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Exchange pancevo torredembarra

  1. 1. Last autumn, 17 students ofINS Torredemarra weregiven the opportunity toparticipate in an exchange.The exchange took placebetween Saturday 3rd and10th of December.
  3. 3. The exchange took place in Pančevo,which is a beautiful city of Serbia.
  4. 4. We took our plane at 11 am and wearrived there at midday.Everybody was waiting for us withbanners, it was amazing!
  5. 5. From the airport to the school -calledVasa Zivkovic- we went by bus, wherewe spoke for the first time with ournew friend. Here, we ate typical foodand we drank some juice.At night, we went to the commercialcentre and some of us skate in theice-skating place.
  6. 6. First of all, we went to theschool and they showed us apresentation of their city.After it, we went for a walkand we met the city directlyfor the first time.
  7. 7. In the afternoon, we went to our respectivehouse and we stayed with our families.At the evening, we met together for drinksomething and walk into the city center.
  8. 8. We did the presentation of ourtown and school in front of theirschool - Vasa Zivkovic.Martina, Paula, Pol, Marc andArnau presented it.
  9. 9. This day it was also Cristina’s birthday, so we met on acafé and we gave her some presents.Later, we went to a bar where we could play pool andwe had fun.
  10. 10. We passed the whole morning playinga kind of “bowling” and we enjoyed it.
  11. 11. In the afternoon we went home again,but we met later to go to a folkloredemonstration, where they taught ushow to dance. Some of us also taughtthem how to dance Sardanes.At night we went skating again and wehad dinner with our friends.
  12. 12. In the morning we went to the capital:Belgrade. First of all, we went for a walkin a beautiful park and later we went tothe main street. In that zone we visitedthe Instituto Cervantes. Finally we hadlunch.
  13. 13. Later, we visited the cathedral,but they were restoring it, so wecouldn’t appreciate it well.We went home and we went tothe bar of the pool again.
  14. 14. We visited the Naif art gallery in Kovachicaand it was interesting because we hadn’tseen this before.Later we went to a spa, but we preferred tohave a drink.
  15. 15. We went back to Pančevo and, at night,we went to a salsa practice.Finally we had a hot chocolate in a nearbar. It was delicious!
  16. 16. In the morning we participated in the bowlingcompetition. Our teams where: Oda a Sèrbia, LesRamones, Canigó, Antiparal·leles and the teachers’team.
  17. 17. In the afternoon, they threw a party for us. We received a DVD with the photos ofthe experience in Pančevo, a magnet and a bag.We spend the night all together having fun in some bars.
  18. 18. Finally, the last day arrived. We went to the school and we took a bus to theairport. Our families and friends said goodbye to us. It was a sad ending, butwe knew we would see them again on April.