An Unoriginal Legacy - Chapter Two, Generation Two


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Chapter Two, Generation Two of my legacy :D

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An Unoriginal Legacy - Chapter Two, Generation Two

  1. 1. Chapter Two, Generation Two An Unoriginal Legacy
  2. 2. The triplets are doing brilliantly at the moment, Esme has nearly maxed (3 points) her Logic skill, and Lori and Isabelle are on the beginnings of 2 points for the Xylophone. And Zelda is extremely good with the kids, but that’s probably because she acts like a kid herself. /facepalm
  3. 3. “ Am I the only mature one here?” Probably, SimMe, probably.
  4. 4. The girls have all be taught how to speak and walk, and I often laugh at their first words, such as; “ Emerald!” – Isabelle “ Desk!” – Lori “ Knife and Fork!” – Esme How lovely xD
  5. 5. My simself and Zelda also decided that they wanted more kids… who am I to reject that? *shifty eyes* I wanted a full house anyway, my Simself’s LTW is Have a Large Family, after all. xD So yeah, I let them, uhh, get it on? At least my simself is a straight shooter.
  6. 6. Let’s just take a moment to admire the awesome landscapes and scenery in Sunset Valley. I think, though EA has made a few mistakes with the whole game, the scenery was done really well. *claps*
  7. 7. Zelda has developed her first bump, and I must say, I think it was a lot smaller than the last one. Maybe this time it’s a single birth xD I’m writing this in parts as the game goes on, so even I don’t know if she’ll give birth to twins/trips/single. Confusion is fun! :B
  8. 8. Oooh! Birthday time! The kids can kinda look after themselves now! Woot! I can be lazy again! :D
  9. 9. Esme Braddick Evil Genius Frugal Favourite Colour: Red Favourite Music: Soul Favourite Food: Cookies
  10. 10. Isabelle Braddick Absent Minded Slob Daredevil Favourite Colour: Yellow Favourite Music: Pop Favourite Food: Hot Dogs
  11. 11. Lori Braddick Loner Loves the Outdoors Workaholic Favourite Colour: Hot Pink Favourite Music: Indie Favourite Food: Dim Sum
  12. 12. Just a quick family portrait, on the back row (L to R): Thai, Zelda. On the front row (L to R): Lori, Esme, Isabelle
  13. 13. All three of the girls have their own little ‘niches’ like Lori searches for stars (she’s found four already, all have been named after my friends on; Ally-74912, Yeshy-82245, Jadey-13297 and Hammy-27922) Esme paints, and a hell of a lot of her paintings are red and black xD It makes me laugh that her paintings match her. Isabelle writes, she’s already published two books, Driving with Duckies and The Lonely Yeti. I didn’t pick the names. :P
  14. 14. Zelda is on her second pop, and this bump still looks smaller than her other one. I swear it’s less than three (thankfully).
  15. 15. So Zelda goes to the park to Play for Tips. It’s just how she deals with pregnancy. :P
  16. 16. Pop goes the Zelda~!
  17. 17. “ Yay! You’re giving birth, Zelda honey!” “ Yeah! You’re the one smiling; I’m the one who has to shove a melon through a coin slot!” “ YAY BAYBAYS!” “ You are hopeless.”
  18. 18. Meet Autumn, she’s a Friendly person who is also Good.
  19. 19. Also, please say Hello to Summer, Autumn’s twin ( -_- ) Summer is a Grumpy Loner.
  20. 20. Since I cannot be bothered to go through one extremely boring day of waiting for the babies, I’m caking them. It is also Zelda’s elder birthday, AND it’s the triplet’s teen birthdays.
  21. 21. The triplets are going first :D
  22. 22. This is Lori, who has terrible dress sense. She has developed the Hot-Headed trait. I’ll be giving her the family trait of Hopeless Romantic when she becomes an adult.
  23. 23. This is Esme, who, coupled with her Evil, Genius and Frugal traits is now also Dramatic. She has very… conservative dress sense, that’ll be fixed eventually. Her Hopeless Romantic trait will be added when she turns adult.
