CRIF Engagement work presentation - Member Steering Group 19th December


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CRIF Engagement work presentation - Member Steering Group 19th December by Catherine Howe, Public-i

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CRIF Engagement work presentation - Member Steering Group 19th December

  1. 1. CRIF ProjectEngagement workCatherine Howe, Chief ExecutivePresentation to Members Monday 19th December 2011
  2. 2. Our Approach People do morePeople know more …and there are more of them
  3. 3. Our aim is thatwhen you leavethe conversationscontinue
  4. 4. Levels of pre-existing activityType of Site CountIndividual 36Individual / Political 14Political 25Non-social 68Community of Interest 62Social Campaign 49Hyperlocal / Local Websites 71TOTAL 325
  5. 5. Distribution by TopicTopic CountWind farms, wind turbines 17Flooding 4Waste incineration 6Solar 1Renewables 75Sustainability 94Straw burning 1Agriculture, Farming, arable 28Traffic, Jams, Buses, cars 19
  6. 6. And by Place
  7. 7. Estimated Potential ReachReachable followers on Twitter: 14,000Members of Facebook groups: 19,300 34 hyperlocal websites – if we estimate a reach of 300 people thenthat‟s an audience of 10,200 20 significant individuals – we need to speak to them about theirreach
  8. 8. What did we dowith them?
  9. 9. We invited them to a number of highly participative events Commercial Event Community Public Sector Total Sector Kick Off event – 12 ? 12 0 7th April 2011 CRIF Workshop 1 – 63 19 30 14 25th May Member Session 1 – 19 0 19 0 15th June CRIF Workshop 2 – 85 13 35 37 20th July Member Session 2 – 16 1 15 0 28th September 15 Senior Officer Session 0 15 0 – 12 October Ely Market – 45 45 0 0 13th October Community Pathway 20 16 2 2 Event – 18th October Final Event – 65 20 17 28 15th November
  10. 10. And we also had an Online AudienceEvent Live ArchiveCRIF Workshop 1 –25th May 30 350Member Session 1 –15th June 13 78CRIF Workshop 2 –20th July 53 162Final Event –15th November 24 82
  11. 11. The additionalbenefit ofwebcasting theevent is that wedemonstrated thetransparency of theprocess
  12. 12. These events wererun as „open spaces‟with as muchopportunity as waspossible for theattendees toparticipate inshaping the event
  13. 13. We also attended a number of other EventsEvent Pathway AttendeesWhittlesey Summer Festival – Community ~500 (17 CRIF)11th SeptemberTCPA Planning Session 1 – 20th September Public 25Gamlingay Environmental Action Group – Community 1221st SeptemberSCDC Sustainable Parish Energy Partnership Community ?– 21st SeptemberAlconbury event – 24th September Community / Public / ~2500 (70 visited Commercial CRIF stand)Greening Your Business – 30th September 12Fenland Green Business Club – 5th October Commercial 40TCPA Planning Session 2 – 18th October Public 18CleanTech Sector event – 10th October Commercial 30St Ives Business Event – 25th October Commercial / 15 CommunityWarboys Greener Living Event – Community 1526th OctoberSmartLife Low Carbon Launch – Community / Public / ~15031st October CommercialDevelopers‟ Forum – 2nd November Commercial 12Transition Cambridge – 24th November Community ?
  14. 14. We have also generated considerable online activityChannel #Content #viewersYoutube 37 videos 647 16 comments, 2080Blog 81 posts views, 8 followersTwitter 481 tweets 166 followersFacebook - 42 likes
  15. 15. From these events116 questionnaireswere also handed in,to join the 21questionnairescompleted online (atotal of 137)
  16. 16. Did the processwork?
  17. 17. Hugh Parnell – Chairman Envirotech: “The CRIF event I went to was very useful. It did actually congregate a large number of people, which is already agood start. They were empowered to express their opinions - there were some doubters with sensible critical comments, I think the team was very sensible in the way they engagedwith the audience and I think that consultation has to be an important part of this process.”
  18. 18. Martin Garrett – CEX Cambridge Clean Tech:“I think in both the plenary session and in the workshops there was an opportunity [to state our cases] but clearly the workshops in particular provided that opportunity”
  19. 19. Impact This approach has allowed the participants to test and effect thetechnical methodology at the start of the workIt has shaped the recommendations around the needs of thecommunity pathwaysIt has started to build the relationships and networks between thedifferent stakeholder groups
  20. 20. Co-production “So we think that‟s a really positive development and there was a great deal of information that we had on the display this evening and the talk this evening, but one of the great things was it‟s been a two-way street – and I think we‟velearned much from CRIF; I hope that you‟ve learned from us as well and our experiences here in Gamlingay.”
  21. 21. And being listened to“I think that one of the things you‟ve been able to show us this evening is that some of the concerns we have here in the village about global warming, about energy generation, about getting local representatives to take our concerns seriously are actually being looked at, are being listened to at least at some kind of level.”
  22. 22. Engagement from the Business CommunityRobert Gardiner – Homeatrix CRIF Cleantech event“I‟m really pleased to have been at this event and it‟s great to see that the public sector is taking an interest in making sure that the opportunities that are alive in both the SME sector and the large sector are really harnessed and put together.”
  23. 23. Going forward
  24. 24. The networks and relationships that have been formed by thisprocess are there to be used in the futureThis kind of effect has a half-life and will need to be refreshed in theNew Year
  25. 25. There is an appetite to do this Linda Whitebread – CRIF Final event:“I think it‟s a superb project and I‟ve been really impressed by all the work that‟s gone into it. It‟s been very well researched and thought through and there have been lots of brilliant ideas.”
  26. 26. Catherine Howe, Chief