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An Unoriginal Legacy - Chapter One, Generation One


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The first chapter of my new legacy starring my simself! Enjoy!

-Thai AKA taintedColours AKA crimml

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An Unoriginal Legacy - Chapter One, Generation One

  1. 1. An Unoriginal Legacy Chapter One, Generation One
  2. 2. Thai Braddick Traits are: Couch Potato Kleptomaniac Savvy Sculptor Family Orientated Hopeless Romantic
  3. 3. That, my friends, is my Simself, and this is his house. I am not afraid to say it; his house is crap. Mainly because I spent loads on a sculpture platform because I know you can earn good money when you get higher, don’t judge me. xD This slide, I think, is the best for explaining my rules and handicaps, so, let us find them out: <ul><li>This is a speedy legacy, it’s played on the ‘Short’ lifespan. </li></ul><ul><li>The family trait is ‘Hopeless Romantic’. </li></ul><ul><li>There must be at least one set of multiples (twins/triplets) per generation. </li></ul><ul><li>Every 3 generations the house is bulldozed and the money is reset to 3000 simoleans. </li></ul>
  4. 4. Sim Me soon sets about creating his first sculpture. A chair. Which I promptly sold. “ Why’d you have to sell it? I liked that chair! *sad face*” Who gave you permission to talk? >_> “… No-one…” Then shut up. “ *sadder face*”
  5. 5. As night drew in, my simself retreated to the Alto house, to use their toilet. (After I realised using moveobjects on to place the toilet where it was was against the rules, but I’m not scoring anyway, so, :P) Anyway. After he used the toilet, he… stole it. And he also stole the shower. Teehee. He then stole an expensive chair, which allowed me to place a small bathroom building on his lot.
  6. 6. <ul><li>He also met Becky Baker, a Sim Bin move in. I was going to marry her in, but she had a toddler… Who the hell wants to deal with a toddler so early on? :P </li></ul>… that sounds mean xD
  7. 7. And so, our simselfian founder returned home to his not-so comfortable bed. Lovely.
  8. 8. The next day, he actually crafts something good; a mutated fish snake scorpion thing. I sold it. xD It didn’t sell for very much, though :[
  9. 9. I decided to send him to get a job in the Criminal Career track just to hold him down, for a while. Later on when his sculptures sell for good money, he can quit.
  10. 10. Around this time I decided for him to go spouse hunting, the post woman seems to be a possibility.
  11. 11. Until she left him xD My simself got rejected :P “ Shut up! ” R-E-J-E-C-T-E-D, REJECTED. “ *sad face*”
  12. 12. Then, I noticed Zelda Mae. She’s pretty, young, and doesn’t have commitment issues, say hello to your future spouse, little guy! “ Hello, future spouse.” “ I-I’m sorry?” “ Oh don’t worry.  ” “ Huh?”
  13. 14. Soon enough, Zelda had to go, and my simself retreated to his ‘house’ to sleep. That seems like one kinky dream.
  14. 15. The next day he called her around, for woohoo and marriage. … xD
  15. 16. Engagement…
  16. 17. Marriage…
  17. 18. New house…
  18. 19. Woohoo…
  19. 20. Pregnancy! :D
  20. 21. Now that Zelda is pregnant, she pretty much plays for tips at the park constantly. It’s a good source of money and friends, though my simself is doing pretty good at the whole sculpting deal. :P
  21. 22. See how good he’s getting? Omg! Zelda Mae ice sculpture army! RUN FOR YOUR LIVESSS~
  22. 23. The army… it grows O_O As does Zelda’s stomach. She’s on Day 2 and ready to pop anytime soon.
  23. 24. The house has been added to, from my simself’s sculpture money. Hoping for a boy, but I don’t really mind that much.
  24. 25. Zelda got an opportunity to play in the symphonic orchestra or something like that. I figure the only reason they’re adding her is because she’s pregnant. Every symphonic orchestra needs a heavily pregnant woman. It’s like the law or something. Bet you she’ll give birth in the middle of it xD
  25. 26. I KNEW IT.
  26. 27. She gave birth to triplet (!!) girls, Lori (love that name so much x]), Isabelle and Esme. I don’t have any real pictures of them, but really, who needs them? They all looked the same (as babies) and I grew them up on the day they where born anyway, so I couldn’t be arsed to take pictures, instead have a picture of their nursery 
  27. 28. Be happy.
  28. 29. I decided to give Zelda a makeover, and since my custom content situation is pretty low at the moment, I think that she looks pretty good! I think she really suits red hair! :D
  29. 30. What is this? Three cakes? That can only mean one thing! O: BIRTHDAYS :D The triplets are becoming toddlers! T_T Why can’t they just go from baby to Adult? >_>
  30. 31. This is Isabelle, she’s an Absent Minded slob, and is very bald. We’ll have to fix that.
  31. 32. This is Lori, who also has short hair, which will be fixed, she’s a Loner who Loves the Outdoors. She also has awesomely random purple eyes :DDD
  32. 33. And this is Esme, an Evil Genius (not kidding xD She’ll steal candy from herself and then ponder how this candy came into existence. :P) The only one of the girls to have Zelda’s natural blonde hair.
  33. 34. And these are all our potential heiresses on the block table, in both pictures the orders are (L to R): Isabelle, Lori, Esme Okay, I’m going to end the Generation One chapter here! I’ll start up another chapter soon! Thank you all for reading, and please comment on the LJ or the thread! -Thai