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  1. 1. PORTFOLIOPREPARATION Jerry Crichfield
  2. 2. SolidWorksThis part was modeled using SolidWorks.Features used were revolve, hex boss, andcreating patterns.
  3. 3. Modeled with SolidWorks theobjectives learned where how tocreate planes and using the filletcommand.
  4. 4. Features to create this modelwhere the fillet command, extrudeand extrude cut.
  5. 5. This part was modeled from SolidWorks.
  6. 6. Features learned from thisassignment was loft, shell,sweep and learning to useplanes to create features.
  7. 7. This model was produced usingfeatures such as creating planesand using the loft feature.
  8. 8. The remote was created from a sketch andthen several surfacing features. Such assurface-knit, surface trim, ruled surface,surface sweep, and surface loft.
  9. 9. The two wheel truck wasmodeled from a 3D sketch,planes, and trim/extendfeatures.
  10. 10. Parts modeled in Soliworks and machined with Surfcam. The nest below was created in SolidWorks. Then it was brought in as a solid model into Surfcam and the tool path was programmed for a 3 axis milling machine to produce the part.
  11. 11. This is a piece of prototypetooling that is now in use on theproduction floor that was alsomachined with a three axis. Thepart was modeled in SolidWorksand the tool path wasprogrammed using Surfcam.
  12. 12. Portfolio Design ProjectMy design sketch for the intake flange.
  13. 13. Drawing of intake flange.
  14. 14. Intake flange bolts to the cylinder head and is partof the intake.
  15. 15. This hand sketch was for modeling the blower base.
  16. 16. Drawing of intake runner from solid model.
  17. 17. This is where the blower will mount on the intake. Thispart has a o-ring groove to help seal off the blower.
  18. 18. Intake runner drawing from solid model.
  19. 19. Solid model of the plenum for the intake.
  20. 20. This is my Portfolio Project designed using SolidWorks. All partswere modeled and assembled using this program.