  24. 24. This is Isabelle, she’s already a This is Isabelle, she already has the Absent Minded, Slob and Daredevil traits, and she added (randomly, may I add) the Hopeless Romantic trait! :D Saves me having to keep her grades up in school, eh?
  25. 25. Zelda also has a turn. “ If I close my eyes, when I open them, I’ll still be young and sexy.” Yeah, you tell yourself that, Zelda.
  26. 26. “ It didn’t work, did it?” Sorry, hun, but your sagging now. “ *sad face*”
  27. 27. Then Zelda takes Summer and Autumn to the cakes. :] Can’t wait to see how they’ll turn out.
  28. 28. Autumn Braddick: Good Friendly Favourite Colour: Lime Green Favourite Music: Pop Favourite Food : Key Lime Pie
  29. 29. Summer Braddick: Grumpy Loner Favourite Colour: Blue Favourite Music: Electronica Favourite Food: Hot Dogs
  30. 30. This is the new and madeover Esme, she’s a little on the chubby side, but it doesn’t look that bad. And she also looks suitably evil in this picture xD “ I’m planning to overthrow you and make sure I don’t get heirship.” Why don’t you want to be heir? ó_o “ And pump out baby after baby and then die? No thanks.” Gurl, this makes me want to make you heir even more. “ Crap.” >:]
  31. 31. And this is Lori, who looks absolutely beautiful :’] I’m proud of my genes. And I wonder how Lori got purple eyes… hmm. “ Oh, that’s easy. When I was born, Mum dropped Ribena into my eyes and it combined with my iris.” … of course that’s how it happened >_>
  32. 32. This is Isabelle, who looks glamorous :’]] She actually seems like one of those larger girls that look totally awesome! “ I am lovely.” Yes you are, hun.
  33. 33. Just a view of all three of them. They all look really unique, but it also looks really cool :D
  34. 34. Hey, hey Esme. “ *ignores*” Esme… “ *ignores*” ESME!!! “ What?! -.-” You’re heiress. “ o_o”
  35. 35. “ No I’m not.” Yes you are, your little plot to overthrow me convinced me. :P “ Sh*t.” Teehee.
  36. 36. This is Phil. He is now our official legacy mascot. “ Shut up I’m thinking.” No, I don’t wanna. :P “…” Hah, speechless are yo- “ SHUT UP I’M THINKING!!!” o_o Statue, yes statue. “ What did I say?” Sorry. :[
  37. 37. “ Looks like someone forgot to pay the bills…” Shut up. “ No.” *sad face*
  38. 38. “ Have you ever thought that he maybe enjoys his job a little too much?” Yes, yes I have. “ MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!”
  39. 39. Oh no, he took the microwave we don’t use. So sad. “ NO! NOT DAVID! I LIKED DAVID THE MICROWAVE D:” Esme, the microwave didn’t have a name. “ YES HE DID. HIS NAME WAS DAVID D:” Right.
  40. 40. SimMe rolled the want for a kid, and since Zelda is too old… I adopted. Meet Orson, the only boy so far. Orson is a Heavy Sleeping Genius who is very Athletic.
  41. 41. “ I don’t know if you’re my new Daddy or my new Mummy, but I know you adopted me, so, HUG :D” “ We’ll get you some glasses.” “ This family is so weird.” Shut up maid girl, that’s my simself right there. “ And what are you gonna do about it?” Hmmmm…
  42. 42. Meet Geoffrey, he’s our new maid.
  43. 43. This is Orson, all decked out in a shirt and tie, baggy jeans, a bowl cut and glasses. Cute :B
  44. 44. This is our brand new refurbished house :D I like it ^_^
  45. 45. Orson plays chess on the PC now xD
  46. 46. The only people who pay attention to Summer and Autumn are the triplets on free will… is that bad? xD
  47. 47. It’s the twins’ birthday now anyway, so maybe they’ll get some more attention payed to them as children. I doubt it.
