life and all our lives: now his sharing isspiritual in nature. The Premise links the beginning withthe end: we are so much more than itappears! Most of our Being is non-physicaland we re-emerge, releasing all theresistance, uniting fully with who we reallyare. From there, we mingle and inspireideas to those who have vibration closeenough to feel, and whose minds are clearenough to perceive beyond! There is No END!
  20. 20. About The Author Cristina studied and practicedmedicine, enrolling as a student in geologyand geophysics after ten years. She nowworks as a geophysicist for a Romaniancompany. She has had an interest in spiritualityfrom an early age and from her variousstudies has formed her own perspective. Cristina lives in Romania and has adaughter.