I love therefore I am


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I love therefore I am

  1. 1. I love therefore I am First project: The place of retreat
  2. 2. What is the meaning / aim of this project ? Growing the seed 'I love therefore I am' in consciousness and through individual expression and shared achievement (inside community). Collective (group) Creation
  3. 3. What does this project consist of? Creating …. a place dedicated to a higher expression of human potential and human individuality   a place of meditation where you express what you are, in a natural environment reflecting the expression of the natural laws of friendship       a place in which you share yourself with everything ( all) that exists
  4. 4. What is the motivation for this project? The purpose of life is not death but a higher expression of man as an individual expression The individual reflects the social environment but the social environment does not reflect the individual! Creating a social environment in which the individual should recognize his own reflection.
  5. 5. Why choosing a place of retreat? Because it is the starting point and the continuously benchmark (point of reference), the physical representation of the place where the paradigm 'I love therefore I am' grows.
  6. 6. What IT IS NOT this place of retreat? It is not a place of sacrifice and adoration It is not a job or self-isolation It is not a place of pilgrimage or missionary It is not a place of rest, treatment or holiday It is not a public place or open to the public It is not a property It is not a refuge
  7. 7. What IT IS NOT the community It is not conspiracy, not a sect, not an environment for personal discharge It is not a framework for self importance nor for self repression It is not worth -hierarchical, it doesn’t wear an uniform or any symbols It is not an ideology or a benchmark / external pattern to be followed It is not a group of profit or influence It is not in conflict nor opposition, it takes no actions by colonizing It is not subject of discussion, gossip, or advertising
  8. 8. The displaying field of the paradigm “I love therefore I exist“ Soul - Feeling Mind – Reason Body - Fact Individual - Communion Silent - Silence
  9. 9. Why does this presentation addresses to you ? Because not by chance , you have the intuition of this approach and you resonate with this project Because you can replace the old paradigm ‘I think therefore I am' with a feasible and functional new one Because the attitude 'I love therefore I am' attunes with yourself and everything around you.
  10. 10. Project Development Steps Creating the initial core and identifying its members Making a creative session with the project development core Summarizing the creative session and taking responsibility for the areas of the project created in the previous step Implementing the project dynamically, through regular meetings, updating and creating new action coordinates within a mutual agreement.      Nothing is premeditated, everything is settled during the creative session and is valid until the next session
  11. 11. The place (the site) description of the formula
  12. 12. The site Located in nature, in a country area full of vitality, where civilization has not 'won' the place Covers at least two forms of relief, straight ground and sloping or immediate access to the slope or hill, any form of hill or low mountains. Good access to regional trail and path access also, the gate is not facing directly the main road. Consists of the house, outbuildings, bower, garden terrace, orchard, natural grass, a car or vehicle adapted for travel conditions of the site Discreet, not visible from the access road so no one can make assumptions about the type of the activity or the sizes of the place Gas and running water (preferably already connected to the national grid), electricity, address and mailbox Natural fence (border) often in bushes and shrubs, located on the outskirts of the village where they belong to.
  13. 13. The site Home      Inside the house there is a common space for washing, food, heating etc.      It consists of two parts: a common (all-purpose) part and a private one    It should not suggest a villa or other type of residence Plot       2 / 3 woods (by planting trees), 1 / 3 lawn, park, garden      The possibility of building individual houses
  14. 14. The site The water The site is crossed or is in the proximity to rivers streams so that a crawl can be made.   Clean ground water so that a well (fountain) and a water tower can be built.      Establishing an effective natural treatment for the wastewater (marsh, reed, etc.) and bringing back the water circuit.
  15. 15. Community organizational aspects
  16. 16. The community Members Members are those who cultivate their own paradigm and take individual responsibility, wherever they are located and however they would not meet Members are those who trust each other, who work together and who represent individually (in person) , the overall attitude in every case, no matter of the situation that may occur       There shall be no hierarchy among members, there will be only functional structures, organized on actions      All members participate in decision-making, planning, execution and are equally beneficiaries, reason for which the community will not exceed 30 members, the optimal number being 12.
  17. 17. Money & payments Operating diagram
  18. 18. Money Internal Organization All decisions are taken by general consent, in the presence of every one The  decision making is the organizational structure, and not hierarchical one During the regular( usual) creative /projective sessions will be stipulated (specified) all the details and work methods in terms of the community financial management.
  19. 19. Contact: http://pentru-venus.blogspot.com/ [email_address] 0752.751.146, 0723.240.176 YM: i_d_starfish YMail: i_d_starfish@yahoo.com Thank you for your time If you liked it or not, forward it to whom you may feel 