  48. 48. Of course, while growing up his daughter, my simself decided that he had to be a show stealer and grow into an elder while his daughter was growing into a child. xD
  49. 49. Summer Braddick Grumpy Loner Absent-Minded
  50. 50. Autumn Braddick Good Friendly Can’t Stand Art
  51. 51. Just a quick picture of my simself and daughter’s makeovers. :]
  52. 52. Hey, Esme, being large doesn’t suit you anymore, go work out. “ But I don’t want to :[“ DO EET >:[ Or David the Window gets it! “ You wouldn’t!” Oh, I would. “ *works out*” Yes, she named a window David. She’s had a long list of Davids. Such as the microwave and her bed. Now she has a window named David. Unhealthy obsession much? /facepalm
  53. 53. See, you’re getting thinner already! :D “ Grrrrrrr. >:[“
  54. 54. Okay, you’re thin enough now, you can get off. “ Goo- *slips*” LOL. “ >:[“
  55. 55. “ I hate you so much.” Love you too, hun. “ -_-”
  56. 56. I see that smile, Esme. You enjoy being thin. “ I AM NOT SMILING, I AM… FLEXING MY CHEEKS.” Course.
  57. 57. Zelda is so ignored these days. But she’s nearly dead, at 27 days, she’s already over the age limit of the Short lifespan. But I do genuinely like her, she has pretty genes and good traits :D
  58. 58. Crap… did I jinx it? Oh well. Zelda was a wonderful wife and mother, she had beautiful genes and died with the flower she moved in with on her head. :]
  59. 59. R.I.P Zelda Braddick neé Mae
  60. 60. So now, Zelda is the first addition to the mausoleum I built out back, she rests underneath a candle, next to an orchid, and above the guitar she moved in with.
  61. 61. Phil has been moved to the front of the Mausoleum, SimMe is making him a friend to watch over it as well. :]
  62. 62. See?
  63. 63. BOOM! Phil, meet Neil. “ Why hello there, hottie.” “ Why, I could say the same to you ;D” “ When the camera goes away you wanna get down to some deep, hard, ‘thinking’?” “ YES.” … I have gay guard statues. AWESOME x]
  64. 64. Of course, with death come birthdays. The triplets are growing into Young Adults today.
  65. 65. Isabelle Braddick: Absent-Minded Slob Daredevil Hopeless Romantic Mooch
  66. 66. Esme Braddick: Dramatic Frugal Evil Genius Hopeless Romantic
  67. 67. (Sorry about the fact that the picture isn’t as big as the others, I lost the original and had to search for another one, and the only one I could find was cropped like this.) Lori Braddick: Loner Loves the Outdoors Hot-Headed Workaholic Hopeless Romantic
  68. 68. And here are the triplets, and from left to right, they are: Isabelle, Esme (our heiress), Lori They’re all beautiful :’]
  69. 69. I sent all the girls to the park to find hubby’s and Esme saw this blue guy I made ages ago, called Archie Waterhill. Say hello to your new husband, Esme! “ Hello new husband :D!” Remind you of anything? x]]]
  70. 70. “ Hey baby, how about me and you get together and make a whole pallet of hellishly colourful babies?” Awww, sim pick up lines xD
  71. 71. I also saw this kid. He’s not ugly, and probably about to age up soon, so I sent Lori to say hello.
  72. 72. So, Esme chats up Archie, and Lori hits on a teenager called Ezra… *shifty eyes* And that cop can see the future! As I know Archie and Esme will get married… hopefully.
  73. 73. Then I see Venkat Keaton, the baby that Justine gives birth to at the beginning of a new Sunset Valley game, and he’s like an Adult or something, so I send Isabelle to say hello.
  74. 74. Esme and Archie are hitting it off. I mean REALLY hitting it off.
  75. 75. And so are Venkat and Isabelle :D
  76. 76. Whereas Lori was ditched x_x
  77. 77. But she was perfectly happy to play chess by herself, being a Loner and all.
