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Rad winners


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Rad winners

  1. 1. RAD: Codefest Track for Ribbit Application Development<br />
  2. 2. RAD Overview<br /><ul><li>2,354 registrations from 543 different institutions across 59 countriesmakes Codefest the second largest online event in terms of participation ever hosted by a college of Indian Subcontinent.Duration: 3 months
  3. 3. RAD received 169 team registrations comprising of 248 participants.
  4. 4. Resulted in 58 Ribbit app submissions
  5. 5. Top 17 included in this deck.</li></li></ul><li>RAD Marketing<br /><ul><li>Contacted 500 colleges, 100 professional institutes in India and 12 international colleges and sent 1500 printed posters. These posters are expected to touch about 200,000 people globally.
  6. 6. Promoted RAD on 60 different active forums, google groups and student communities
  7. 7. Publicized the event through Orkut(600+ friends), facebook, twitter(330 followers).
  8. 8. 24 X 7 display of Ribbit, BT and TCS logo on all the codefest pages through out the 2 month long festival.
  9. 9. Total Sponsorship money spent by Ribbit: $2500</li></li></ul><li>RAD Training<br /><ul><li>Ribbit online workshop conducted by Tim Stevens and Gabby
  10. 10. Codefest team conducted two workshops on Ribbit platform on 6th Feb and 12th Mar.
  11. 11. Conducted webinar on 11th Feb
  12. 12. TCS Ribbit team provided support to Codefest participants. </li></li></ul><li>RAD Applications and Winners<br />
  13. 13. RAD Top 3 Winners<br />vBlog - VoiceBlog application suite<br />Team: Teenovators <br />Developers<br />Karan Jain, Email: <br />Ajay Kumar Gautam , Email:<br />BrainyBot - Voice and SMS notifications for special day<br />Team: developerX <br />Developers<br />Himanshu Singh, Email:<br />Shivasheesh, Email: <br />Globe Trotter- Location aware notifications<br />Team: softwizards<br />Developers:<br />Neelotpal Saha , Email: <br />Akash Nawani , Email: <br />
  14. 14. vBlog is a Voice 2.0 Application which lays down an analogy between the standard Blogger application with additional voice feature support such as dictating your blog contents, managing Voicemails & SMS, posting comments & hearing blog entries via Phone/SMS and many more.<br />Ribbit API used<br /><ul><li> .NET API
  15. 15. Silverlight API</li></ul>Ribbit Features Used<br /><ul><li> Call & SMS features
  16. 16. View & Manage Active Calls
  17. 17. Manage Voicemail & SMS
  18. 18. Request Inbound Number
  19. 19. Call forwarding
  20. 20. Create New Users
  21. 21. DTMF Entries
  22. 22. Play a file to call</li></li></ul><li>Team - developerX<br />
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  31. 31. Remote-control Controll your PC by just a phone call.<br />You can call your computer and tell it to do stuff... like:<br /><ul><li>Delete some folder
  32. 32. Start your web server
  33. 33. Turn on the coffee machine (if it is connected to your computer)
  34. 34. Shut down (don't do that, or you can't tell it anything else!)</li></ul>How it works:<br /><ul><li>User calls on the purpose number (provided by the Ribbit), and gives a commands.
  35. 35. The Ribbit server stores the voice message as well as a text version of the voice message.
  36. 36. User's PC polls for new messages on the ribbit server and executes when gets new one</li></ul>Ribbit Features Used:<br /><ul><li>Ribbit Java API
  37. 37. Login()
  38. 38. Voice to text
  39. 39. Retrieve text messages from Ribbit server.</li></li></ul><li>
  40. 40.
  41. 41. LIMS – Library Management System<br />DESCRIPTION:<br />Inform the current holders of book about due date via SMS,whenever another user makes reservation on the book.<br />RIBBIT FEATURES:<br />Sending sms through RIBBITmessage service.<br />
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  44. 44. BlindCall<br />BlindCall is a fun application which takes social networking to the next level. It lets you talk to a random person of opposite sex, using the Ribbit API! Talk for fun or build a relationship... Now its up to you to woo him/her ;)<br />Focused on Ribbit technologies rather than third-party APIs, it uses the following features- *Calling*Short Messaging Service*Voice mailboxFeatures to be implemented depending on the feedback, user base and reviews-*Call recording*Rate your BlindCall (via DTMF)*Conversation log (Ribbit voice to text service)*Push logs to other social networking sites like FB, Orkut, Twitter etc..*More features depending on how crazy we can get with this :)(Developed by DV and Pushkal, as an entry for Codefest IT-BHU)<br />