  78. 78. All three of the remaining kids are becoming teenagers. :D Good to know x]
  79. 79. Orson Braddick: Heavy Sleeper Genius Hates The Outdoors Athletic Favourite Colour: Pink Favourite Music: Soul Favourite Food: Spaghetti
  80. 80. Autumn Braddick: Good Friendly Can’t Stand Art Virtuoso
  81. 81. Summer Braddick: Grumpy Loner Absent-Minded Dramatic
  82. 82. Remember Ezra? Yeah, he’s grown up. He’s a very Grumpy dude xD
  83. 83. Well, after one hell of a flirting/making out session, Lori and Ezra got engaged ^_^
  84. 84. Welcome to the family, Ezra :] You know what’s strange? Lori was the last to get hooked up, but she was the first to marry. :P
  85. 85. After Ezra received a makeover, she and Ezra moved out to the Frio beach house (the Frio brothers moved away a while ago). They are expecting a child, and I will give you all an update in a separate spares chapter. :]
  86. 86. Remember how Ezra aged up? Yeah, well Archie did too. -_- Esme rolled the want to marry him, so I thought why the hec not, I’ll just try to get as much babies out of him as possible. Although I’m not too sure how my Simself will react to his daughter marrying someone just a day younger than him xD
  87. 87. They get married and soon decide to… uhh…
  88. 88. … consumate their marriage xD
  89. 89. And Esme has popped x]
  90. 90. I have no idea how Archie did this, but somehow, he did. x_x I then sent him to repair a computer, and…
  91. 91. … this happened… but that didn’t kill him, nooo.
  92. 92. I had forgotten to feed him, and his needs where reduced too much by the shock… -.-
  93. 93. This sort of thing happens in EVERY SINGLE legacy I play that stars my simself >.> Last time my simself was killed by a fire created by a broken computer. >_>
  94. 94. Poor Esme :[ R.I.P Archie Braddick neé Waterhill
  95. 95. So now, we’ve placed Archie’s grave inside the mausoleum, with the dollhouse he bought in his inventory, I thought it fitting.
  96. 96. The stress was a bit much for Isabelle, so she moved out. She now lives where Mrs. Crumplebottom used to live. She is still with Venkat, but they do not live together or are not anything more than boyfriend and girlfriend. She has adopted a little girl :] Pictures will be in a spare update chapter. :]
  97. 97. When Isabelle moves out, the twins and Orson grow up. The redhead is Summer and the blonde is Autumn (mixed up names and styles much? xD)
  98. 98. Orson Braddick: Heavy Sleeper Genius Athletic Hates the Outdoors Hopeless Romantic
  99. 99. Summer Braddick: Grumpy Loner Absent-Minded Dramatic Hopeless Romantic
  100. 100. Autumn Braddick: Good Friendly Can’t Stand Art Virtuoso Hopeless Romantic
  101. 101. Orson and the Twins got made over and moved out of the house, they are all single at the moment, and nothing else has really happened. *shrug*
  102. 102. Esme was being sculpted by her father, and decided to give birth. Lovely. -_-
  103. 103. Meet Chris, he’s a Clumsy Couch Potato, and, meet … “ DAVID!!!!” Yes, David. After the window, the bed and the microwave. And my best friend in real life =] David is Perceptive and Eccentric.
  104. 104. Well, Little Me, how do you feel? You lived to see your grandchildren :] “ I feel… complete. Utterly happy. Fulfilled.” Good, because you’re already 28 days old and are probably going to die soo-
  105. 105. -n… :[ Oh… you just had to die now. D:
  106. 106. R.I.P Thai Braddick. Founder, husband and loving Father. Rest in peace.
  107. 107. I’ve set Thai down next to Zelda, and the creepy fog which is now a permanent fixture on the tables xD
  108. 108. The next day, the boys had their birthday. :]
  109. 109. And this is a picture of our future heirs. :] The redhead is Chris (he got the hair from Zelda x]) and the dark haired one is David (he got his hair from my simself :D). I’ll end this REALLY long chapter here :] Thanks for reading, bye guys! Please do comment on the LJ/ thread :] Next chapter will either be Generation 3 or a Spare Update ^_^ -Thai